Olympic bomb hoax barrister banned from legal profession

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Michael Shrimpton, who was disbarred in 2018, subject to further regulatory action — this time by the SRA

Michael Shrimpton

A former barrister who was disbarred last year after triggering a security scare when he falsely told authorities that a crypto-Nazi terrorist group planned to blow up the Queen at the 2012 Olympics has now been banned from the solicitors’ profession.

Michael Shrimpton, who also has a conviction for possessing indecent images of children, was jailed for 12 months in February 2015. Southwark Crown Court heard at the time how Shrimpton, a former immigration judge, phoned the Ministry of Defence to warn that nuclear weapon had been stolen from sunken Russian submarine the Kursk.

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) disbarred the ex-Tanfield barrister in 2018, a finding he challenged, unsuccessfully, in the High Court earlier this year.

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Now, Shrimpton has been the subject of further regulatory action, this time courtesy of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

The SRA confirmed it had made Shrimpton, who was involved in legal practice but was not a solicitor, subject to a section 43 order, which prevents him from working in a law firm without its prior permission.

The regulator said: “Mr Shrimpton has been convicted of criminal offences which are such that, in the opinion of the Society, it would be undesirable for him to be involved in a legal practice…”

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Shrimp potted.



It may be that the Legal Cheek picture desk advised against your suggested angle.


Jeremy Corbyn




Clearly a troll comment from a Tory trying to wind up the legal community



He was a regular at Inn dining evenings with some outrageous conspiracy theories. Surprised he wasn’t kicked out sooner.


Prawn to be wild

Why did Mr Shrimpton share his conspiracy theory?

Because he was a little shellfish.



Looks like the crypto-Nazi / Russian conspiracists have managed to pay off a judge, the BSB and the SRA. And you’ve all swallowed their fake news. Sheep.


Michael Shrimpton

Very droll! It’s beyond high time that Legal Cheek checked their facts. I did NOT ring MOD. MOD rang ME, knowing full well who I was, since I have in the past been in contact with the Defence Intelligence Service and my new home phone number was known to GCHQ and Air Marshal Sir John Walker. The SRA, I’m afraid, made the same mistake, preferring to take their facts from the Sun, not the transcript.

The expression “crypto-Nazi” likewise comes from the tabloid press. I’ve never used it. If you read my book you will see that I go out of my way to state that the Deutscher Verteidigungsdients are NOT Nazi. The agency was largely drawn from the old Abwehr, which tried and failed to assassinate our community partner Adolf Hitler in July 1944.

If people choose to live in a fantasy world in which the Allies shut down German intelligence in 1945 it’s a matter for them. Those sort of people probably believe in the tooth fairy and global warming as well.

The devices in question (it turned out there was a back-up) were recovered and dismantled by the US National Nuclear Security Administration, and found to be viable, with a theoretical maximum yield of 20 KT. An intelligence one-star has confirmed this publicly.

Key legal materials have been copied to the US Attorney-General, the Russian Foreign Ministry, the GRU and the President’s Administration in Moscow, with no denial. No intelligence service, domestic or foreign, supported the prosecution, which is seen in the Intelligence Community as a joke, along with the CPS, who couldn’t tell a nuclear device from a used car.

Legal Cheek did not ask me for comment before publishing their article, which was both discourteous, with respect, and poor journalism. Had they done so they might have avoided publishing fake news.

I have appealed the High Court order dismissing my appeal against disbarment to the Court of Appeal, on grounds which raise issues of concern to the profession. My appeal against the s.43 order has been listed for hearing by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal in February 2020.

With every respect to Marc Beaumont I am not suffering from, and never have suffered from, any form of mental illness, including depression. Any suggestion that I have is frankly offensive.

As it happens the CPS chose to plead insanity at my trial, seemingly unaware that under English criminal law insanity is a defence, not an element of the bomb hoax offence. They did so without any medical evidence whatsoever, and after the learned trial judge had ruled that I was fit to plead. At their insistence I was examined by a nice lady psychiatrist, who could find no evidence of mental illness and assessed my IQ at about 185, consistent with my CIA and Mossad psychological profiles.

I am a member of British Mensa, set up their Intelligence and National Security Special Interest Group and have been published in the Mensa World Journal. I am sure I will not cause any offence to anyone when I say that I don’t anticipate meeting any of the people posting above at a Mensa meeting.



You have lifted all this from that old Spooks BBC spin-off where the London Olympics were nuked, innit?


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