SRA spent £3.1 million on failed Leigh Day case — here’s what it could have bought instead

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Yacht, private island or a seemingly endless supply of Nando’s?

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has today confirmed it spent an eye-watering £3.1 million on its unsuccessful prosecution of Leigh Day.

The case focused on the firm’s alleged failure to verify claims made by Iraqi clients against British troops during the Battle of Danny Boy near Basra in 2004. Last year, the firm and three of its lawyers — partners Martyn Day and Sapna Malik, and junior solicitor Anna Crowther — were cleared of 19 charges of professional misconduct. The SRA appealed to the High Court and lost.

Amid mounting pressure from across the profession, the SRA has finally revealed a costs bill of “around” £3.1 million (including VAT), made up of £2.1 million for the seven-week-long Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) hearing, in addition to almost £1 million for the High Court appeal.

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The regulator, funded primarily by practising fees collected from solicitors and law firms, stressed in a statement that the hefty costs bill reflected “the complexity and size of the investigation”.

But news of the final bill got us thinking: what could the SRA have bought with £3.1 million, instead?

1. This eight-bedroom mansion in Surrey

📸 Rightmove

2. Two Buggati Veyrons

3. One equity partner at Davis Polk (for a year)

4. Seventeen High Court judges (again for a year)

5. This 30-metre yacht


6. 141,230 ‘No Bones’ platters from Nando’s

7. A private concert from Beyoncé

8. Whiskey Island, New York

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WTF is this SHIT.

JD Top of Equity

9. My yuge CHOAD

Food For Tort

9. Four Noise Induced Hearing Loss files from Quindell.


Alan Partidge in a pear tree.


31,000 £100/hour whores


You are assuming that the SRA would have the stamina for 1 hr


They could have used the money to investigate why they have allowed private equity funds to charge students who self fund the lpc over 3 times the amount they charge to large law firms.

The business model is to charge large firms a fraction of the amount in order to sign them up so that the law school can then cash in by convincing students that the large firms want to recruit their trainees from this particular law school.

They then proceed to offer a worse service to the students who self fund and pay over 3 times the amount by segregating the classes into TC offer holders and non TC holders with the best tutors either exclusively or predominately teaching the TC offer holder classes.

Why has the sra allowed this?

Why has the sra not imposed conditions on giving the private equity funds the ability to provide the course?


Spot on brih


Is this a real thing? Really needs more attention if true


I hold the above opinion due to information about lpc funding on law firms websites in which they refer to special financial arrangements with law schools and my experience of class compositions whilst at law school.

LPC Student ( BLP is a nightmare )

I’m currently doing the LPC, and our classes are most certainly not segregated according to students with/ without training contracts.

… I’m not sure where that’s come from.

Also privately funded students are paying the same fees as those funded by firms.

Just saying …

What university are you referring to ?


Are you funded by a firm or privately funded?
What is the ratio TC:non TC?
Are you suggesting that firms do not get any volume discount?

LPC Student ( BLP is a nightmare )

I am a privately funded student. The ratio for my year is about 30% have training contracts the rest don’t.

None of the students with a TC are charged less than the normal fee. I promise there is no subsidised fees for firms!

And nothing but the truth...

Firms honestly do not get any volume discount at all…

The fees for the LPC are are the same whether you have a TC or not.

The teaching is the same for everyone, the classes have mixed students.

I’m baffled what university are you referring to????

Please do tell …


Just plain false – about half my class have a TC, the rest do not. Not sure where you got that codswallop from.


62 kilos of snow


Fucking Buzzfeed-style shite – give it a rest


3,100,000 Irwin Mitchell Paralegals for a year


or 3,100,000 dog biscuits

the Glusker

One week’s NQ salary at Greenberg Glusker LLP

The Myth, the Legend, the Titan

What a top, top titan of a firm.

When I grow up I want to work for Greenberg Glusker.



Can’t regulate jack shit. The legal system is a complete shambles.


This ignores costs they have to pay Leigh Day in the appeal.


Friday garbage from LC

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