£900 fine for hedge fund lawyer who ‘lost his temper’ and punched opera-goer in row over seat

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Attack occurred at Royal Opera House

London’s Roya Opera House

An opera-loving lawyer has been fined £900 after attacking at top designer during a performance of Wagner at the Royal Opera House in London.

Matthew Feargrieve, 43, an investment funds lawyer, was found guilty of punching Ulrich Engler at least once during a row over an empty seat at the Covent Garden venue on October 7, 2018.

City of London Magistrates’ Court previously heard how Feargrieve “lost his temper” when Engler, whose fashion conscious clients reportedly include the Countess of Wessex and Princess Alexandra, moved from his seat in row B to an empty seat in row A, shortly before the third performance of the Ring Cycle by Wagner started.

Giving evidence last year, the fashion designer said he had asked Feargrieve’s partner, Catherine Chandler, whether he could sit in the vacant seat next to her. When she objected, Engler asked her if she had paid for the seat, to which she responded no. He then picked up her coat and placed it on her lap before sitting in the seat.

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“By then the conductor was up and the music started and I received blows to my left shoulder,” Engler told the court. “I only then turned around and saw Mr Feargrieve standing up an assaulting me. They were a constant flow of blows. They were very hard.”

But Feargrieve, a former partner at London law firm Withers, said it was Engler who had started the row, claiming the fashion designer had thrown his partner’s coat on the floor and pushed her as she bent down to pick it up.

Feargrieve denied assault but was found guilty at City of London Magistrates’ Court last December.

Appearing before Westminster Magistrates’ Court earlier today, the Oxford-educated lawyer was ordered to pay a fine of £900, costs of £775 and £500 in compensation.

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Legal Cheek’s First Cybernat #SNP #ImWithNicola #CheNicola #IndyRef2020 #VoteYes2020 #FreeScotland #ImSoExcited #AndIJustCannieHideIt

Wow. Imagine getting that angry over a theatre seat. Typical city boy lawyer thinking he’s so much better than everyone else.

Dan Tisinferno

Out of interest, where in this or any of the media reports about this incident, does it say the defendant thought he was ‘so much better than everyone else’ ?


Yes, all of them. Please check your facts before posting in future.

Legal Cheek’s First Cybernat #SNP #ImWithNicola #CheNicola #IndyRef2020 #VoteYes2020 #FreeScotland #ImSoExcited #AndIJustCannieHideIt #StopOppressingMe

If you bothered to read the transcript of proceedings, if clearly said that the Defendant confirmed under cross-examination that he believed himself “to be so much better than everyone else”.


where did you get the transcript?


From his ass, that’s why it reeks of shit


Oh Jesus some people are incapable of reading sarcasm

Dan Tisinferno

Where, exactly? You’re making this up.


Christ, are people this literalist? Can you imagine how dull Dan T must be?

CyberNat’s Be Gone!

You aren’t getting another referendum so shut up. Scotland belongs to England and that’s that so just shut up and stop posting ridiculous attention seeking nonsense. You should have resisted harder back int he day shouldn’t you.

Jesus it’s so tiresome it’s all they talk about on BBC/ITV and then I come here and it’s on here too just fuck off no one fucking cares

Juul boi

“shortly before the third performance of the Ring Cycle by Wagner started.”

Not surprised at all. Imagine the prospect of another 8 hours of Wagnerian opera ahead of you, I’d start cracking skulls too.


Lame! I would expect a more fearsome reaction from a person with the surname Feargrieve.


Is that it? Money really does talk. Well thats why you should work hard or smarter kids.


The starting point on the Magistrates Guidelines for a common assault with no injury and no use of a weapon is a fine and the sentence was a fine.


Let’s hope the “right to be forgotten” disappears with Brexit such that forever people will know what a pompous twat this chap is.

A non-knee mousse

”blows to my left shoulder”. Only a scrawny middle aged lawyer would punch somebody in the shoulder lmao.


Bet the “fight” was tragically funny to watch. Nerd fights at school were sometimes the most entertaining.

Fly on wall

Such a middle class episode.

We shall await the story about how this chap has been suspended from practice for 12 months

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