Covington & Burling London lawyer allegedly blasts BA over ‘s***’ first-class flight

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Antonio Michaelides reportedly claimed staff took over five hours to fit baby seat

A high-flying City lawyer allegedly claimed his £15,000 first-class jolly to Dubai was ruined when British Airways (BA) cabin staff supposedly took over five hours to fit a baby seat for his daughter.

Antonio Michaelides, an associate in the London office of US outfit Covington & Burling, is said to have been left less than impressed when his five-month-old daughter couldn’t sleep for most of the seven-hour journey from London to Dubai because of what he reportedly described as a “complete s*** show” from cabin crew, according to the Mirror newspaper.

The 35-year-old lawyer, who was travelling first-class with his family on what has been described as “a trip that combined work with a family holiday”, allegedly claimed BA staff took an hour to locate and install a special table for the seat, and a further 30 minutes to find the seat itself.

The employment law specialist is also said to have claimed that BA staff took another four hours to fit the table and seat together, all while his daughter was forced to sit upright and miss out on vital sleep, the report adds.

Michaelides reportedly posted on social media: “On a recent flight with @British_Airways, it took their cabin crew over 90 minutes to reach the point in the first photo and almost four hours to (insecurely) fit an infant seat (which is unsafe for babies under six months) as per the other photos.”

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He is quoted by the newspaper as saying: “The point is quite simply that the cabin crew had no idea where the infant seat was and therefore took an unreasonable amount of time to find it. But 4.5 hours into the flight we were still not able to keep our daughter in the infant seat. That is what was a health and safety risk.”

“We would have been better flying economy”, he reportedly added. “The whole thing was a complete s*** show.”

But the Mirror goes on to claim that sources at BA “strongly deny” the incident was a health and safety risk. They’ve also reportedly challenged the lawyer’s alleged claim that it took over five hours to source and assemble the baby seat.

A spokesperson for BA told Legal Cheek:

“Safety of our customers — however small — is at the heart of all we do. That’s why we offer both seats and cots which are suitable for use from birth, and they are extensively tested by the manufacturer and aviation authorities before we use them on board. Our crew are trained in the safe fitting of these seats across of all of our cabins, and we board families with infants early as we know parents value the extra time to settle in.”

Michaelides didn’t respond to Legal Cheek‘s requests for comment. Covington & Burling declined to comment.


Ron Swanson

Surely he should have taken his back-up birch and crafted a seat out of that?


Kirkland NQ

Lol, what a loser. Even our PAs don’t fly commercial.


The truth hurts

9:41am comment whilst working at Kirkland? Sure chump.

Not that I don’t appreciate the bants.


Kirkland NQ

Clearly you’ve never worked with a legal powerhouse demi-god capable of smashing a PE deal with one half of his brain whilst using the other to engage in a range of other activities, whether that be reading Crime and Punishment in the original Russian, devising a means to end world hunger, mastering Krav Maga or simply commenting on LC.


Flex Biller

5/10 for creativity, 2/10 for bantz value.

Try harder bro, we’re relying on you now that Trumpenkrieg is locked up in a mental institution.



HMRC should review the tax impact of the flight not being wholly and exclusively for business purposes.

There is nothing worse in first class than lower order staff filling it with their family on business funded jaunts.



Anyone who feels the need to fly First Class with BA on a relatively short flight like LHR-DXB needs to get their head examined.


Top boy

Go Emirates or go home.



Quite. What a tool.


Boy Top

Dubai. Yuck, classless place for classless people.


Lives of Brian

Bog standard employment law hours drone trying to play to world he is a city finance lawyer.



He must take home a decent whack though since Cov starts on £120k NQ



Plumbers who work lawyers’ hours take home £120k. Doesn’t make them good plumbers.



If he had any talent, he’d be at the Bar.



Getting the next round in?


Legal Officer with a 2:ii

Oh dear Antonio. If you bothered to charter a plane like your clients do you would have avoided all this.

I take it he’s seeking a full refund…?


AV Geek

LC could have picked a more appropriate picture, BA don’t operate the 747 on that route


Legal Officer with a 2:ii

Sod off, loser geek. No one gives a toss.


And He Married The Fattest Woman In The Room

Get back to your pokey Holborn office and daydream about the holidays those students who have pupillage will enjoy


AV Geek secret admirer

Suck on my Rolls-Royce Trent high-bypass turbofan you flog.


Legal Officer with a 2:ii

I’ve no idea what you’re on about, but I’m not gay, OK?




Legal Officer with a 2:ii

Are you implying I’m one of “them”?!?

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