Awkward typo spotted in ‘Thiry-Third Edition’ of contract law bible

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Credit: Jamie Susskind (Twitter)

Any lawyer worth their salt will tell you that a typo in a contract, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, can have serious legal ramifications for the parties involved.

So it’s somewhat ironic when the contract law experts (self-confessed sticklers for accuracy) fall foul of an unfortunate typo themselves.

Spotted by barrister Jamie Susskind, this latest example is courtesy of Chitty on Contracts — one of the leading textbooks covering English contract law.

Susskind’s tweet shows that the typo appears on one of the very first pages of the two-volume book, a hard copy of which will set you back a hefty £565.

Yep, that’s right. Chitty on Contracts is now apparently on its “Thiry-Third Edition”.

Responding to the tweet, academic librarian Andy Horton quipped that “Old man Chitty is going to be so annoyed when he sees that”, while Liz Slade, a freelance lawyer, wrote: “As a contracts lawyer, may I just say… hahaha”.

The book’s publisher, Sweet & Maxwell, has been approached for comment.

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