Grade II listed building in heart of legal London to get new lease of life… as a Wetherspoons

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Cheap booze for bazzas 🍻

The building at 222 Strand

A grade II listed building in the heart of legal London is set to be transformed into an enormous Wetherspoons.

The building at 222 Strand originally served as a restaurant for lawyers working in the nearby Royal Courts of Justice, until its closure in 1886. It was subsequently snapped up by banking giant Lloyds, who turned it into what was described as the “the most beautiful bank in London”, on account of the building’s stunning ornate interiors. The branch closed in 2017.

The 2020 Legal Cheek Chambers Most List

It has now been reported the property will once again serve food and drink, albeit at a more competitive price, after council bigwigs approved plans to convert the ground floor and mezzanine of the building into a 27,000 sqft Wetherspoons.

The upper floors of the building will continue to be used by Outer Temple Chambers, whose barristers will soon be able to pop downstairs and purchase a burger and drink for as little as £6.90.

In 2014 Legal Cheek reported that the Law Society’s in-house Chancery Lane boozer was flogging pints of Stella for £2.85 — an impressive 90p cheaper than the Knights Templar pub (also owned by Wetherspoons) over the road.

But what should the new ‘Spoons be called? Be sure to put your suggestions in the comments…

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How horrible. A place for those glad to be getting their country back after a day photocopying. I suppose it herds them all into one place.


Getting Wiggy With It

Very suspicious voting rates on this comment, give the speed of one sided comments. PR bots at work no doubt. Organised by horrible people working for horrible people.


Personally, I’d consider my life finished if I were willing to get bots to boost my LC comment ratings

Getting Wiggy With It

True, vut the comment was at the suspicious 22 down votes that appeared on the first comment, which might have been commercial bots linked to this sort of PR tosh. I’ve seen that before. In fact, I think the voting buttons are a bit buddy this morning, which would be a more dull and likely explanation.


On my phone I can up or down vote a comment on here repeatedly. Never understood why.


What a twat


I studied hard so I could avoid the sort of pubs where punters care what the price of a pint is. And the more expensive the drinks, the better looking the women.


Its doesn’t matter how much you earn, a cheap pint is a welcome pint in London. That “cheap” being about £4.


Cheap drink means cheap people. Much less fun.


I don’t envy Wetherspoons’ customers at all. I’d rather spend my Friday nights and weekend with my children, husband and dogs.

P. Parker

I’d rather spend Friday night at the dentist getting a root canal than ever spend it in a Wetherspoons. Shudder at the thought.


Wetherspoons in London perfectly sums up the modern UK society – mediocrity (or less) occupying the space of a once prestigious institution.

I Have A Hangover

We are now a mediocracy. The elite are to be marginalised. Intelligence, education and culture have been sidelined as values. Experts, what do they know? We should stop having elections, and just have an online poll conducted from Weatherspoons across the land.


The Spoon

Spoon hater

Worst pubs in existence with no redeeming features

What about being able to order food & drinks online from you table/ while you are walking to the pub?

Also at least on several occasions found myself on day trips to small English towns under horrible rain and with zero food options around at 5pm (because local old school pubs serve food 1-3 pm and 7 to 10pm or smth like it). Thankfully there was always a Wetherspoons around, where I could have hot tea with some steak next to a (gas fired) fireplace any time. This really shows why they are so successful in comparison to old school pubs.


Why would one want to eat at least two hours before dinner? That seems uncivilised.

Because all the museums / parks close at 5pm, it becomes dark and the train to London leaves at 6.00-6.30pm and arrives at 8.00-9.00pm? In small English towns Wetherspoons are the only place for day-trip tourists to grab some food.


Who the hell wants to be a “tourist” to these backwater towns??

You don’t travel to America to spend a day viewing the trailer parks of Wisconsin or Arizona.

Any place worth visiting in the UK has a few decent restaurants and nice old-timey pubs. The rest is just posh-but-boring commuter villages and council estate sprawl.

I am a foreigner and I love visiting these small forgotten gems of England (and Wales, which is even better than England). There are so many incredible small towns and villages all over the country. I am always shocked by how much people in their “London bubble” hate their own country without ever attempting to see it.


I feel sorry for members of OTC. Very uncivilised indeed.

Legal Cheek's First CyberNat #SNP #IndyRef2020 #VoteYes2020 #LetsGetCampaigning #ImWithNicola #FreeScotland

How horrid. Wetherspoons is horrid.

They are pro-Brexit/anti independence and no one who isn’t a fat red faced man should give them their custom.

Gammon central.

We took your freedom, Mcleod

News-flash, sister – Scotland is never leaving, nor would they vote to leave.

Scottish Nasty Party ya big Nancy.

Legal Cheek’s First CyberNat #SNP #IndyRef2020 #VoteYes2020 #ImWithNicola #NewScotsNotImmigrants #NoToRacism #NoToFacism #TransrightsAreHumanRights #StopTheTories #AreYouYesYet?

Nicola says. Nicola delivers.

All of the naysayer right wing extremists like you will be shocked to bits when IndyRef2 comes back with a victory for Yes.

We don’t want to be shackled to your right wing political agenda. Scotland loves refugees, immigrants, LGBT, disability rights, everything great and good in the world; you just like insulting people and keeping Scotland in a cage. We won’t let it happen and we won’t let evil prevail; not a day longer!

Well the key to the cage is coming out! And it’s coming out fast and furious in the form of a Claim to Court!! Just you wait – Scotland’s freedom will be won by progressive people.

Scotland will join the EU and will be free from Westminster oppression. How dare you keep us shackled.


Haud your wheesht, Sassenach.

Legal Cheek’s First CyberNat #SNP #IndyRef2020 #VoteYes2020 #ImWithNicola #NewScotsNotImmigrants #NoToRacism #NoToFacism #TransrightsAreHumanRights #StopTheTories #AreYouYesYet?

Blatant oppression of Scotland ^^^

IndyRef2020 is coming.

Nicola is here to kick ass and chew bubblegum.

And she is all out of bubblegum.

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