Awkward typo spotted in ‘Thiry-Third Edition’ of contract law bible

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Yours for just £565

Credit: Jamie Susskind (Twitter)

Any lawyer worth their salt will tell you that a typo in a contract, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, can have serious legal ramifications for the parties involved.

So it’s somewhat ironic when the contract law experts (self-confessed sticklers for accuracy) fall foul of an unfortunate typo themselves.

Spotted by barrister Jamie Susskind, this latest example is courtesy of Chitty on Contracts — one of the leading textbooks covering English contract law.

Susskind’s tweet shows that the typo appears on one of the very first pages of the two-volume book, a hard copy of which will set you back a hefty £565.

Yep, that’s right. Chitty on Contracts is now apparently on its “Thiry-Third Edition”.

Responding to the tweet, academic librarian Andy Horton quipped that “Old man Chitty is going to be so annoyed when he sees that”, while Liz Slade, a freelance lawyer, wrote: “As a contracts lawyer, may I just say… hahaha”.

The book’s publisher, Sweet & Maxwell, has been approached for comment.

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Legal Genius

Remember kids, when the mean interviewer asks ‘when was a time you demonstrated attention to detail?’, just tell ‘em Chitty didn’t, and is still the most respected author on contracts!



You know the Chittys who first wrote the textbook in the 19th century no longer update it, right?



Yes, that is the whole point.


Jeremy Corbyn

Brothers! Sisters!

Moneylaw will be taxed at 85% to pay for legal aid!

A windfall tax on London property!

Open door immigration for the Islamic community of the Ummah! Down with metropolitan elites!




Jack Ma

Partners! Investors!

Moneylaw will be taxed progressively less with my introduction of regressive taxation; the more you earn, the less you pay! It is only fair given how the top 10% of the wealth ladder pays more money in taxation than the bottom 90% could ever hope to earn in their life!

A taxcut for anyone owning property in London so that they may expand their real estate-choosing acumen beyond the capital and inject a modicum of civility into the northern hordes vis-à-vis targeted investing and concerted gentrification!

Open door immigration for HNW individuals from across the globe, with a 10-year visa access requiring a minimum £1,000,000 investment in only the most productive of UK businesses! Down with the unwashed masses, a citizenship revocation and immediate deportation for anyone earning under £85,000 pa! Automation to replace the role of the peasantry!





Legal Cheek’s illustrious comments deserve their own blog.



Contra proferentum!


Amrit Lohia

proferentem. Don’t write in Latin if you don’t speak it.



I hate to break it to people but… the editors don’t write the title page. At best the general editor approved it at the very end but given it’s just an update to the previous editions text I doubt it. It’s done intern at Sweet and Maxwell, whose supervisor gives 0 f*#ks because they know it will be bought no matter the price or the typos in the front matter.



*an intern. That one is mea culpa.



I write law books. I checked proofs last week and I checked all those preliminary pages right down to the copyright notices, back cover, title pages. That would not have gone through on my watch. Not only do I the author check it but so do people at the publishers too.



That’s what happens when you self-publish, Jane. You’re paying your own £2,000 to print the books and get them ready to sell on Amazon.



Yes, that is the whole point.


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