Salad loving lawyers crowned UK’s ‘healthiest profession’

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By Thomas Connelly on

Legal professionals most ‘selective eaters’, Deliveroo data reveals

As office goers struggle to steer clear of vending machines and to stick to their post-Christmas foody resolutions, new (and very surprising) data suggests that lawyers are the healthiest workers in the UK.

No, we aren’t joking. According to takeaway delivery giant Deliveroo, lawyers love salads, specifically customised ones to suit their health-conscious mindsets. The data shows that law firm workers are the most “selective eaters”, making the most amendments (eg. ‘add chicken’, ‘remove bread’) to their orders out of any other profession.

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Carb counting lawyers aside, Deliveroo reckons those in the financial sector tend to go for more “classic lunch options”, including sandwiches and wraps, while those in business and/or consultancy punt for more protein heavy foods such as lean meats and modern Greek cuisine.

Elsewhere, tech workers have a penchant for Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi, ramen and noodle dishes, according to the research, while mechanical engineers and those in construction can’t get enough of pasta and pizza.

Geographically, the healthiest city is London, followed by Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Nottingham. As for the most popular lunchtime order in London, that accolade goes to Farmer J’s ‘Charred Flank Fieldtray’.

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