Baker McKenzie closes London office as ‘precautionary measure’ to combat potential coronavirus case

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Staff told to work from home

Baker McKenzie closed its London office this afternoon in response to a “potential case” of the coronavirus.

In a statement this evening, a spokesperson for the firm told Legal Cheek: “Our priority is the health and wellbeing of our people and our clients and we have asked our London office employees to work from home for the time being while we are taking precautionary measures in response to a potential case of the COVID-19.”

Details remain thin on the ground, however RollOnFriday reports that “a person recently returned from northern Italy and is now unwell”.

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Confirmed coronavirus cases in Italy have jumped to 400 cases, a rise of 80 from Tuesday night. It has so far killed 12 people in Italy and over 2,800 globally.

Bakers’ statement continued:

“We have a well-established agile working programme — including sophisticated technology and IT systems for home working — which allows us to take these precautionary measures without impacting our client service delivery.”

The global firm said it continues to closely monitor the situation and is following the advice and guidance issued by the Government and Public Health England.

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The end is nigh


Bakers trainee

I’ll be there 9am sharp


A&O Trainee

good luck



Maybe I didn’t get such a shit training contract after all



You lot really are shameless. Approx. 1hr 20 minutes after Roll On Friday broke the story. Are you even journalists if all you do is the read the news like everyone else and repost it on your own page? That’s what Twitter is for.



So are you saying they shouldn’t report it?



No, pay attention. I’m saying this is not reporting, it’s regurgitation/plagiarism. They read this on ROF and printed it an hour later under their own name. The fact that they sheepishly link to the ROF article cannot mask the utter lack of journalistic integrity. If they wanted to let everybody know about about another news outlet’s exclusive, they should have retweted.



If your remark is predicated on the wider criticism of Legal Cheek ‘borrowing’ from RoF on the regular, fine. But generally when an urgent story comes out, often one outlet breaks, the others follow. Would be remiss for an ‘essential’ publication to avoid reporting on a story simply because they weren’t first.



It feels slightly harsh on LC, given other legal sites have covered this and not even credited RoF


Who hurt you boo 🙁


I completely agree with Antiplagiarist. I informed RoF (largely because I was totally unimpressed with Bakers’ initial email – at least tell us which floor (even though we all now know who)) because they do not require me to submit an email address, fake or otherwise. It was not because only one news source should carry the story.



Even broadsheet newspapers do this. Keep an eye out when, for example, The Times or Telegraph break an exclusive. You will usually see it replicated in the other paper shortly thereafter, with only a brief acknowledgement towards the end of the story as to who originally reported it.

If you don’t like it, don’t read Legal Cheek!


Karen Peters

Your comment implies that the Telegraph is in some way a high-class outlet.
It hasn’t been for a long time.
It is now an exaggeration to define it as a newspaper at all.

It is a rag with a those of a more pretentious view of themselves who don’t want be classed as within the Daily Heil brigade.

But the Torygraph remains just that. Only worse. It is a propaganda sheet for BoJo and his Brexit crusade. Any semblance of journalism is lost within it.

Only fit for toilet paper if your backside has lost all its nerve endings.



Have you been living under a rock for your whole life? You should know that this is what all media outlets do: one of them reports a story, another one picks it up, et cetera. Why are you holding Legal Cheek to a higher standard?


^hi alex

You’ve just made that up. Proper media outlets – even v small ones – rely on their own reporters, sources and investigative work. Journalism is by no means the noblest profession, but it is more than simply waiting to see what others will write and rehashing it as your own.

Legalcheek must literally have the cursor hovering over the ROF homepage, refreshing it every hour of every day, to be nicking stories so quickly and brazenly. Saying as much is not ‘holding legalcheek to a higher standard’, it’s just observing a lack of standards.


Manhattan Daily Chronicle

This. I was f*cking appalled when everyone, I mean the entire f*cking world, shamelessly stole my 9/11 exclusive. Get your own stories!



A stupid analogy which shows you’ve missed the point.

1) 9/11 was not an exclusive; everyone was aware of it immediately it happened.

2) the world’s media all sent their own reporters to cover the story.


^hello there, Alex

This is, sadly, no longer true in most cases. Even most major news outlets are overwhelmingly dependent on the PA and Reuters to feed them initial stories.


Alan Robertshaw

Well, from my night lawyering days (or, by definition, nights) I remember this one.

Springfield v Thame ((1903) 89 LT 242)

“there is no copyright in news itself, although there is copyright in the form in which it is conveyed”.

So always mix the words up a bit.



Or as the Daily Mail would put it:

“Lawyers fury at website repackaging new story from other website.”

Add in a reference to the website being run by someone who was not English and the Brexiteers would rant on it all day generating many many clicks.



“We have a well-established agile working programme — including sophisticated technology and IT systems for home working…” = Everyone has a laptop.


The real Greta

They are another bunny-bunny, blood sucking soulless corporate law firm with loads of ‘prestige’ trying to virtue-signal their way to more money. This is a place where you have no time to have any real non-work life, where they suck you dry (and not in a good way) and leave you all burnt out, spiritually unfulfilled and just another desperate and semi-demented slave of the Mirage! Get out while you still can! The ship is sinking!

By the way, stop eating meat and stop flying now!



I’m sorry you failed at your career.


The Real Unreal

Incorrect, b*ch!


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