Fine for drunk trainee solicitor who spat at bouncer

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Pleaded guilty to acting in an aggressive manner

A trainee solicitor has been fined and reprimanded by a judge after she admitted to spitting at a bouncer during a drunken tirade.

Twenty-nine-year-old Scottish rookie Carly MacDonough was at a bar in Glasgow last July when door staff ejected one of her friends, Gavin Savage. Unhappy, the Evening Times reports that Savage called security staff “fat b******s” before “raging” MacDonough “spat towards one of them”.

The pair, who had earlier in the day attended a music festival in the city, attempted to book a cab home as bar staff called the police. They were arrested but were “initially too drunk to be charged”, according to the report.

Savage claimed he was having “banter” with a fellow customer before a disagreement broke out.

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The duo, both from Cumbernauld, were each fined £350 after they admitted to acting in an aggressive manner — a fine reduced from £400 on account of their guilty pleas.

Solicitor advocate Simon Whyte, defending MacDonough, reportedly told Glasgow Sheriff Court:

“She [MacDonough] knows this is a threat to her career prospects. She is a trainee solicitor and has been part of the same firm in different capacities for the past 10 years.”

Criticising the pair’s behaviour, Sheriff Gerard Bonnar told them: “This kind of behaviour in the city centre gives an appalling impression of the city and both of you should be ashamed.”

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Wee Jock McTavish LLB (Edinburgh)

Och thaer’s a well known defence in Scots law knoen as bein’ a tad pissed off wi’ a man who looked at hur funnae!

Ah woulda got her aff the noo, nae bother!



Oche what a wee fool the lassie is.



Getting spat on in Glasgow is a sign of endearment



I believe it is part of the wedding ceremony up there.



Always disappointing when trainees spit..






Apparently in the current climate it may be inappropriate to encourage them to adopt more appropriate etiquette if one is their superior. Which sucks.



Scottish, drunk and aggressive you say? Now that is a surprise.



Why didn’t she just buy out the bar? I always bring my own bouncers on a night out, can’t let anyone near the new LAMBO


Irwin Mitchell Equity Partner

We regularly act on leveraged buyouts of bars and village pubs in Glasgow and would be delighted to assist.



How do you understand what your clients are saying? Do you have to be good at fighting?


Irwin Mitchell Trainee

Ye wot m8?



I do not believe the Jocks use “mate”. It appears you are quite the dullard. Makes sense given your moniker.


We still firmly believe that everyone is a “pall”, regardless of whether they are in fact a pall or not.


I always that “pal” meant – “I may be about to headbutt you if you disagree with me”.

Skadden Trainee

What’s Irwin Mitchell??



Apparently it is a law firm. Never heard of it, but then I don’t do high street work.



Thoroughly shet like


29- year old trainee? Is that like the 40 – year old virgin? 😂


Former Para, now Trainee Gibson Dunn

Don’t be a twat. Everyone gets TC offers at different stages. For some, straight out of uni, others it may take a few years after being a paralegal.



Doesn’t the lpc expire before you turn 29? 😂



And the llb/gdl



And the DDLG?


And your testicles



Well that is quite a conundrum for our 29 year old trainees and virgins isn’t it! Both their qualifications AND their equipment is past it and they haven’t used either! 😂

SPB Equity Partner

You savage bastard, I’ve taught you well



The average age of qualification in England & Wales is 29. Twat.



So she’s below average? 😂



Besides that 29 year old average includes all the humanities professors, school teachers, arts directors, non-profit people who realises their first career just isn’t being home that 6 figure bacon!
No one actually spends 11 years trying to become a solicitor! 😂



whyd this get so many downvotes?
Is it because most LC commentators ARE 29 – year old trainees, and soon to be 40 year old virgins? 😂 😂 😂


MC trainee

I’m 29 and about to qualify into an MC firm. I studied a 4 year degree and then did a couple of years of backpacking (work and travel) after graduating. I also worked as an intern in the entertainment industry for one year.

What is wrong with getting some interesting life experience before settling down? Once you’ve started working, you’ll be unable to take more than two weeks’ annual leave at once/have to sort out childcare arrangements/need to make mortgage payments etc., all of which will severely hamper your freedom. In your early 20s you don’t really have responsibilities, which makes it the best time in your life to cut loose. There is no shame in qualifying a bit later.


Kirkland NQ

I told you – what happens in the Chelsea townhouse stays in the townhouse. Now back to work!


Concerned bystander

29 year old trainee? Halfway to 60 but you’re a trainee?




60 divided by 2 is 29, shit maths.



True 29 is still very young, 30 is ancient otoh. It’s all about dat precise division you learnt in primary school today



You mean you don’t have a career by the age of 20? That’s halfway to 40, might as well give up now.


Dechart Trainee

Brruuuuvvv lmao!


LC fan

Yu cannae push your grannie o de bus
Nae yu cannae push your grannie o de bus
Nae yu cannae push your grannie
cos she’s yur mammies mammie
Nae yu cannae push yur grannie o de bus



“O de bus”? What nonsense! Scosts say “aff” not “o” and it would be “the” not “de”. And they would not say “nae” in the last line either, that makes no sense.



Spitting is an assault. A plumber a bricklayer a Labourer would be in jail now. But scum lawyers barristers judges cops social workers all cover for each other



Calm down, Corbyn.



@Anonymous: Jun 19 2019 3:51pm

No they wouldn’t.

Have you ever read the sentencing guidelines?

These are the guidelines for E&W. Scotland doesn’t appear to have one but I doubt the sentences handed down differ that much from here:



The guidline sentence for common assault where no injury is caused is a fine. Have you ever though of learning to read?


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