Should I stop chasing pupillage?

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‘I feel like I’m going backwards’

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one bar hopeful is losing hope.

“Hi Legal Cheek. I’ve just completed my third cycle of pupillage applications. I have a high 2:1 in law (non-Russell Group) and an outstanding on the BPTC. In my first year of applying, I didn’t receive any offers. I wasn’t surprised, I knew my CV wasn’t strong enough. In my second year of trying and now with some legal experience (minis, shadowing and an internship), I secured two interviews but no offers. I’ve just finished my third round of applications without receiving a single interview offer. This despite gaining further experience (two more minis and six months as a paralegal). Should I give up? I feel like I’m going backwards…”

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