Ashurst keeps 19 out of 21 qualifying trainees

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Autumn retention score of 90%

Ashurst lawyers retention rate City

The London office of international law firm Ashurst has posted an autumn retention score of 90%.

The silver circle player confirmed that 19 of its 21 autumn qualifiers had accepted permanent associate roles. Four newly qualified (NQ) lawyers join Ashurst’s projects team, a further four are corporate transactions bound, real estate gains three, while digital economy and dispute resolution take two newbies each. The final four join global markets, finance regulatory, investment funds and employment.

Legal Cheek’s Firms Most List shows that those sticking around at the 26-office-outfit will start on a recently improved salary of £76,000. Trainees currently earn £44,000, rising to £48,000 in year two.

The 2019 Firms Most List

Sarah Sivyour, training principal at Ashurst, said:

“We are pleased with the results of our September qualification round, with 90 per cent of our qualifiers staying on. This reinforces the firm’s commitment to attracting, supporting and developing the best people from the widest talent pool. We are delighted to welcome our newly qualified trainees to the team and look forward to continuing to help them as they progress in their careers.”

Ashurst, which offers around 45 training contract positions annually, scored mixed results in our Trainee and Junior Lawyer Survey 2018-19. It scored an A* for training and As for quality of work, peer support, partner approachability and social life, however, the firm could only muster Cs for its office and canteen.

Today’s retention result marks a slight drop on its 2017 autumn performance. On that occasion, Ashurst kept hold of 19 out of 20 NQs.

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Boiler room, so sweaty


In what sense can Ashurst be described as a boiler room? I can understand that some firms might be described as such, but Ashurst is silver circle and at one time (end of the 20th Century) was seen as one of the best firms in the City at which to work.

Granted that was before the ridiculous explosion in salaries which the entry of US firms prompted.


Nice to have Ashurst marketing team here.


Nice to hear from an ignorant uni student who thinks he’s going to be on 140k NQ but who’ll really struggle to become a paralegal at CMS.


u wish baby, im top doggg


When does your training contract at ashurst start then?


Puffity puff puff goes the Ashurst marketing team


How many times do you want to make that joke, crybaby?


What you need to check is the same retention in 6 months time…


Whats Decharts retention rate?


Weil outdid them by posting a spectacular 50% retention rate. Hefty.


Here are today’s top stories:

“Hefty top trainees are retained on top QC barrister salaries”

“MoneyLaw is now a thing and there’s nothing you can do about it”

“Transgender quota lawyer says more badgers need to enter the profession”

I’ll be here all week, and for the weeks following.


You forgot:

“Wannabe lawyer starts top Youtube channel”
“Law student and bar hopeful seeks advice on how to overcome Third from Southampton Solent to become top QC”
“Legal Twitterati up in Arms About Brexit Instagram Post”
“Top Law Firm Debates Lawtech and AI”


Any news on trainee/NQ rates at Bracewell?


Tax city greed!

We need socialism to pay for legal aid!



That too


What’s the recent on retention rates at Greenberg Glusker? Anybody know?




Really? Planning on applying there for a TC when I get round to it (just need to finish Dorsey and King & Spalding) but a 0% retention rate is concerning…


Dorsey – 8%
King & Spalding – 2%


SPB pay rises?



Ms Clegg

Does the D stand for Dechert?



SPB Partner

We pay all our associates a competitive baked beans-denominated bonus which is reviewed annually and in line with market. Please direct all specific queries to HR.

Desperate for TC

Heinz or Aldi?

I’m listening….

Avv. Kattivo

The negative comments about Ashurst are pure fiction.

Perhaps not an “elite” firm which hands out £140k+ p.a. like some of its US counterparts, but definitely still widely regarded as a very strong performer (if not top contender) for a handful of practice areas, such as: (i) project finance, (ii) insolvency and restructuring, (iii) stuctured products, (iv) general finance.

For anyone wondering, I have absolutely no ties whatsoever with the firm. It’s just irritating how all comments are so misleading, especially to prospective applicants that might potentially consider this firm.

My two pence.

Crackity crack goes the whip

The Ashurst marketing team is back at work


You’re a sad little man. Which incredible firm do you work at then, chopper?


Certainly not Ashurst lmaoooo


Hi David.




wherever it is, it’s somewhere you are too embarrassed to mention. That tells us all we need to know.

Living in a bin, eating scraps

It’s Ince & co actually, I need help


Absolute BOLLOCKS. Ashurst is a dying firm and whoever stays to work there is a fool when you can make dolla at any US firm


What a sensible comment backed by absolutely zero factual evidence whatsoever.

I’m sure you’ll amount to a bright and successful lawyer (provided you ever bag a TC that is).


Its PEP is tanked; yes it’s rising but that’s only because it is so low after its awful 2016. Its (perceived) peer group (MC+ big international firms like HSF, HL etc) are far ahead of it and the gap is only getting bigger. Increasing only a mid market firm, which is not a disaster but far from where the firm was and what the firm (delusionally) still sees itself.


You came on here at 3am to say that one of the leading international firms in the City’s PEP is “tanked” at a miniscule £750,000?

Again, you’re a student who imagines himself at K&E or whatever and who will never, ever earn 20% of what the average Ashurst partner draws.


I mean 750k PEP is still less than of the PEP of the MC, which the firm considers its peers…

That’s not to say its an awful firm but surely the hard numbers demonstrate its peer group is more with the likes of BCLP and NF ie mid market, rather than the MC, never mind the big moneylaw US firms.

Ur right that the vast majority of trainees will never make partner at a big City law firm like Ashurst but pointing out that obvious fact does nothing to address the clear reality that Ashurst is a fading force.


*less than half


Dying so much its PEP increased 10% in this year’s financials.


Sounds boring as f*ck. I like litigation.


Ashurst is a past it firm – perhaps it was once great but currently it probably ranks alongside firms like DLA Piper, BCLP and CMS. It’s silver circle status means nothing – HSF, Macs and Travers are far far ahead of it.

Grad Rec

How dare you compare CMS to Ashurst, HSF, and Macfarlanes – we are definitely magic circle competitors!!


Are you mad?


Tbh quite harsh to place Ashurst alongside dla and CMS haha. Do agree however that it is some way adrift of the other SC other than BCLP.

you're a lier and you know it

Post your linkedin and have a linkedin post and we’ll believe you k


He didn’t mention it because he is probably someone who didn’t even manage to land a TC, let alone work for a reputable City firm!

If people would have the brain to consult all worldwide leading rankings and see for themselves what is Ashurt’s standing in terms of ranking. It will then be very clear how comical some of these insults towards the firm are.

It’s insulting to the human intellect to see people post these kind of comments and firmly believe in them.


Hi Asshurts PR man


Hi spotty 19 year old wannabe keyboard warrior.


Ashurst is OK. Not great but neither terrible. A solid place to start off but do not feel it’s career suicide to leave there is qualification.

US Money Law NQ

Enjoy working for 50% of US salaries … and having to work the same hours


Ashurst NQs are now on total comp of roughly 95k. Yes, not US level but nowhere near 50%.

And I’d wager they don’t work the same hours – the billables target is nowhere near.


95K my ass! LOL


It’s only “roughly” 95k if 76k is “roughly” 95k. (Hint: it isn’t)


What is the Ashurst bonus like at NQ then?


I expect the target to be around 1600 billable hours (already 500 hours less than a US counterpart, and 200/300 hours less than MC firms).

If bonus kicks in at 1600, then if you clock in 1800/1900 you should be on 10-15% of your base salary.

If the above holds true, you should be pocketing around £83-88k as an NQ clocking in the target MC hours. This would effectively mean that Ashurst and MC pay roughly the same, but would allow the Ashurst lawyer the added comfort to know that billables target has been met earlier with the rest being added on bonus.

This is purely conjectural, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if the bonus structure would be pretty similar to this.

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