New Winckworth Sherwood partner emails 600 contacts on first day on the job — forgets to blind copy

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Blunder reported to UK data watchdog

A new partner at Winckworth Sherwood has landed himself in a spot of bother on his first day on the job after forgetting to blind carbon copy (Bcc) hundreds of contacts taken from his old firm in an email announcing his latest gig.

Blair Adams, who joined Winckworth Sherwood as an employment partner earlier this month following a two-year stint at Wedlake Bell, fired off an email containing his new contact details to 600 or so contacts.

Unfortunately, Adams’ presumably well-intentioned update backfired spectacularly after he inadvertently put the email addresses in the ‘To’ field rather than the ‘Bcc’ field meaning everyone could see the names on the list.

Legal Cheek understands the gaff, which prompted several complaints, hasn’t gone down well with Adams’ former employers, after it emerged he’d downloaded the list of contacts from his Outlook account at Wedlake Bell.

Both firms have since reported the matter to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s data privacy watchdog. A spokesperson for the ICO told Legal Cheek that it’s “aware of an incident” and “will assess the information provided”.

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A spokesperson for Winckworth Sherwood said: “A new starter at the firm accidentally shared a limited number of email addresses by inadvertently using the ‘To’ field instead of the ‘Bcc’ field when sending their new contact details. This was an isolated incident and the email addresses were the only data shared. On becoming aware of the issue we acted promptly to expunge the data from all devices and systems. We have self-reported the matter to the relevant regulatory authorities.”

Meanwhile, Wedlake Bell said it had “no knowledge” that Adams had taken any client contacts from his Outlook account before he left the firm, other than those where client consent had been received, and that “the matter is being dealt with appropriately”.

Adams didn’t respond to Legal Cheek‘s requests for comment.

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Rewrote a news story from elsewhere, googled a picture and posted it at 9.30.

Thats me done for the day chaps

– Thomas



Looks like this is the story that started the Troll Wars.


Not Thomas (honest)

In fairness, every media outlet recycles stories from other outlets. Whilst we have loads of papers and magazines in this country, most of them are owned by a small number of publishers. As such, story sharing is common in the industry (I worked in press relations for a few years before going into law).



Indeed. Has no-one ever heard of Reuters?



Before seshing all day in his rent-support bedsit



It took you an hour to repost this from roll on friday, did you get in late today Tom?



“Adams didn’t respond to Legal Cheek‘s requests for comment.”

No. That’s because you only asked him 10 minutes ago…



Genuine question – Has anyone, other than those who fund this tosh, ever replied to such a request?


Future Linklaters Trainee

Is there any way roll on friday could successfully sue legal cheek? Would happily set up a crowdfunding page. Not a fan of LC anymore due to consistent deletion of factual comments on various articles.



LC have monopolised legal reporting among students. Real lawyers pay for premium content elsewhere.


Criminal junior

I’m a real lawyer and I only get my premium content from LC. Can’t afford to pay for it anywhere else.



We need a hacker to take down legal cheek and expose Alex and Thomas.



Consider it done.



Future LL Trainee? Surely you can provide an answer to that?



Adams did not respond to RollonFriday’s request for comment…



Haha I’m fucking done! Thomas you are a joke!



Coming next, LegalCheek’s exclusive expose of the revolving sinecure door connecting the SRA and the GMC. And remember, you read it here first folks!


CC trainee

“Thomas Connelly is the editor of Legal Cheek. Having completed the BPTC at Northumbria University in 2012 he practised as a County Court advocate for a year before joining the website in 2013.”




What an absolute intellectual power house he must be.




Thomas can you write an article on my hamster? He’s very clever and is studying for the NY bar exam. Ta x



My hamster writes mysteries under the name of J. D. McGregor.



Imagine if an MC partner did that LOL



I can see LC/Thomas have already started deleting comments…


MC Trainee

Great copy and paste job! This is what you call “journalism”.



I believe the term is ‘churnalism’. It’s piss poor, whatever it’s called.



Why not just change name to RollOnThomas?


Skadden 1PQE

Neutral observer here. The negative comments targeted towards Thomas are unfair and cruel. The Lawyer and Legal Week etc all have similar articles.

The only point I disagree with Alex/Thomas/LC is that they consistently delete factual comments on their articles. We should have open and unbiased reporting and comments.


Lord Green

Sensible fellow.


Oxford BA

Never heard of this firm…



Winckworth Sherwood is the kind of firm that pays absolute crumbs but demands quality and hours like it’s a US shop. Utter choppers


Manchester LLB

I did an internship here last month. Trainees were working 9am-6/7pm everyday.



That’s not even that bad compared to plenty of other firms outside London… Don’t they pay fairly high (for the North) at NQ or have I misread that somewhere?



NQ salary is £65k + bonus. It’s not bad considering the hours. Junior associates are told that there is a life beyond law and wellbeing is important to the firm. Firm has a great working culture. I have my exit interview in 2 weeks.



9 – 6/7 is pretty good, imo. There are sh*tty immigration and crime shops up and down the country which demand those same hours for 19k a year.



Snitches get stitches



Thomas is a true c*nt. Enough with deleting all the funny comments on here!!!



Another sanitised comments section…



Think this article’s picture neatly summarises what author must be feeling now


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