Police poke fun at fare-dodging law student caught with cannabis

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Paddington Station — credit: Wiki Commons (Train Photos)

A mystery law student has discovered first-hand why it’s not wise to kick up a stink with ticket barrier staff at a busy London commuter hub if you’re carrying drugs.

Taking to its official Paddington Station Twitter account on Friday, British Transport Police (BTP) explained how a law student had approached the barriers without a ticket. To further complicate matters, the unnamed law student refused to buy a ticket or provide their details.

Police now on the scene, and he (or she) still refusing to provide their details, the fare-dodging law student was promptly arrested — at which point, according to the tweet, officers carried out a search and found cannabis. “Penalty Noticed issued”, the tweet concludes.

Seemingly unable to resist a spot of social media-based banter, the BTP’s Twitter account for East Anglia responded: “Obviously hasn’t learnt that bit [of the law] yet then…”

Another member of the public questioned how the police knew the ticketless traveller was studying law. BTP responded: “The person told us”. Classic law student behaviour.

BTP has been approached for comment.

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I guarantee this isn’t a ‘law student’ but a wacko sovereign citizen.

Ticket to Northern Ireland plus Olive Branch equals happy policeman?


Haha in fairness, law students are like vegans, they will definitely tell you.

And if you are a law student, you may have just thrown it all away because that caution will cause you a whole world of uncertainty and inconvenience when it comes to admission.


Perhaps you’re not a lawyer because a penalty notice isn’t a caution and only shows up on enhanced background checks. These checks are only used for roles regarding vulnerable persons/children or enhanced security clearance


I agree with the former though, very funny that he/she felt the need to self-identify as a law student


Perhaps you’re not a lawyer either (or won’t be for much longer) since you’re still requried to disclose a Pen Notice to the SRA, notwithstanding the fact it won’t show on your employer’s background check.


Anon 1.37 pm wins!


FPN like this doesn’t rule out your chances of being a solicitor

Besides, this is all based on the assumption that this student seeks a TC


You’re right, they’re probably better suited to the criminal bar


In either case of BSB/SRA, it’s not incredibly likely that a FPN will have a great effect on your acceptance. Depends what the FPN was for, as in this case the drugs element to it might have complications.

I don’t think “thrown it all away” is an accurate descriptor though


It’s not an FPN. It’s a PND. They’re very different. Fixed Penalty Notices get given on traffic or administrative offences. Here we’re talking about a Penalty Notice for Disorder. That has an Arrest number and goes on the Police National computer. FPNs don’t most of the time.

Concerned LPC student

I’m sure this is untrue ?

Google is your friend

Google ‘AD1 admissions form’, and look at page 6:

“Have you ever:
1. had a local warning from the police
2. accepted a caution from the police for an offence not involving dishonesty
3. had a Penalty Notice for Disorder (PND) from the police
4. had a final warning or reprimand from the police (youths only)
5. had a referral order from the courts (youths only)?
Yes No
If you answered “Yes”, we may refuse your application.”


Even if they don’t refuse your application, they won’t offer any advice or guidance prior to your admission, and they will probably drag out the process for approving your application for admission by at least 3-6 months.


Everything needs to be reported to the SRA. Even a fine for not paying your TV licence needs to be reported. Our firm says there’s at least one trainee in every intake who has to start their qualification process earlier because they have something to declare (extending the process by c. 6 months).


They’ll tell you and then they’ll vlog about it afterwards.


It’s a fixed penalty notice, not a caution. It wouldn’t even show up on a EDBS. Bit of a result for the law student really.


It’s not. It’s a Penalty Notice for Disorder. It shows on everything and has an Arrest number on Police National Computer. So no, it’s not a result. It’s an out of court disposal but nevertheless an arrest disposal.


Blatant sexism in casually assuming this was a man.


“Police now on the scene, and he (or she) still refusing to provide their details”


Yes, I was referring to using brackets around “or she”


I suppose all statutes are equally sexist then?




I suppose these days everything is a little bit sexist. Even brackets.


”gOT tO LoVE lAW sTuDeNTs”

Yeah because the majority of law students behave this way.


No, because the majority of law students that DOES get in trouble automatically think to have more power and knowledge of the police officers stopping them and they never fail to mention that. His fault was not to be a law student, it was to use it as a defence and think it somehow means something in clear breach of the law.

A non-knee mousse

1. Why would you assume that by “behave this way” I was specifically referring to the offence committed and not the overall behaviour (including the “I’m a law student” defence)?
2. What evidence do you have to support your claim that the majority of law students will, when faced with the above situation, deploy the “I’m a law student” defence?


A student can possibly be excused their foolishness but a trainee!!!



Ciaran Goggins

60 million folks laugh at police corruption.


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Creepy Teacher

OK. You’ve now proven you can cut and paste Disney lyrics.

Now you need to show you can cut any paste relevant bits of case law, and you’ll be one step nearer to that GCSE in law!


Nothing worse than a jobsworth copper.

They moan about lack of recourses. They have officers checking train tickets and students with a bit of pot. And officers sitting on Twitter.

Can you imagine how many pounds got spent on this one incident alone? From the staff at the station to the staff working the twitter account.


They’d rather be doing that than on the beat dealing with knife crime.


oh jog on


A lack of recourses?

What do they want to be able to do to fare dodgers? Hang them?


Some not very bright law students/commenters here considering BTP are specifically in place to police the Transport network (clues in the name) not deal with street based knife crime…

I’d imagine fare evasion clamp down forms something of a fairly routine duty for Transport Police.


Actually BTP deal with all crimes on public transport or stations. There are considerable number of serious crimes committed at stations and on public transport, especially in London. The stations are notorious for being under staffed. Because these clowns are chasing fare dodgers for a £2.40 travel fare and a bit of pot, rather than deal with serious issues. Also if they genuinely have nothing better to do, they do not have more serious crime to deal with, then just axe them, those public funds could be diverted from BTP to other areas of policing.

Does honesty matter to you?

We get what we incentivise. If people are dishonest enough to not pay fares, and then also compound the offence by refusing to give their name or buy a ticket, what would you have us do?

And where, ultimately, would your preferred course of action lead?


Anonymous: Jun 4 2019 1:29am

You said “Also if they genuinely have nothing better to do, they do not have more serious crime to deal with, then just axe them, those public funds could be diverted from BTP to other areas of policing.”

BTP are actually paid for by the train companies.

Not a lot of people know that….


So apart from possessing drugs and failing to purchase a ticket, what other laws would you like to see relaxed?


Err BTP are paid for mainly by TFL and partly Network rail. It’s tax payer money


Last time I checked BTP were privately funded almost entirely by the train operating companies at very little expense to the public purse, meaning London actually benefits from having 2000 extra attested constables at no extra cost to the tax payer.

If BTP didn’t exist the Met Police would have to come up with that money from central government coffers.

BTP do a very decent job in policing the capitals transport system, especially when you consider their relatively small size.

You’ve got to ask yourself though who is actually at fault here? The person unwilling to pay the fare for their journey who could have dealt with the situation entirely with railway employees or the police for dealing with an argumentative person, openly breaking the law refusing to pay their way?

Police were entirely in the right here and have my full support.

I find your lack of support in this countries justice system and the basic principle of rule of law quite concerning if you are indeed a training or practicing solicitor.

Very concerning.


Thick unfunny coppers should go and catch some real criminals


Bit rich coming from the BTP.

BTP “officers” are fucking thick. As. Mince.


The cocksuckers are deleting comments again.

Self awareness sale

Gotta love smug bizzies


Pretty pathetic behaviour from the police and Paddington staff. Trying to make an example of a cash strapped student with a small amount of natural plant. There are some very good police officers out there, but too many on a power trip trying to pretend they are on some moral high ground.


I feel like a genuine cash-strapped student (if indeed he/she was a student) would just buy the ticket, or accept the penalty notice and then submit an appeal. Also, not so cash-strapped if they can afford a bag of weed.


Weed isn’t expensive.


Neither is a £2.50 fare… Do you buy drugs or pay for your essential travel.

Tough choice… I think many people here are lacking in a concept known as ‘personal responsibility.’

Not really ‘cool’ or in with the kids anymore but still very valid.


If everyone decided not to pay their way we wouldn’t have a public transport system.

If a ‘poor student’ can afford to pay for drugs from their dealer they can also afford a train fare and if they can’t they need to prioritise just what they spend their money on in the future.


Aren’t most officers high school drop outs? Chavs in uniform?

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