Vegans should be legally exempt from workplace tea rounds, argues London lawyer

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They shouldn’t be asked to handle cows’ milk

Vegan workers should be legally exempt from doing the office tea round on the grounds of discrimination, a London lawyer has argued.

Employment law specialist Alex Monaco claims vegans shouldn’t be put in a position at work where they are required to handle cows’ milk. The lawyer, who is vegan himself, goes as far as arguing that veganism should be treated as a legally “protected characteristic” under the Equality Act 2010.

“If you were Jewish or Muslim and told to get a round of bacon sandwiches in, no one would bat an eyelid if you refused,” Leeds law grad Monaco told The Sun newspaper. “But if you’re vegan and refused to buy a pint of milk to make tea because you believe the dairy industry is torturing cows, then you would be laughed out of the kitchen.”

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Continuing, Monaco said many vegans feel they’re not adequately catered for in the work canteens whilst the “sandwiches all have butter in them”.

The 38-year-old lawyer, who founded London outfit Monaco Solicitors, added: “Vegans do get bullied — I was even bullied on a holiday with friends when I couldn’t eat anything from the butchers or pizzeria.”

But not everyone agrees. While accepting plant-based options in her office canteen can be limited, one anonymous City-working vegan told Legal Cheek:

“I don’t believe I should be exempt from making the office tea just because I don’t drink cows’ milk. The idea of trying to make veganism a legally protected characteristic is ludicrous.”

Monaco, however, remains undeterred, telling the newspaper: “The tide is changing now. It’s a movement. If we can get the law changed, people’s views may follow on from that.”

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Lulu the Photoshop Extradonaire

How I stay a skinny queen.



Wish the same level of empathy and care for cows and chickens was extended to women and ethnic minorities in the profession.

There would be far fewer harassment claims and far fewer people seeking help for mental health problems.



All sentient beings deserve empathy, of course women too. There are many improvements required across the board.



You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.


A farmer's son

The issue I have with veganism and vegetarianism is their environmental credentials are poor. Organic farming requires livestock as part of crop rotation. The growing and grazing of clover restores soil fertility (without the adverse impact of chemical fertilizers); grazing also removes the need to use herbicides to get rid of unwanted plants before fields are resewn to grow vegetables. And healthy soils sequester carbon (

Cattle do not increase the net amount of methane in the atmosphere. Unlike CO2, methane degrades within a few years: the methane emitted a few years ago is gone today ( So, assuming a stable bovine population, the methane produced by cattle this year is replacing the (now degraded) methane released a few years ago and the overall amount of methane does not increase.



How dairy



Google is your friend.

The dairy industry permanently takes calves from their mothers instantly – this is extremely stressful for mother and calf. They’re literally slaves to provide a liquid we’re not designed to digest.


Diabetic on a Keton Diet

Sorry, but that’s not correct. If you google deeper you’ll see that the diet modern humans are evolved to eat is high animal fat, high animal protein, no sugar, no carbohydrates. I only know this as I’m diabetic and have been forced to sit through numerous lectures on controlling it with a ketone diet rather than insulin or metaformin.

Modern humans are descended from the early hominids in the areas of Africa that became deforested. Modern apes are descended from the early hominids in the areas of Africa that did not. Modern apes are evolved to process high levels of glucose as fruit contains complex sugars which metabolise to glucose. Lots of fruit is available in the forests as there are lots of trees. There wasn’t much fruit on the planes as there were not many trees. There was a lot of grass, but hominids lack the genes to break down the cellulous wall and extract energy from grasses that ruminants possess. What there was available were other animals and bone marrow. Hyenas with very strong jaws and hominids able to wield rocks were the only animals able access bone marrow from the discarded bones of kills made by the big cats. Big cats possess a very powerful suffocation bite, but lack the jaw strength to break bones open easily and eat the bone marrow and without posable thumbs can’t wield tools.

Mitochondria in the cells of all modern organisms can process either glucose or fats and ketones to generate energy. Modern humans are evolved to process ketones and fats as we are the product of 20 million years of evolution on the planes where the main source of energy available to hominids was animal fats, ketones and animal proteins. We are not evolved to process glucose from fruits and carbohydrates in the way modern apes are as they have 20 million years of evolution in the forests on us where glucose from fruit was an easily available source of energy.

This is why if you eat a high sugar / high carbohydrate diet (as I did) you can wreck your body’s ability to control blood sugar. We are not evolved to deal with sugar spikes as it’s only in the evolutionary eye-blink of a few 10s of thousands of years that we started farming carbohydrate crops. The gene for lacteous intolerance is the dominate form in all mammals except modern humans, although all populations of mammals have members of the gene pool who carry the mutant form for lacteous tolerance. As older mammals (apart from us) do not drink milk, there was no selection pressure in favour of the mutant gene and it remains a minority trait for all mammal populations except modern humans. This was so with early hominids, but with modern humans diary farming has reversed the proportions so that almost all modern humans now carry the mutant form for lacteous tolerance. Once diary products became a source of energy, those humans who could tolerate lacteous had an advantage over those who could not and the mutant form was selected for.

This is why diabetics are advised to eat a high dairy, high protein, high fat, no sugar, very low carbohydrate diet as this is the diet modern humans are evolved to eat.

If for moral reasons you chose to remove animal fats, dairy and animal proteins from your diet and gain the energy your cells need for respiration from fruit sugars, plant proteins and carbohydrates instead, then good on you. For moral reasons you have chosen to eat a diet that your body is not evolved to process and you are eating a completely unnatural diet. But don’t pretend that a vegan diet is in some way natural. It’s not. It is completely unnatural. As a modern human you are evolved to exploit ruminants, steal their milk, smash their bones open to get at their bone marrow, eat their muscle for protein and their fat for energy.



To even add to this, different people in the different parts of the world have adapted to different diets. Lactose intolerance for example is quite widespread West Africa (where I’m from) and on top of that, I’ve found that the local carb heavy diet works better for me in terms of keeping fit, rather than the popular low carb high fat diets you describe above. Oh and before I forget, what a (laughable) waste of resources this case is. Hardly helps the vegan cause.



If you are not diabetic, you can safely have carbohydrates in your diet. Carbohydrates are chains of simple sugars joined together. The acids in your stomach break them down to gloucose which enters the blood stream. Its more of a slow release than eating a bar of chocolate or downing a latte with sugar, so if you are very active then it doesn’t trigger an insulin response. Medieval peasents didn’t become diabetic on a manly carbohydrate diet, but they were working 12 hours a day in the fields, burning the gloucose as soon as it entered the blood stream and so never triggering a sugar spike. But you’ve got to be really active. Unless you are diabetic, don’t go all out on the strict keton diet as you don’t need to. I wasn’t overweight, but 47 years of drinking a lot of sugary drinks knackered my body’s insulin respons as we are just not eveloved to deal with that much sugar, so now I have to eat a strict homanid diet or use drugs to control it.


Is there anyone who won’t see themselves as a victim nowadays?



I cannot identify as a victim and therefore am left out when it comes to moaning as a victim. That makes me a victim.

I’m tired of thin skinned moaners. They need to grow up.



Oh do feck off.

What about all the vegans who still tolerate their other halfs eating meat or animal products and, in some instances, even cooking them?

What about the vegans at work who still put their lunch in a fridge containing other food studds made of animal products belonging to their colleagues?

What about vegans sitting in meeting rooms or offices surrounded by other persons wearing leather shoes and belts etc?

This is just getting ridiculous. These people.


Veganism should not be a protected characteristic

Why not just buy environment destroying almond milk or oat milk, some other “milk”?

All well and good being a complete wet wipe about cows milk, but its not like isn’t alternatives, and quite frankly people you’re buying the milk for probably do not care.






And what about handling meat in the office?


A Northerner


What is London coming to nowadays?

Wouldn’t last five minutes if another World War kicked off!




This person will have eternal nightmares when he finds out the ingredients of £ notes.


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