Mystery law student bids over £6,000 to have lunch with Amal Clooney

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They can bring six friends, according to reports

📸 Headshot credit: Doughty Street Chambers

A law student has reportedly shelled out a four-figure sum to mingle with human rights barrister and Hollywood style icon Amal Clooney.

The unnamed law student, who is understood to be in their first year at New York’s prestigious Columbia Law School, is said to have bid a staggering $8,100 (£6,140) to lunch with Doughty Street’s Clooney and human rights professor Sarah Cleveland at Jean-Georges, a two-Michelin-star French eatery in New York.

The meal was reported to be one of the items up for sale during the law school’s annual ‘Public Interest Law Foundation’ auction on Thursday, which is known for its “exciting” and “intriguing” donations.

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Clooney has been a visiting professor at the Ivy League school since 2015. She co-teaches a human rights course with Sarah Cleveland, also a professor in human rights law.

It is understood the lucky law student won the item, ‘Right to food (and champagne!)’, for up to six students and is said to be inviting her friends to clink glasses with Clooney and Cleveland. The proceeds from the auction will go toward supporting students’ legal aid work.

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Is Katie King still classified as a law student then?



More money than sense.



Amal Clooney is so overrated.



Actor’s Wife



By all accounts, she is a superstar advocate. Characterising her as just a trophy wife is deeply unfair. Not her fault she’s attractive or that her husband’s private life attracts media attention.



Hi Katie!



Since when a junior barrister can be categorized as ‘superstar advocate’? And at least based on most comments all over the media, Amal is far from attractive.
Besides, she definitely loves all the limelight and media attention on ‘her husband’s private life’. In fact, she doesn’t get enough of it as she posed for Vogue, didn’t she? Couldn’t she have refused?



‘Junior’ does not mean inexperienced. There is nothing, either as a matter of logic or semantics, which prevents a junior barrister from being credibly described as a superstar.



There is. The fact that she isn’t a superstar save for having married an actor.


Junior does mean not a QC however.
Superstar barristers are QCs by middle age


Actor’s beard


Hasina Sheikh

Worth paying large sum for her company she is great has got beauty and brain than she is famous actors wife Good luck


Circle of Life

Next week: SCANDAL as it’s revealed dinner with George actual Clooney goes for 3 times as much as his lawyer wife.

The following week: OUTRAGE on Twitter as dinner with POTUS Trump goes for 10 times as much as a liberal actor.



I’m assuming the original poster has better luck with women than George Clooney then?



Clifford Chance


Peter Pegley

Amal Clooney is smart. That is true.


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