Clyde & Co seeks paralegal with excellent attention to ‘detials’

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Unfortunate typo

It was red faces all around at Clyde & Co this week when an unfortunate typo saw the global firm seek the services of a paralegal with excellent attention to “detials”.

The awkward blunder appears in a recent online job advertisement (screenshot below) for a paralegal vacancy within Clydes’ projects team in London. The ideal candidate, the ad explains, will have an undergraduate law degree (or equivalent), excellent communication skills and, of course, “excellent attention to detials”.

A screenshot of the job ad (credit: RollOnFriday)

The typo was eventually brought to Clydes’ attention by one of RollonFriday‘s readers, who applied for the role and had kindly emailed the firm’s human resources department in the process. “Within the hour they had corrected it without even so much as a courtesy detail back”, the unnamed job seeker told the website. “Now I’ve been rejected for the job, feel free to publish this”.

A spokesperson for the firm told the website: “Whichever way you look at it (and spell it), attention to detail is important to us. We’re sorry for this error and thank the candidate for pointing it out.”

Of course, Clydes isn’t the first firm to fall foul of an unfortunate typo. In 2018, Legal Cheek brought you news of a legal letter circulating social media which explained how a lawyer’s colleagues may be “assfisting” with the client’s case.

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People in glass houses, LC….



Their marketing department has done a good job. Now the job ad is circulated everywhere including this terrible site.



HR posted that advert. Yet HR, in first round interviews tell applicants that they need a high level of attention to detail. HR…please preach what you praise. Also, I worked as a paralegal at C&C, they pay their paralegal an abysmal 24k…


Lord Assumption

Great comment. Could you please set out the point of other blindingly obvious items for us all? Maybe traffic lights and biros?



Hard to know where to start with this. Staggering lack of commercial awareness for candidate to send a wiseass email to HR pointing this out. HR people have thin skins and think they run law firms. It’s never going to go down well. Separately, and as others have pointed out, it shows some serious chutzpah for LC to criticise people for sloppy proof reading or illiteracy. As for correcting errors without acknowledgment….we’ll just imagine someone doing that. (Comment deleted in 3, 2, 1…)



I would have thought it was a test in the job ad, and would also have mentioned it!


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