Former Hill Dickinson solicitor leading race to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader

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Rebecca Long-Bailey also worked for Pinsent Masons and the now defunct Halliwells

Will Rebecca Long-Bailey finally update her LinkedIn profile if she lands the Labour Party leadership?

An ex-corporate lawyer is the front runner to replace outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey, who worked for Pinsent Masons, the now defunct Halliwells and most recently Hill Dickinson, before being elected as MP for Salford and Eccles in 2014, has backing from across the Corbynite wing of the party to take over in the wake of last week’s heavy General Election defeat.

Supporters of the Manchester Met politics and sociology graduate who converted to law via the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) include shadow chancellor John McDonnell and shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon.

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Bookies have her as the 2/1 favourite, ahead of a list of candidates that includes barristers Keir Starmer and Emily Thornberry.

A former corporate lawyer may seem at first glance an unlikely replacement for Corbyn. But Long-Bailey’s healthcare practice, which saw her specialise in NHS contracts, marks her out from the crowd; as does the daughter of a Salford docker’s working class background.

If she does land the gig, Long-Bailey may want to finally update her LinkedIn profile, which still lists her as a solicitor at Hill Dickinson.

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And she’s about as inspiring as most solicitors working for mid-tier firms in the regions. If they choose Long-Bailey (or her fellow lawyer Burgon) Labour will get nowhere near power for another generation.



They won’t get near power anyway whoever they put in. There will be at least four more Labour leaders before they get anywhere near winning an election again. Boris is an astute politician who will look after the people who voted him in, as he did as mayor. He will do at least two and a half terms and really make this country a prosperous and pleasant place to live


Dick & Harry

TOP firm



True, I understand no opposition has recovered as many seats as they lost in the succeeding general election as Labour lost in this one, so if history is anything to go by they cannot win the 2024 election either. Which means the earliest they can get near power would be 2028/9 (depending on if the fixed terms parliament act is scrapped or remains in place meaning a 5 year government) by which point the Conservatives will have been in place for 19 years.


For the many...

He probably will…for about 5% of the population. The rest of us (and that includes me, and probably you) will struggle with austerity, public service cuts and failing education. Not to mention the environmental issues worsening. Wake up.



If she wins the leadership contest, Labour will be lucky to even have 50 seats at the next election.



Yes, in essence what this comes down to we have suffered our worst defeat since 1935 when going to the electorate with a radical left wing strategy including the largest borrowing in the history of our country in peacetime to fund a series of “giveaways”, supposedly all paid for by the “rich” and then deciding to try it again with a young lady who frankly is even less inspiring than Corbyn. At least Corbyn had the “magic grandpa” thing going for him and he was a canny operator he had to be given all his dodgy connections, Long-Bailey is a parrot spewing the party line without any fire in her. That said, excellent go for Long-Bailey, longest Conservative government in the modern era here we come.



The turkeys would be voting for Christmas with that one. They would need subtitles for her speeches. I cannot understand a word she says. All I hear is stupid Northern.



Brutal. Love it.



If Bailey-Long takes the job, Labour are doooommeeeedddd.

Far more incompetent than Corbyn.



And that’s considering just how toxic and amateur the Magic Grandpa is



Proof that any moron can become a solicitor, with her inability to actually answer an interviewer’s questions. Its no wonder she isn’t in practice anymore.

She gives women in politics and law a bad name.

(19)(2) Time.berlake

For God’s sake enlist a decent history-buff economist with accountancy knowledge who has an understanding that Social Engineers / Political Ideologues destroy nations in the end.

Reason we need to “leave” asap.



Such a beautiful paradox. What a comment!

(2)(0) Time.berlake

Clone interviews herself using only Clark Kent glasses as a disgiuse…




It is hard for someone to be a stupid as they look when they look like that, but she achieves it with lots of room to spare.

(12)(0) Time.berlake

Well I think she’s a flippin genius cos here she is working for Sky News; yet again interviewing herself using the same “not-fooling-anyone-disguise” and calling for a General Election to destroy her own party!



Scep Tick

“has backing from across the Corbynite wing of the party ”

Well, it worked so well before.



I am a solid labour supporter, loved Corbyn, BUT Long-Bailey is bland, uninspiring, parrots out whatever is told to her. There is nothing inspiring, no fire, no passion, and I have zero confidence in her ability to lead. She is a great MP for the people, but absolutely a terrible leader.


No pasaran

Rumours have it Corbyn is hung like a donkey, with a gargantuan, amazingly hairy scrotum to match that of comrades Che and Fidel, peace be upon them.



I’m always suspicious of anyone who doesn’t know how to use capital letters properly.



114 connections. Wow.








I like government for the few not the many. The many are so dull and baldy dressed.


Diane Abbott

If the replacement isn’t Keir Starmer, Yvette Cooper or even Emily Thornberry the party is done



Rocking the double-left shoe look again today are we, Diane?


Kestral Selby-Body

Momentum have utterly hijacked Labour. It’s a doomed party. We shall get Corbyn with a new face, in whatever form it takes.



I would like to see Diane Abbott as next leader.


PE baller

Rebecca Wrong-Daily


Legal Cheek’s First CyberNat #IndyRef2020 #VoteYes2020 #Section30 #ScotlandCantBeImprisoned #UnlockTheCage

Labour are as dead as a dead thing in a cemetery. It doesn’t matter who the leader is. The majority of voters won’t go for loony-left policies.


Law Student from Brighton

Does this mean we can nationalise training contracts ?!?


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