Clyde & Co bumps trainee and junior lawyer pay as it confirms autumn retention score of 83%

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One NQ is on a fixed term deal

London City solicitors

Clyde & Co has upped the salaries of its trainee and newly qualified (NQ) lawyers, as the City player confirmed an autumn retention score of 83%.

Clyde & Co’s new associates will now earn a salary of £65,000, equating to a modest rise of £2,000 or 3%. Meanwhile, trainee pay at the 50-office-outfit now sits at £38,000, rising to £40,000 in year two — an extra £2,000 or 5% across the board. Legal Cheek‘s Firms Most List shows that the firm’s NQs are now on a pay parity with those over at fellow City player Charles Russell Speechlys, and a full £1,000 ahead of their peers at Farrer & Co (£64,000).

Cold hard cash aside, Clyde & Co also confirmed 38 of its 46 September qualifiers were staying put, with an additional NQ placed on a six-month contract. This hands the firm an autumn score of 83% or 85%, depending on how you read the figures. Thirty trainees will be based in London, three in Manchester, two in Guildford and one in Newcastle. A further three associates will join Clyde & Co’s Hong Kong, San Francisco and Singapore offices.

The 2018 Firms Most List

Meanwhile, Fieldfisher has confirmed an autumn 2018 retention score of 85% (11 out of 13). Three NQs join the firm’s finance team, a further three are technology and privacy bound, corporate and dispute resolution gain two apiece, and the final new associate joins the outfit’s regulatory group.

Edward Miller, training principal at Fieldfisher, said:

“I am delighted to congratulate our 11 newly qualified solicitors as they join their new departments. I know that they have all worked hard to get here and I am excited about their future with the firm and what they will bring to our business.”

The firm, which offers up to 18 training contracts annually, posted a perfect 100% score (13 out of 13) in autumn 2017.

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What about the “shit-pay” story leaked by Clyde’s associates to RoF?


Doubt that… Clyde & Co sponsor RoF.


Do spill


Eversheds Sutherland NQ is £72k in London Legal Cheek.


Covington now raised to £100k NQ.


Are we referring to crappy FTCs as ‘deals’ now? smh


Shet pay, shet firm.


Christ 40k as a second year trainee is pitiful


Good money to paginate bundles.


Can we know why comments to articles simply disappear? This has happened consistently for a while now.
Can we see the policy somewhere?

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Winston Smith


It’s simple. Comments that make Alex cry are removed.


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Hi Alex.


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[12:58pm anon]

the point is that a lot of people make good contributions in the comment section, which is then arbitrarily wiped.
Which is the point in commenting if then random censorship hits?


It’s even creepier because often we can’t even see that the comment existed and was deleted.

Very Ministry of Truth.

You see this a lot nowadays- there’s currently a Beano 80th birthday tribute publication on sale in WHSmith.

Now everybody knows that the first issue of the Beano in 1938 had a somewhat racist characature of a black boy on the front.

Rather than reprinting the original front page with an acknowledgment that the image is offensive, or blocking/ pixelating it out and acknowledging the same, the image has just been airbrushed out, as though it was never there.

Scary stuff.


Clydes HR and marketing goons grease Alex’s palms for all the puff pieces LC writes for them. Of course he’ll delete comments that would cut off the flow of dollar.


Why are these firms catching-up with us – WE ARE A US FIRM!!!


Just because you were born in Brazil, doesn’t mean you’ll become Neymar


How are Clyde & Co paying only 5k less than us at NQ. This must STOP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When are CMS raising?


NQ £131k by Jan 2019.


Don’t you mean salaried partner?


I meant first year trainee actually. CMS is adopting the Craphat sliding scale


This is boring


Don’t read it then.

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The Majority of

We want more articles on:

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– Lady Hale.


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Yes 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Lady hale

Please, no, I’ve only just felt safe to leave the house


The pay at Clydes is a joke, everyone knows it


What are the working hours like though? Are they commensurately shorter or still pretty savage?

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