‘Don’t stay too late’

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A Monday cartoon courtesy of The Sketching Solicitor

The Sketching Solicitor works for a law firm in the City. Enjoy his series of cartoons every other Monday on Legal Cheek.


Jonathan Fitzpatrick




Wtf is with this requirement for adding our email address when commenting?

Enjoy the spam of fake email addresses lmao


Viva la Resistance

My personal preference is just to use LC’s contact details, which I am sure they will soon become aware.

Oh, and a good sketch too.


Wow this actually works



Alex is obviously trying to cut down on all the wrongthink expressed in the comments.

Nobody buys the social justice diversity bilge he spews out, so he’s trying to make it harder for them to say it…



Where’s the joke?


A non-knee mousse

The guy walking out is probably a partner and she is probably a trainee, NQ or associate.


Viva la Resistance

The sketch depicts the office of the Partner/Trainee Duo.

Now, one could say that the man leaving the office is the trainee whilst the woman at the desk is the Partner, demonstrating her strong female example and the extra effort she has had to put in to get where she is today. She is lacking the support required by the male trainee, and our patriarchal society.

Perhaps the partner is having an affair with the trainee, leaving first to not make people suspicious; this week, its his turn to leave first.

So many questions and inferences have been drawn from the sketch.



I take comments like that literally. Doesn’t go down well.


Penis Pump

As if any partner at any self-respecting firm would leave that early



The name on the door is the wrong way round



I appreciate this comment isn’t relevant to the article, but could Legal Cheek write an article about the prevalence of nepotism at Squires? Like for example the fact that one of their trainees is the daughter of the firm’s Brussels Managing Partner?


City NQ

Still happens everywhere, hardly news


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