5 top money saving tips for law students

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How to get more bang for your buck 💷

The vast majority of law students can’t afford to party like they’re a cast member on Made in Chelsea. We have to fork out a fortune on textbooks (most of which remain in their cellophane wrappers), so it makes sound financial sense that we take advantage of any freebies or discounts which come our way.

So, with freshers week on the horizon (yes, it’s nearly that time already) and in a bid to take the financial sting out of law school, I’ve compiled a list of my top five money saving tips.

1. Law fair freebies

I’d recommend attending a law fair if you’re running low on law student staples. You won’t have to visit WHSmith ever again! Each year law firm marketing teams dish out free goodies including pens, highlighters, sticky notes, water bottles, earphones, USB sticks, mini-speakers, notebooks and even fidget cubes! Need I say more? It is a truth universally acknowledged that there’s no better freebie than a law fair freebie!

2. Free event food

With numerous societies to choose from during your time at law school, you’ll always be able to find one that puts on events offering a bountiful supply of free food. Even if I didn’t personally attend the meeting or event itself, the leftover grub was often placed in the law school lounge or law common room for hungry law students to hoover-up.

3. Drink at home

When you add up the cost of alcohol, nightclub entry, taxis and 3am chicken nuggets, nights out can make a serious dent in your bank account. For those of you who drink alcohol, paying for a six-pack of beer or bottle of wine from a local supermarket is a much cheaper option than buying drinks at a bar — especially if you’re living in London!

If you do get roped into going out, don’t forget to make use of your trusty student card when you can. Some student-orientated bars will offer special deals for students so keep your eyes peeled and be sure to ask staff behind the bar. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

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4. Line up your discounts

If you’re 16-25 years-old, it’s probably worth buying a railcard. It costs £30 a year and you save a third on train travel (so you’ll make the money back in no time). Those studying in London can apply for an 18+ Student Oyster photocard which saves you 30% off the price of an adult-rate Travelcard and other fares.

It’s probably worth getting an NUS extra card, too — it costs just £12 for one year and gives you access to over 200 UK discounts, including 10% off at the Co-op. While your university student card will give you discounts when buying in-store, you’ll need an NUS extra card for online-only deals. UNiDAYS offer uni students free discounts both in-store and online and alls you need to do is to sign up using your uni credentials.

5. Don’t rush into buying textbooks

Believe it or not, buying every textbook can be a huge waste of your money — especially if you buy them brand new. You’re likely to receive a reading list at the start of the year but the chances of you needing them all is debatable. Speak to older students and find out what’s a necessity and what isn’t — and if you really need to buy them consider second-hand textbooks as they’ll be much cheaper. Some student law socs, for example, run book fairs at the start of the academic year — give those a try.

Christianah is an aspiring barrister and legal journalist. She completed her law degree at City, University of London.

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Latham lad

I was headhunted by Latham in my second lecture of first year LLB when I asked an extremely astute question about Trusts. They offered me a fast track route to Partner there and then, with an immediate starting salary of 120k. I still attended the rest of my courses to satisfy my intellectual curiosity but money was obviously never an issue.



Who cares.



Is this Kirkland NQ trying a persona reboot?


Kirkland NQ

No. It’s a well known fact that I attended one lecture, and was diagnosed with unearthly legal acumen. I’m too busy smashing PE deals and visiting my various holiday homes to bother attending undergrad lectures



Definitely diagnosed with something pal



“I’m too busy to attend undergrad lectures”
“I attended one lecture”

I see


Kirk Turdenstein

I fucking love the satire on legalcheek comments, it’s beautiful. Keep it up boyos


Tugg Fapman

I know right, LC comments keep me alive.



What else are we here for? Certainly not the law.


Fantastic Repurposed Umbrellas

Put guys in the friend-zone at university.

When one of them runs a charity’s Management Committee, they can create the job of ‘Fundraiser’ for you so that you can pay your rent in London.



can you instead write about useful things suxh as how to work during the gdl, or how to live with the 10k allowance for lpc, how muc time to expect from both gdl or lpc to do personal stuff. Also, if you want to write about something meaningful, you could write about how to be more employable (Certificates and etc)



10k has increased by 6k. Read the papers my boy.



Try to avoid buying textbooks and just borrow from the library. I do that and believe me it helps. You need to be careful to avoid others doing anything that though. Reserve it online and keep renewing.



Make sure to mark-up library books with rude jokes and bantz though. It’s the little things that gets us through the dark times.



So basically become an alcoholic by drinking at home. Thank you Legal Cheek!



For law students with cars, here’s a tip: pressing the middle pedal will help you to slow down when approaching busy junctions.



Can’t begin to describe how useless this website is.

‘Legal journalist’ yeah sure… nice gifs pal, see you in the NYT soon then.



Legit tip: don’t avoid socialising because you’re skint, socialise smart. Join societies and stuff, explore your interests or get new ones, don’t fall into the trap of being in a group whose sole interactions are working and drinking, because that will definitely burn a hole in your wallet. They’re what you call co-workers, and you’ll get plenty of them later in life



Say to your flat mates you’re vegan and steal their chicken



If you’re lucky it may even lay you some eggs



This article changed my life forever



The good looking ladies (or to a lesser extent, men) could make a nice bit of additional money exposing themselves on web cameras in exchange for tips. Pairing up as a couple with one of your course mates and engaging in activity on said web camera will boost earnings.



I would be tempted, but what if a friend sees me? Or worse, a family member?



I don’t really see an issue.

Friends – let them see, let them join. Embrace.

Family – once they realise it is you they will stop watching and you would hope that they wouldn’t be so awkward as to raise it over Christmas dinner.



Plus it’s great for your cv for certain firms



Too obvious. 3/10.






Coz it be shet lololol



Quit deleting comments you flogs



In the end it won’t really matter; the sector will collapse post-brexit and you may as well do something more enjoyable at university, or learn a trade for once we can no longer benefit from free movement.


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