‘I am an aspiring City lawyer with undergrad offers from Cambridge and Pennsylvania’

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Oxbridge or Ivy League?

Cambridge University and the University of Pennsylvania

In the latest instalment of our Career Conundrums series, an aspiring City lawyer has two options: study law at Cambridge or complete an undergraduate degree in the US before returning to the UK to undertake the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL).

“Hello. I am about to start my undergraduate degree and I have an offer from Cambridge University to study law and an offer from the University of Pennsylvania in America. I know that I want to be a lawyer and I definitely want to practice in the UK for a major London firm specialising in corporate law.

Do you think going to Cambridge and studying law is the best and most straightforward route to securing a training contract or could I get my undergraduate degree in America and then come back to the UK to do the GDL and LLM before starting my training contract. Please let me know your thoughts.”

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