‘Oh sh*t! It’s the SRA!’

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A Monday cartoon courtesy of The Sketching Solicitor

The Sketching Solicitor works for a law firm in the City. Enjoy his new series of cartoons every other Monday on Legal Cheek.






Does he work at Dentons?



This – except the SRA are breaking into a zone 4 house share to bust a junior for dodging their train ticket



Frustrated Writer has started doodling



I don’t get it.



I appreciate it’s only the first one so will give it time. But *generally* cartoons are better without resorting to swearing



they’re also better if they are funny



I laughed at this comment more than the cartoon, which is just wierd and confusing.



Is this because RoF started doing their cartoon thing?



Well it made me chuckle – look forward to the next one.



This is not funny, and not even very well drawn.


To Alex

Cartoon section is good! But you should start covering legal news too



It would be far funnier if the people at the door were doctors



Well..I.think it’s funny as it shows awareness of just how dodgy and corrupt the majority of Solicitors are..and it’s also funny because the SRA rarely acts..unless it’s back is against the wall..which is why most Firms aren’t concerned if and when they get involved..😂😂😂



The SRA are too busy hammering a junior solicitor for accidentally double charging £200 of taxis, especially ones suffering from stress and mental health issues. No point in talking about well being in the profession with disproportionate bullies like the SRA lurking about.



Bro you just posted cringe



Keep that alliteration going the Sketching Solicitor Sketches Shit Sketches.


Ecohouse Victim

The cartoon perfectly reflects Sanders & Co. Solicitors concealing their wrongdoing after committing the £33 Million Ecohouse fraud. The solicitors are still trying to deny they did anything wrong, even today!

It has taken the SRA over 5 years to admit that Sanders solicitors were dishonest – of course by that time the SRA had already perverted the course of justice – the SRA are so disgracefully corrupt ! They were trying to evade a compensation claim of course – tried to make the whole case look like a failed investment scheme – regulatory cheats.

How on Earth did such a bent regulator get control over 160,000 solicitors ? It just beggars belief.

The only problem with the cartoon is that it shows the SRA making an intervention. In the Ecohouse case, despite the firm being reported to the SRA on numerous occasions, they never did intervene – the SRA simply left hundreds of clients to be defrauded by corrupt solicitors.

The SRA has received some very unflattering comments on TrustPilot.
Google “TrustPilot SRA” to see what the public (and some solicitors) think about the dysfunctional SRA – it’s all negative of course, because the SRA morally bankrupt regulatory cheats.



How did these people get a FOI request granted? Our group’s Chair was always refused!


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