Law student sues university for £8 million after flunking three modules

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Dylan Prider alleges Bond University in Queensland, Australia, discriminated against his autism and ADHD

Dylan Prider

An Aussie law student who failed three modules on his degree is demanding a hefty £7.8 million ($13.6 million AUD) in damages after alleging he was discriminated against for his autism and ADHD.

Dylan Prider is suing Bond University in Queensland, Australia, in what is understood to be one of the biggest lawsuits in the country of its kind. The 20-year-old insists the subjects he failed be wiped from his academic record and that he is “re-instated in the commerce-law degree he was denied entry from last year”, the Mail Online reports.

Prider failed one module in his pre-university legal studies diploma and two commerce degree modules which saw him be denied entry to a combined commerce-law degree, court documents show.

He alleges Bond discriminated against his autism and ADHD — claims which the university has refuted — and that he was denied special treatment such as extra time to complete exams and assignments, preferential seating and to sit his exams in a separate room. He also alleges a breach of contract, claiming the uni failed to fulfil its promises to him.

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Prider, who holds dual Australian and US citizenship, and is now living in Los Angeles, California, said his life has been put on hold until the case is settled. “It certainly hurts my future by not being able to continue in the course. Law opens up a lot of opportunities in life. I might not end up becoming a lawyer, I don’t know for certain yet,” he said.

Prider, who was hoping to follow in the footsteps of his lawyer father, says he has since struggled to enrol at another university due to the low grade average he scored at Bond. The damages he seeks are based on an estimated loss of income: that he could earn £155,351 ($189,150 USD) a year practising as a lawyer in California once qualified.

Bond has been quoted in the judgment as stating Prider’s failure in three subjects “indicates a high likelihood [he] does not have the academic preparation necessary to allow him to complete an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) in the usual number of semesters of study, as a real possibility or at all.”

The university has welcomed the chance to defend its standards against the claims. Prider’s case will be heard in Australia’s Federal Court next month after it was recently transferred from the Supreme Court.

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I have autism and ADHD. I never requested any form of preferential treatment from my uni and have never gotten any. I’m still on track for a 2:1. This guy is either not putting the work in or is just a straight up idiot.



Well done you.



Congrats, man. The UK needs more people like you. Tired of snowflakes looking for a handout.



Referring to people with autism as snowflakes. Muppet



I don’t quite believe your comment to be honest.


Lionel Hutz

Fair enough if he was actually not given any altered exam conditions but a 20 year old lad with no legal qualifications or tangible career path predicting himself a £155k salary stinks of entitlement and late stage capitalism.



Anyone kno the NQ pay at Kennedys?



These sorts of stories are basically just mocking the mentally ill.


Twatty twit

What a farce. Even someone with an actual law degree from Bond university would struggle to get a job anywhere.






I don’t like the idea of Bond. I am a grad of UNSW. The Bond grads do actually get along ok. Employable and in my experience well taught.



This is why we need someone like Trump.



Sure because the US isn’t remotley litigious.



Is this Kirkland NQ?


Kirkland NQ

No. You don’t need to sue for £8m if that’s what you spend in an average weekend on haircuts and polishes of your Lambo.


Barry Philips

Definitely. Instruct three crowns.



No, Jones Day.



I’ve used Gold Bond powered to clean my balls, is that made at Bond University?





ADHD sufferer

Adult ADHD can, infact, be incredibly helpful to people working/studying. It’s really a maldistribution of attention rather than a lack of attention. Yes, sufferers are easily bored (which gets all the attention) but, when those same ppl show some interest in a subject, they deploy laser like focus for hours and hours. It’s like being in the zone and means that everything melts away as irrelevant. This can be very useful is task/goal orientated jobs.



So what you’re saying is, that this bloke isn’t very interested in law but is claiming that he’d be so brilliant at it that he’s entitled to millions in lost earnings.



Next time a judge gives a tight deadline to file a document on an urgent case, I’ll say I need more time to take account of my ADHD. I look forward to that suggestion being warmly received by the Court.


Khanh hoang

Yeah disability is not an excuse for anyone to fail anything, My friend is blind and she graduated the LLB with a 2:1 in Salford university. This guy using ADHD as an excuse to fail is just straight up stupid and proven himself that he belongs in the top of the line of scums






Ah gives me hope against Brunel



Practising in California? – Hold on. In order to sit the California Bar he needs to be qualified. So his plan was what? Go to Australia for an intro course to law, then complete an LLB, get qualified in Australia, go back to the US and pass the California Bar, which by the way is the toughest one of all states.

He then fails the intro course to commercial law and sues the uni?


The calculation of lost earnings should be 12,000 a year. Sounds about right for annual benefits.





If you follow the link and look at the headnote, you’ll see that the plaintiff’s counsel was one “I Prider” and his solicitors were called “Prider & Co”. The atmosphere of entitlement grows and grows.


Renell Harding

Please can you guys help pay for my GDL fees by using my crowdfunding link below, many thanks:






This begging from thread-to-thread is undignified. Even if you get a bit of money from it, this will be the first thing that future employers see when they Google your name. It will hurt your reputation in the long-term.

Most people in your situation either:
1. apply for and receive a training contract offer before graduating from their undergraduate degree, therefore ensuring that their GDL and LPC are funded, or
2. work and study the GDL part-time in the evenings and on the weekends.

There’s nothing on your Crowdfunder page to explain why you didn’t do 1 or 2 above, and therefore it’s not clear why people should give you money over anyone else.



Unsure why you ask for fees to study in London?

Surely, if you are going to ask for funding, you do so outside of London where you can be seen to make at least some effort to mitigate costs?


No why should 'go fund me' pay for your GDL.

Sorry but why on earth should anyone fund your GDL fees ?

I had to work and save up and then pay for my studies, so why can’t you ?

I have a disability but I didn’t set up go fund me pages. I worked and saved and applied 2 years later.


To the haters

Read the whole of the GoFundMe profile before making a judgment.

This bloke has overcome multiple adversities.

By all means don’t give it you disagree, but check your privilege before hating.


Plenty of us suffered multiple adversities, there's nothing wrong in him working and saving like the rest of us

I read the go fund me page, there’s a whole heap of us that have faced multiple adversities.

I got a dam job and saved rather than go fund me.


Privileged? Erm no, far from it

Sorry check my privilege?

I was homeless, attacked at gunpoint, suffered a disability and worked and saved to pay for university. I have never had any help from anyone, I don’t see why this guy is entitled. I’ve seen students in far worse situations working and paying for their studies.

Don’t make assumptions. He can work and save just like a huge percentage of the rest of us.



He completed an internship in Linklaters’ New York office 😂


He go funded trip to new York too it's online

Yeah he go funded that too, it’s online from years ago.

Takes the absolute pi**

We’ve all suffered loads, why can’t he work/ save and pay like the rest of us?

I’ve seen plenty of students working soo many shit jobs just to pay for their course and have no family at all.

Junior Barrister

I have mixed feelings about your gofundme attempt.

Your story has been a challenging and difficult one, there is no doubt about that. It has been harder than mine in at least a hundred ways. And your gofundme is surprisingly persuasive and tactfully written for what it is.

I guess the problem is, why exactly you are asking for donations in this way rather than just taking some time out to save up for the GDL.

When I was young, my family were poor and disadvantaged. We were homeless for a while, council housed for longer. It was tough. Mostly for them but I guess for me too in a way. When it came time to study the GDL I didn’t have any money or financial support. I also missed out on GDL scholarships like you did. So I took a year and worked two jobs to save up. It was a tough year and I suffered because of it but it worked.

You say:

“I have no choice but to crowdfund £18,300 to cover the tuition fees and living costs for the upcoming academic year to study the GDL.”

“Therefore, I need YOUR help to help me crowdfund £18,300.”

Do you really have no choice? No choice at all? Your budget suggests that you do not have any accommodation costs. Is this because you are living with family? If you are, what is stopping you from living there for a year while working before you start the GDL?

I have a slight suspicion that you are being a little bit misleading when you say you have no choice. Perhaps it is just poorly explained or I don’t have enough information but that’s how it looks to me.

From what I can tell, you have literally never had a job of any kind (unless you have simply omitted this, in which case apologies). How can you expect people to fund your studies for you if you have made no attempt to do so yourself?



Fair play. Good luck with your GDL. I came from a working class family. Had to earn everything we had. Council estate, 2 jobs at times. Support is there if you need it and his go fund me page is deplorable.


Aussie law student

Worth noting that Bond is Australia’s only private university offering a LLB. All the others (including all Group of 8 universities) are public and eligible for government fee subsidy schemes. Accordingly, students who study law at Bond are mostly not good enough to get into a Group of 8 to study law, but have the cash to pay for an unfunded place.

The fact that even Bond is trying to defend its standards here really says a lot about the guy.



Many people flourish who’ve been in your shoes and some haven’t. Doesn’t mean you sue them for your lack of.



If the claimant has no prospect of success this should be struck out on the papers. Unfair to go through a hearing which the claimant has no chance of winning and then have the claimant stung for ‘costs’.



Rubbish. It’s neither the Defendant’s nor the court’s responsibility to protect a stupid claimant from bringing a stupid claim. You will note, too, if you’ve read the headnote, that this guy is being represented by a firm of solicitors with the same uncommon surname as his own, i.e. he has his dad or uncle or someone promoting this folly, so he is hardly going into this blind. This will be a handy learning experience for them.



It clearly is the defendant’s or court’s responsibility to stop unmeritorious claims from proceeding at the earliest possible opportunity. If they fail to do so, the claimant shouldn’t be held responsible for ‘costs’, regardless of who is representing them. ‘Costs’ shouldn’t be imposed on claimants to teach them a lesson or to give other people kicks.



The court should also be quantifying this claim – if £8m is excessive they need to say so in order that spending can be quantified. Adjusted for the chances of success this claim looks to be worth a four figure sum at a maximum, making it difficult to justify charging more than a percentage of this on costs.



I am baffled by this reasoning. Why should a successful defendant’s right to costs be limited by reference to the poor quality of the claimant’s case? The fact that the claimant has chosen to inflate the damages claimed is hardly the defendant’s fault. If anything, it is an aggravating factor justifying an indemnity award in the defendant’s favour.


Because poor quality claims don’t merit high cost awards. If the claimant inflates the damages claimed it is the defendant’s and the court’s fault if they don’t bring this to the court’s attention and rectify it. It would be perverse if the costs awarded in a case worth much less than £8m were more than those for a genuine £8m claim. In the case here the court needs to adjust the claim downwards from £8m to a more realistic level. Any costs need to be based on the lower figure adjusted for the probability of success, and be proportionate to this value of the claim. Needless to say, recoverable costs should be very low indeed.


Thank goodness you’re not a lawyer.


I think what you mean is thank goodness I’m not a judge – might stop you fleecing clients. You should hope I’m not a lawyer given how easily I’ve slapped your points down.


Doesn’t take a lawyer to know this claim isn’t worth £8m!


Value of the case is wildly different from the amount claimed here. No way are the Defendant’s lawyers going to be able to rack up a large costs bill.

Australian barrister

It’s illegal in Australia to charge a percentage of the award for costs.


@Australian Barrister – the discussion was about how much the defence can claim from the other side. This must be proportionate based on the true value of the claim adjusted for the probability of success – this is not just legal but obligatory. Nothing to do with the claimant’s lawyer charging a percentage of any award as a fee. Its illegal to attempt to claim costs which weren’t properly incurred.

Jason Genova

I am not…autism.



FFS. Everyone demands special treatment nowadays. If you can’t do the exam in the given time, dale a hike and look for a job you can do.


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