‘I didn’t get the A-Levels I need to study law at my first choice uni — should I pick another course or retake and reapply next year?’

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Any advice would be much appreciated

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one aspiring lawyer requires readers’ advice after failing to achieve the A-Level grades necessary to study law at her university of choice.

“I got my A-Level results on Thursday and I disappointingly didn’t achieve the grades needed to study law at my first choice uni (I won’t name them, but it’s part of the Russell Group). I managed to speak with admissions over the phone, but it doesn’t look like they’ll take me on. I don’t really want to settle for my insurance (non-Russell Group) or a lower-ranking university through clearing, especially because it may harm my chances of becoming a lawyer in the long run. Someone told me that if I want to be a solicitor, I should choose a different degree entirely and convert to law later because it will set me apart from law students, but I’m not sure. Should I retake my A-Levels and reapply to my first choice next year or should I switch degrees altogether and try to find a good uni offering a different course through clearing? I saw my first choice uni offering politics through clearing. Could I apply for this and later switch to law? Any advice would be much appreciated.”

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