Dry January: Put down the pint and pick up the paintball gun, junior lawyers told

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JLD issues fresh alcohol guidance as it bans booze from events

The Law Society’s Junior Lawyers Division (JLD) has issued fresh guidance on creating a healthy alcohol culture in the legal profession, featuring a range of booze-free networking alternatives including paintballing, hat making and mini-golf.

The JLD stresses that its intention is not to stop lawyers from drinking alcohol altogether, but rather promote a healthier, more “inclusive approach” to work-related activities.

While accepting that changing drinking habits and the responsibility for not getting drunk is left to the individual, the group says there is a “collective responsibility” to change drinking habits.

With this in mind, and to coincide with ‘Dry January’, the JLD confirmed it will not be serving alcohol at any of its events during January 2020.

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As part of the guidance, the JLD — which represents approximately 70,000 law students, trainees and solicitors with up to five years’ post-qualification experience (PQE) — recommends replacing boozy event titles such as ‘drinks’ and ‘champagne reception’ with ‘socialising’ and ‘networking’. This, the group says, will help “divert the initial perception, if not expectation, away from alcohol consumption”.

Elsewhere, the JLD recommends that firms provide a healthy selection of non-alcoholic drinks at events, “not just a warm jug of orange juice”, and swap boozy prizes and gifts for restaurant vouchers, activity days and hampers.

The group also supplies a long list of alternatives to the usual wine and canapés, including paint-balling, hat making, mini-golf, laser tag, cheese tasting, sculpting, historical walks, rounders and windsurfing.

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Diane Abbott

The alcoholics should just check into rehab and let the rest of us have fun


Come on

People who have a real problem with alcohol at events need to grow up.

If someone is being pressured to drink alcohol, then that is not OK in any circumstances.

If no one is being pressured, then there is no problem. Most of our drinks events at the office have people attending who aren’t drinking. No one is a dick about it. No problem.

For god’s sake, it’s bad enough that the planet is burning and Trump is trying to start WW3. Get some perspective people.



Sorry but if somebody isn’t drinking then I’m suspicious. It usually isn’t for a good reason.
It could be that they are an alcoholic trying to give up, which is a disaster waiting to happen. Perhaps just a complete inability to drink without embarrassing themselves – again, is that somebody you want to rely on? It could also be a sign that they are expecting – which isn’t exactly a great show of dedication.

Let’s just face the facts – if somebody is having a beer or a wine with you then you know they are more likely to have your back so you in turn are more likely to have theirs.




This has to be the dumbest thing I have read all day. There are more reasons than the whole two you listed for why someone doesn’t drink.


A non-knee mousse

Richard. Stop with the nonsense. I know you posted this.



Or like me, they are diabetic. I don’t drink as wine is full of sugar and beer is full of carbohydrates (which metabolise to sugar). It doesn’t bother me at all that other people drink at work events. I don’t as its very bad for me!


Diabetic also

It is difficult to manage, but it shouldn’t stop you. You just need to pair it with some well thought out doses and well timed out hits of Novorapid and you’ll be okay.


Legal Genius

Stfu. If you’re a top commercial lawyer who’s smashing deals and working 90-hour work weeks, you’ll need a stiff drink at the end. No one’s in a position to tell me what I can or can’t do. F off!


Big hitter

Why would you “need” a stiff drink? You clearly have issues. Go to the gym, see friends or have a drink in a social environment because it’s good to chit chat but anyone who thinks they “need” alcohol fundamentally misunderstands alcohol. Alcoholic drinks should be provided and people can chose if they wish to have one or not. This is ridiculous. Everyone is an adult. It’s just like if you have a meal or catering at work there are usually meat and vegetarian options available and people can choose as they wish. That’s all. Thanks



2 minutes with someone this sanctimonious and dull and I would need more than just one drink.



You can take my wine, but you can never take my freedom!


Kirkland NQ

What a load of nonsense, how am I supposed to pour champagne over my model girlfriend after smashing a PE deal?


What’s the Russell Group?

This better not start happening just as I’m about to leave uni😖



No one’s stopping you from getting drunk and embarrassing yourself. Flasks are still made. BYOB.



Fine then. We can just go back to preemptively drinking at our desks. I keep a collection of brown liquids in my office filing cabinet to assist with preparing for last-minute client dinners anyways.

Bring back smoking indoors and acceptable promiscuity with the PA’s and we’ll be back in the good ol’ Mad Men days. Thanks, JLD!


DWF are the best firm ever

The crux of the matter is that people following a strictly religious lifestyle are deeply offended/ find it hard to resist the mountain of beer around them, especially during work drinks.

So as not to cause offence, beer has been banned.



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