‘Can you increase the font size?’ Law student emails lecturer after spotting him drafting criminal exam from across the street

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Worth a shot

Being a law student these days is a pretty stressful business. Essays, exams and vac schemes (we could go on) can leave even the most determined of aspiring lawyers questioning their life choices.

So with that in mind, it appears some students are willing to go to extreme lengths in an attempt to make life just that little bit easier. Take this next wannabe lawyer’s actions as a case in point.

Seth Stoughton, an associate professor at the University of South Carolina, took to Twitter earlier this week to reveal he’d been in the middle of drafting a criminal law paper when he received an email from one of his students. The short note asked if Stoughton, who was sat at his office desk at the time, would be willing to increase the font size on his computer, as the student was struggling to read the questions from “across the way”.

📸 Screenshot of the email received by Seth Stoughton

Yes, that’s right, the eagle-eyed law student had spotted the police officer turned academic working on the exam while revising in a building adjacent to Stoughton’s office. For the avoidance of any doubt, the student went as far as attaching a snap of the law prof at his desk.

Speaking to Legal Cheek, Stoughton said he had received the email from one of his first-year students, roughly 90 minutes before they were due to sit the exam. Legal Cheek understands Stoughton politely rejected the student’s request. Nice try, though!

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Lmaooo this is such a funny story. LC your killing it today!!!!!



So funney i shet miself!



Hello Professor, It’s Jamie here from Legal Cheek. Can I ask… No, Legal Cheek. I wonder whether I could ask you… Sorry, Legal Cheek. Yes, of course. It’s L-E-G-A-L, C-H-E-E-K. No, it isn’t RollonFriday. Or part of RollonFriday, no. It’s a bit like RollonFriday I suppose, only with less emphasis on content and more emphasis on behaving like an awards factory. Can I ask you about the ‘font size’ email?



I can think of worse things to be caught watching from across the street

*cough* Hog Lov.


Cool kid

so last week…



last month, surely



How does one ‘watch’ a criminal exam?



LC is a joke.

Like and subscribe if you agree!



I love a big font size.


JD Top of Equity

Plenty of those at our firm…



I like a nice size 8 font. Bold.



Top Bantz 9/10



Top, top bants! Cracking up at my desk this morning!



Oh professor. I love looking at you through the window. I want it bigger baby. Make it bigger for me. I want to see it real big. PLEASE.



Only if you wear your sixth form uniform for me…




Thanks for the warning.

Steering well clear.

Lucky escape for me.



I would be more concerned about the fact the Prof recieved the email “roughly 90 minutes before they were due to sit the exam”. So either this was a different paper the student was not about to sit or that is some shockingly late work by the Prof.



The usual collection of semi-literate responses above. For information, “your killing it” should read “you’re killing it” and “recieved the email” should read “received the email”. Back to the grammar books….



Oh Daddy!!


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