Extinction Rebellion park boat named in memory of popular eco-barrister outside Royal Courts of Justice

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Traffic brought to a standstill

Credit: Extinction Rebellion (Twitter)

The environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion has parked a boat outside the main entrance of the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ).

Arriving outside the historic building this morning, the blue yacht bears the name of Polly Higgins, a Scottish-born barrister turned environmental lobbyist, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

The protest is just one of a number of demonstrations taking place this week across London, Cardiff, Leeds, Bristol and Glasgow. Calling for greater government action on the climate crisis, Extinction Rebellion has positioned large boats at each protest, emblazoned with the message “Act Now!”

At one point a protestor could be seen creating giant bubbles as she stood on the deck of the boat, while others performed yoga or meditated in the middle of the road, bringing traffic to a standstill.

“A beautiful armada of rebel boats is taking to the roads across key cities now,” the group wrote in one tweet. “It’s a pity it has come to this but amazing that citizens are standing up with courage, creativity and deep resolve.”

The boat’s arrival at the RCJ comes after the eco-group staged an 11-day protest in April that brought central London to a standstill.

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How blocking the roads would help their cause? These people really want the drivers and passer-bys to become mad at them.


Selfish People

Look at the bigger pitcher, if it didn’t disrupt the general public, would anyone be bothered? Are you a typical human who isn’t bothered unless you are affected?



These actions will make a typical human annoyed, not bothered or interested.



Action groups like this are one of the things that helped to elect Donald Trump as a President in the USA. Even good causes (of course fighting inequality / Global warming is a good cause) can annoy people when they are forced on them too hard. It should be more about education rather than disruption.


Dr Evil

How could we be mad at them?

Look at those poonums!



Life’s losers.



Far better ways to get their message across than this. Making people late for work, hospital appointments, collecting children etc is not going to endear them to the masses.

A lot of the protesters are unlikely to have ever had a demanding job/lifestyle and have no idea what it is like to work hard. They disruptively protest as a way of giving their lives purpose, quite sad really.


London Mum

You have no comprehension what some of the protesters have given up to be there. It’s more comfortable for you to imagine the scenario as you do, but it’s not the case.



Bless! Filing up here.



Filling up what?



They have cut short their gap yahs to Bali and Vietnam

Cry me a friggin river


London Mum

Before you respond stop for a moment and absorb what it says on the boat and why these people are where they are.
They are trying to save the planet!!!! The planet you live on. It’s going to be ‘inconvenient’ when it’s uninhabitable.



It would not be possible to be inconvenienced if the world becomes uninhabitable as there would be no humans to be inconvenienced.


London Mum

As I said before, please, before you respond stop and allow yourself to hear the message.



London Mum, I can’t hear the message over the roar of Emma Thompson’s jet speeding her back to LA.


Random passer-by

I think this is an important issue, and have tried to incorporate this into my practice more. I really believe this is a great challenge that humanity must face and tackle.

Having said that, this does nothing but annoy people. It is a way for certain people to feel good about themselves, to feel like they are actually doing something, and pretend they are brave like the civil rights protesters of the 60s. Blocking roads in London does not help the cause and it does nothing for the battle. Now if this was done in Beijing I would be more impressed, but of course the majority of the protesters do not want to face a real threat, they just act and go through the motions and get slaps on the wrists from our police officers. Climate change requires a global approach which means shaping State conduct and also putting real pressure on multi-nationals to change their behaviour. The latter can be best achieve through financial and legal mechanisms and education. Banging loud drums to block traffic does nothing as I said.



Er, free advertising is what it achieves , Random.

If you look into the founding of Greenpeace, that was done along the lines of advertising too.

It was a brand born of the fusion of the peace movement and the green movement. It did not *really* fuse these things. The guy who started it was a media type. Cool huh ! Do you get the programme now ?



Idiots who got nothing better to do. Go protest immigration if you’re so concerned, morons.


Infatuated of Tunbridge Wells

One does not simply “rehire” a Goddess.



Alex, stop censoring comments.

People are entitled to express the view that these are life’s losers if they want to.

Grow up, stop being a cuck and allow people to express their opinions.

If you want Legal Cheek to wither and die, this sort of needless censorship is precisely the way to do it.



Protests outside courts that obstruct access for staff and the public aren’t ‘sticking it to the man’.

They’re disrupting cases dealing with family matters, with accident compensation, with fatal injury hearings, with tenancy and eviction appeals, and all the rest of it. These protests are interfering with the work of the courts that ordinary people rely on.

But then I suppose the well-off woke folk that enjoy these fun days out don’t think about ordinary people very much.


King Usury

This is fantastic.

I bought patents and stocks and organised environmental consortia, such as wind farms and their attendant hotel ships, when the value was low.

Then I lobbied for public order laws to be suspended on the one hand, and for the purchase of the fruit of my patents and corporations to be the policy of opposition governments, on the other.

This was to stimulate a global demand, do you see ?

Now I am going to beat the percentage yield of all the other duller fund managers. My word, I can play ‘no holds barred’, even though I do say so myself: Deutsche Bank are the first to tap out.

I am promoting any religion or creed going which does not foretell my downfall, though all the while I laugh at the notion that the end of my reign will come rapidly.

I look at the hebrew inscriptions that have been translated as “usury” and I mark a new occult symbol over them, in the dust that has gathered from the neglect of scholarship.

Hail the new hero, an eco barrister…excellent !

I think I will treat myself to playing a famous track from Appetite for Destruction while I take in my pleasure. I will be in harmony then with those soldiers who play Hardwired to Self Destruct as they operate their war machines.

“It’s so easy, so ******* easy !”


Yellow Bentines

I thought acid was out this year?


Traumtised of the Roll

I had the deep misfortune of having to be near this today.

Walking up the road to Fleet Street, I heard speaker phones going off. I thought to myself that it must be Tommy Robinson trying to appeal at the RCJ from his defeat at the Old Bailey the other week.

Then I saw that blue boat. And the symbols. A minor inconvenience had formed as it blocked my straight passage across the road. It then became slightly more tiresome having to walk round some “pedestrian” barriers to proceed further. The entrance to the RCJ was in sight, and I thought I was home free.

Wrong. There was no open gate as there usually should be. the despair started to kick in. Had they completely shut the building? I ask a police officer. There is an entrance; where, he did not know but another entrance I searched for.

4 more policeman/guards later, I finally get to the building. The entrance was different than what I was used to; I asked for directions to where I needed to get to. They told me the wrong way. The glass lift was neither here, nor there. I make my way up stars, down stairs and across stairs trying to decipher the maps as I go.

Somehow, I got to the main hall. No one was at the information desk. 16:30 was looming, and the office in the labyrinth that is the RCJ was nowhere to be found. Was it in the Rolls Building instead? Was I even in the right city?

Eventually, I find the right stair well; I find the office I need to get to; The documents are in hand to file. I hadn’t paid yet. The tribulations continued, but this time the directions were true.

I got the document stamped, and back I went to the office from whence I came. The queue was bigger this time. The litigants in person were in force. Orders? Directions? Payment? They know none of those terms. There was merely a letter that they came to reply to; the barbaric nature of it all seemed to speed up the clock hand towards 16:30.

As the minutes passed, the boat came back to mind. The symbols. Those people. The timer in the office that hasn’t been stopped yet. My thoughts shifted. How could I do my bit to destroying this planet sooner? Letting those people roam free and multiple? After today, the cost seemed to greatly outweigh the benefits.

My dark thoughts were interrupted as my turn had come. My focus went to to the documents in my hand, ready to be presented. The lady read, reviewed and stamped the seals, and returned two copies back. I check the clock; I am in time.

I send a prayer to whichever god looked down on my crisis and intervened. While walking down a stair case, and my mind slowly wandering to bringing about extinction rebellion’s own extinction, I falter.

The sweat begins to pour down my forehead; my heart starts to beat in a rhythm most irregular; I grab the railing to stead my now weak legs. Sinking into myself, I rationalise the events that just occurred and the question leaves my lips.

How do I get out?



Excellent post.
More of this please.
Write if you ever decide to quit the day job.



Or you could have just said “I went to the RCJ and the protest was a serious nuisance.”



“The entrance was different than what I was used to”

F**k me, you had to use one of the many other doors. Which if you’ve been to the RCJ more than once or twice, you know where they all are.

Oh the inconvenience!



Of course, if someone blocks entrance to your home – you can always come in through the window. Oh the inconvenience!



It’s not the guy’s home.

It’s a huge court building with numerous ***doors*** (note, not windows, though there are many of those too).

Everyone knows where all the doors to enter/exit the building are located – by virtue of going to court rooms in the building which are located near these alternative doors, or being located in offices/chambers on the side of the building close to the non-main doors.

Get a f**king grip.



When you assume, you make an ass our u and me.


It is a public institution funded by the people’s taxes. These people are blocking people access to justice. How can any decent person justify it?


If it stops you crying, the wonderfully crafted story above referred to entrances.


Too right. You didn’t treat her appropriately. She’s ours now.



They should be rounded up and locked up.



I walked down yesterday to have a look and listen to what they were saying – some of the closed minds on here would be advised to adopt the same attitude.

However I will say one thing. I looked at the attendees in some detail. It struck me that they were 99.9% white and overwhelmingly middle class or higher.

I’m not trying to take away from what they are saying. I just found it amusing that most of them were either retirees or young trustafarians.



And the sort of trustafarians who don’t engage with mainstream politics and either vote Green or read the Morning Star and join revolutionary communist groups – the worst kind.


Vladimir Lenin

Comrade, this is precisely how I started – a young trustafarian from a rich and noble family and look how far it took me.



No mind is more closed than that of a self-righteous eco-warrior.



Affluent members of an elite milleniarian human-hating cult name a boat after an affluent member of the elite. These people are all the same, whether they’re complaining about Brexit or the climate – they pretend to be radical but instead are absolutely in thrall to the establishment.



Extinction rebellion want people to get arrested to burden the process and prevent convictions.

Perhaps a learned friend could weigh in on on the possibility of class prosecutions? indict all on the same charge, and give blanket fines accordingly.

They must be stopped.



Most were just sat on their smart phones from what I saw.

The irony



If these eco-snowflakes spent 30 minutes reading original climate research from astrophysicists rather than one-sided reports from the IPCC and the Guardian they could all go home.

And on a list of desirable things in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide comes a lot higher than unstable isotopes of caesium.



Wow I never realised that the world was at risk from ‘unstoppable isotopes of caesium’. Help me with this, how often in say the last million years or so has the level of such isotopes been a threat to animal survival on this planet and what is the risk that it will happen in the next million years?

On the other hand can you assist me with when in the last million years have carbon gas levels been as high as present and whether you accept a link between that and increased average temperatures?

Finally, and just to check, is all the one sided stuff about the earth being a sphere debunked by the few people who claim that it is flat?



1) Four times (in only sixty years) – Windscale, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and
Fukushima Daiichi.

2) Twice – The Roman Warm Period and The Medieval Warm Period.

They aren’t unstoppable isotopes they are unstable. There is a link between carbon dioxide and temperatures – temperatures rise and carbon dioxide levels rise as a consequence. Has that fixed it for you Hun?


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