The best lawyer photos from London Pride 🏳️‍🌈

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Includes wigs, top hats and law-themed jewellery

Lawyers lined the streets of London this weekend to march for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) rights at this year’s Pride in London parade.

Around 30,000 people — including Bar Council chair Andrew Walker QC and Law Society president Christina Blacklaws — took part in the parade, the biggest of its kind in the UK. Members of the legal profession have been sharing their social media snaps using the hashtag #legalpride and we’ve rounded up some of the very best.

The bar was out in force as some barristers braved the sweltering heat and took to the streets in full court dress:

It was high fives all round as the lawyers made their way through the cheering crowds:

Legal Beagle couldn’t resist joining in the celebrations:

There were rainbow-coloured accessories galore, including these rather funky sunglasses:

Equality Act 2010 necklace? ✅

And you can never have enough wristbands:

Amanda Illing, chief executive at Hardwicke, sported a rather fetching Pride-themed top hat:

While ‘all are equal under the law’ badges were dished out as freebies:

The Inns of Court got in on the action too.

We hoped you all enjoyed London Pride 2018 as much as we did!

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Annoyed but proud

Power bottom QC…I mean really? Gay pride is about being proud of yourself and who you are. It seems to have been hijacked by people who want to wear fancy dress in the summer.



Can you not be proud of who you are as someone who fights for equal rights?



Bottoms command no respect from civil society



Those flags on the inns of court look brilliant ! Lol



Legal Beagle looking the best of them all.



Always nice to see a bit of kinky rubber, I hope Hardwicke gain more instructions on the back of its kinky staff 😉

Respect. Keep it up!



Can someone explain the nappy thing to me again this year?

I didn’t get an adequate response last year.



I can’t. But if senior members of the bench want to parade as adult babies (ie Boris Johnson) then so be it…



Is it something to do with, ahem, “activity” making sphycters looser on a temporary basis, hence the necessity for an adult nappy?



I thought Thomas Tucker explained it very well last year:

“Nah. It’s a fetish.

I’ve never quite got over the day that my mum took away my Peaudouce childsize and said I was too old to be wearing nappies to bed (I was four).

I’ve had a kink wanting to wear them ever since which I satisfy by buying adult incontinence nappies.

It’s a surprisingly common (and harmless) kink.

I don’t know what the dog thing is about though…”



Shut up homophobe.



It does beg the question – is this really want our grandfathers fought for on the beaches of Normandy?





Grandson of WW2 Veteran

You mean “freedom”?

Then yes, actually.



Stop mansplaining


Corporal Punishment

They do like it up’em, you know!


Dani the Tranni

The parade was spoiled by transphobe lesbians who don’t like the fact that some women have penises and refuse to even contemplate a relationship with such a woman.


Lizzie the Lezzie

Er… you mean trying to enforce a heterosexual relationship on a lesbian by dressing up as a woman and pretending to be one?



It’s all very confusing, but I’m with the lesbians on this one.

A man decides that he’s a woman, but doesn’t want to have the surgery, and still wants to have relationships with women.

Then complains that said lesbian woman won’t contemplate such a relationship because she’s “transphobic”.

That’s messed up.

Please explain:

1. Why said person should be recognised as a woman when they want to keep the male anatomy.

2. Why it is anyone’s business other than the lesbian herself who she would contemplate a relationship with.

Please educate me, Dani (and other trannies).


Disgruntled homo

Did Lincoln’s Inn not fly the flag?

Refusing to celebrate homosexuality is a crime now.

Who can I complain to?



I wish I was gay. It must be ace.


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