Law Society to rent out chunk of Chancery Lane HQ as major refurbishment plans are given go-ahead

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Still no word on cost

The Law Society of England and Wales on 113 Chancery Lane

The Law Society of England and Wales is to rent out a chunk of its historic Chancery Lane headquarters in a bid to raise some cash, Legal Cheek can reveal. The decision comes after major refurbishment plans received the green light from its governing council.

The Law Society currently occupies two buildings in London — a large neo-Georgian property at 113 Chancery Lane and a smaller adjoining one at 114 Chancery Lane. Under recently approved plans, Society staff currently based in the smaller of the two buildings (pictured below) will move across to the main one. The representative body for solicitors will then rent out the vacated building to generate additional income.

114 Chancery Lane

To help accommodate the extra staff, 113 Chancery Lane will undergo an extensive renovation to maximise space and improve facilities. Legal Cheek understands this will be achieved by removing a number of stud walls to create a more open plan layout with additional meeting space.

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A Law Society spokesperson told Legal Cheek:

“The Law Society currently occupies 113 and 114 Chancery Lane and we recently received the green light from our governing council for a plan to refurbish 113 and market 114 for rental. This will serve two key purposes — one is to create a more modern working environment and the other, to generate income from the vacated building. The changes will not affect member areas such as our library, reading room and the newly refurbished restaurant — all facilities we know our members value and enjoy.”

The spokesperson was unable to provide details on how much the Law Society was planning to spend on the renovations or when the building work was likely to start.

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Very relevant to the article.



Sensible if it’s currently unused space.

Will the cash be used to reduce PC renewals?

Answers on a postcard.



Postcard? Email, granddad!.



It’s some reference to an old TV show, my parents say it as well. Good to see the older generation keeping up with hot legal gossip!



Ok – I’ll ask my actual granddad then! Had to google what a postcard is!!



This is low grade banter.


It’s not banter!!! Sooorrrrry for being young!!


Young? More like a Snowflake beta cuck.


Hahaha, so true.

What a young, bet cuck loser. Get the f*ck with it, you pr*ck.


You’re a mug.


People on this site are just MEAN!!!!


Seems a bit risky. What if the new tenant operates a brothel or some sort of swingers venue? Nothing wrong with that in most circumstances, but it doesn’t bode well for Law Society publicity.



They will presumably have a permitted use clause in the lease, not to mention the planning permission (if any) for the property.



As long as they pay their rent on time it’s all gravy.



The existence of such a clause will do little to stem the flow of bad press.



But it means they can kick them out. Also, presumably the Law Society, being next door and all, would cotton on pretty quickly to an office being changed into a house of ill repute.



The Law Society would be the top clients.

JD Partner

I beg to differ.


As long as they keep the restaurant open, I’m happy.


Lord Harley of Counsel

Would make a good HQ for Jaflas.


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