Lawyer who spat at flight attendant during drunken racist rant jailed for six months

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Human rights specialist pleaded guilty last month to assault and being drunk on an aircraft

A human rights lawyer who verbally abused cabin crew staff after being denied a fourth bottle of wine during a flight has been jailed for six months.

Simone Burns, known as Simone O’Broin, hit headlines last year when footage emerged online of her yelling: “I’m a f****** international lawyer”, before reportedly describing cabin staff as “f****** Indian money-grabbing c****”.

The 50-year-old is also said to have spat in the face of a cabin supervisor and smoked a cigarette in the toilets.

Burns, from Hove, was flying as a business class passenger on an Air India flight from Mumbai to Heathrow last November when the incident occurred. After landing at Heathrow she was arrested by officers.

As reported by Legal Cheek, Burns pleaded guilty at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court last month to being drunk on an aircraft and assault by beating.

Appearing earlier today at Isleworth Crown Court, Burns was jailed for six months for being drunk on an aircraft, and two months for assault, both of which will be served concurrently.

Judge Nicholas Wood reportedly said: “This was a prolonged series of events while the aircraft was in the air — an offence of this type is more serious than when the aircraft is on the ground. Those who become drunk on an aircraft and behave in such a way must expect a custodial sentence. The experience of a drunk unrepentant irrational person in the confines of an aircraft is frightening, not least on a long-haul flight and poses a risk to safety.”

Burns was also ordered to pay £300 compensation to a member of cabin crew staff.

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Dannny Dyer, frequent flyer

Distasteful but six months seems excessive.



Going rate for drunk on an aircraft (and why she was committed for sentence by the Magistrates). The common assault alone would have been dealt with by the Magistrates and would been a fine to Community Order had it not occoured on an aircraft. But the guidelines for drunk on an aircraft / endangering an aircraft are immediate custody.



Excessive? Just so we’re clear, let me get this. So the irony of declaring ones status as an international HUMAN RIGHTS lawyer while IN THE ACT OF ASSAULTING & BERATING ANOTHER doesn’t sound wild to you?

What’s more, how can she purport to uphold the rule of law and expect to be a representative of others in the dispensation of justice when SHE HERSELF as an individual can’t do so?!?! Where’s the rationale in that?
Make me understand, make it make sense. You see where I’m going with this? It’s an insult to the profession to say the least.



Writing in caps to make your point is a little excessive, tbh.



I’m an international prat can I have another drink?



Only fined £300. Is that the cost of racial abuse these days? Shame on her.



No. She was sent to prision for six months for the racial abuse. The £300 was compensation. The Court’s power to award compensation is limited to the loss or damage actually caused. Smash up someone’s car worth £20k and the Court can award £20k compensation in addition to the sentence imposed. But where no actual quantifiable loss has been caused, compensation is limited to a token amount. The punishment is the prision sentence. Compensation is separate and resticted to restoring any loss caused.






Are you Corbyn. Are you Corbyn. Are you Corbyn. Sympathiser in disguise?



How long would that take?



Blasted autocorrect!



I think this is totally unwarranted.

You should have as much as you want to drink in business class.

And being an Indian, I know these Air India people quite well. They’re cheapo, penny-pinchers who know exactly how to push your buttons.

I got refused drinks by merits of the personal moral convictions of the stewardess once.. in economy class.

I can envision pretty much exactly what happened in this case.



Is that you Sunny?



Good job on deleting all the comments LC you phags



Chav scum, “lawyer” or not.



Ah, classism. The acceptable face of discrimination.



If you are going to delete every comment including completely inoffensive ones, just turn comments off and we won’t bother commenting. Waits for this to be deleted…



I’ve heard similar rants from barristers in private settings. In vino veritas.

No wonder there are chambers with only one or two members from an ethnic minority background.



I’m a junior barrister from Ireland and was referred to by a silk in London chancery Chambers as “you Irish (unts”



Great story.



Awful. If you report it, there will be the usual manipulative “Junior counsel is just jealous of me” denial and dishonesty.

Then a public exhortation on Twitter about how much they love seeing foreign food in supermarkets and fear Brexit.



And the obligatory “I’m not racist, WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE SYRIAN CHILDREN!!!”



In what context did this occur? On first meeting? Or what?



Let’s have the exact context please, you Irish aunt



Absolutely ridiculous to send her to prison. She was no threat to anyone. Being a bad drunk on a plane is worse than burgling someone’s house? Come off it.



This barrister’s professional undertakings seem pretty untraceable online. There’s a blog where she’s charted her skin cancer, and all other online info relates to this plane rant. So where is her professional profile or record of her work? Very odd.


Pro Bono

So this would be a striking-off offence for a solicitor. But what’s the betting that the BSB will just suspend her for a couple of months?



I cannot trace her on the Bar Register, nor on the Law Society website
Is she really a lawyer ?



worth an investigation and follow up on this legalcheek



Getting drunk and starting a fight, nothing stereotypically Irish about that.


The 16th Earl of Skibbereen

Six months is good enough for her, shame it wasn’t longer, begorrah. Yez bastards ye.



It seems entirely appropriate sentence on the custodial side allowing for a presumption she will actually be out in 3 months. Scared cabin crew and passengers in a confined space and went beyond what some offenders in such incidents do in that afaik she also made a reference to being with the IRA or some such.


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