Council report reveals why Mishcon de Reya’s canteen was slammed by food hygiene inspectors

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Mouse droppings and risk of contamination cited in findings

A hygiene report produced by Camden Council and acquired by Legal Cheek has revealed why Mishcon de Reya‘s glamorous staff eatery was hammered by food safety inspectors.

The report (embedded in full below) shows that the City player’s in-house cafe received black marks for various hygiene no-nos, including “potential for cross-contamination of allergens”, “mouse droppings” and “ready to eat food held at ambient temperatures”. Overall, the firm chalked up a score of 50 out of 60 — 60 being the worst mark possible.

Responding to the report’s findings, a spokesperson for Mishcon de Reya said:

“Anything referred to in the assessment report has since been rectified with the help of our supply chain partners.”

On the cross-contamination point, inspectors found food containing peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts were not separated from other foods at the firm’s self-service breakfast table. Moreover, dairy milk and other types of non-dairy milk were prepared in stainless steel jugs that were not labelled or colour-coded to ensure that there was no cross-contamination.

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As for the mouse poo, the report states:

“There was an isolated area of mouse droppings to the first floor kitchen next to the wine cooler. Mouse droppings were also found in the area of service pipes/cables to the ground floor catering staff room.”

The detailed findings come just weeks after it emerged that Mishcon de Reya had received a 1 out 5 food hygiene rating by Camden Council’s clipboard-wielding inspectors. At the time, Legal Cheek reproted that inspectors had found the Holborn outfit’s cafe lacking in “hygienic food handling”, “cleanliness and condition of facilities and building” and “management of food safety”.

Hygiene indiscretions aside, the two-office-outfit (London and New York) won the coveted Most Admired Law Firm 2018 at this year’s Legal Cheek awards. Its canteen won an A rating in the same survey.

Read the report in full below:

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Random passer-by

This is genuinely disgraceful.


Mishcon de Chef

Smelly old rat burger anyone?

Only 17/6 in old money.

The burger is best before 1971, you see.



Mishcon Diarrhoea


Tommy's Nan xoxoxo

Quality pinch from ROF, well done! Mumma ought to be proud.



Nobody gives a f*ck about ROF. It is a sh*te platform and full of c*nts.


Tommy's Nan xoxoxo

Now now Tommy, don’t be a potty mouth.


Laz from RollonFriday

I entirely approve of asking trumptwats to leave restaurants etc

Make these pricks feel unwelcome

Should to the same to Bullxxiteers here



In addition to being shafted on pay, they expect me to eat mouse droppings?!



£67k for a shop like Mishcons is hardly bad. Get real.


Jane, 22

Hi everybody

I have been offered the opportunity to do some work experience at Kennedys’ Birmingham office during the second half of August (2 weeks). The dilemma I am having is that I only really want to work in London and pursue training contracts there. I already have some valuable work experience at CMS (although just a week). Would the Kennedys experience really help me?

If I take up the offer (and if I am going to, I probably should do so today), then I would need to miss out on a trip to Corfu with the girls that I paid considerable money for. Is it worth putting my career first or will the Birmingham experience not actually help me?






Birmingham AND Kennedys? That says it all really. If you really have to ask this question, I wonder whether it’s actually true



Depends if you’re likely to get a TC in the City or not. If you are, go to Corfu. If not, take what you can get and be grateful.



Not sure if serious question or just a clever wind-up.


James, 26

You called it. Slow afternoon and missing the career conundrum series.



I’ll offer you a tc if I can get some bikini pics from the Corfu trip.


Ciaran Goggins

M de R have nice toilets. Great if one is about to pop into plod and looking at being fitted up as a political prisoner. That Rees & Ors ruling though eh?



Give it a rest mate.


Ciaran Goggins

I am not your mater constable



Good thing they got nice toilets if staff are going to be spending a lot of time violently evacuating both ends in there after using the canteen!



They won’t be very nice after, I can tell you!



You have to admire the deflection tactic: “Anything referred to in the assessment report has since been rectified with the help of our supply chain partners”.

In other words, it was all the fault of the proles we subcontract these things to.



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