Wannabe Keir Starmers can live in his old student house in Leeds with two other law students

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Recreate likely Labour leader-to-be’s university life

Labour leadership contender Keir Starmer on the street he lived on as a law student

Politically-minded law students will be pleased to know you can now live in the ex-student digs of likely Labour leader-to-be Keir Starmer.

In a short campaign vid posted on Facebook last week, Starmer, a Leeds University law grad, revisited Hyde Park, Leeds, where he lived as a student for three years. “It was a fantastic period of my life and I’ve always been really really fond of Leeds and Leeds Law School ever since,” he tells viewers.

Also featuring in the minute-long clip is the street — 22 Chestnut Avenue — in which the former law student lived. And it appears there’s a room going in that very house.

Speaking to The Tab, a former tenant, Elizabeth Shanks, whose two housemates currently reside in the property and are all coincidentally law students, said “it was a bit surreal to discover he’d lived in our house! We didn’t know ’til we saw the video.”

Shanks has reportedly moved out meaning her room in Starmer’s old gaff is up for grabs. A listing she posted to Facebook shows the house has a total of six bedrooms, with her room priced at £80-£106 per week. It’s a short walk to Leeds Uni and there’s also a Sainsbury’s nearby, she writes. It’s available until June this year so Starmer superfans should probably get in there quick!

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Starmer graduated with a first class law degree from Leeds Uni in 1985 and obtained a Bachelor of Civil Laws (BCL) from Oxford University the following year. In the clip he explains that during the second year of his undergraduate degree he studied international human rights law which set him up for the bar and to then specialise in the field as a barrister at famed human rights set Doughty Street Chambers.

Rumoured to be the real life inspiration for Mark Darcy of Bridget Jones’ Diary fame, Starmer was appointed QC in 2002, the same year he became joint head of Doughty Street.

In 2008 he switched sides and became head of the Crown Prosecution Service and Director of Public Prosecutions. He left office in 2013 and was elected as the Labour MP for Holborn and St Pancras in the 2015 general election. He is presently the shadow Brexit secretary for Labour and a frontrunner in the party’s leadership contest to succeed Jeremy Corbyn. Voting begins on Friday.

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Don’t write-off RLB yet. She is a different league to our Blairite friend Sir Keir, whose lack of support from the trans community may prove to be a grave error. RLB also understands working people in a way this man does not.


Genuinely can’t tell if this is a satirical comment or whether you’re this far removed from reality. Such is today’s politics…


The trans community is extremely large and influential, up to 60% of labour members are trans

Legal Cheek’s First CyberNat #SNP #IndyRef2020 #VoteYes2020 #EU #CND #TransAlly

That is so true, Rebecca is way better, Lisa is evil and Keir is boring


Let us agree that all of them are evil and be done with this argument?

Keir Fan Girl

Keir helped that troubled couple whip Mcdonalds, for free, Salt of the earth; man of the people.

Keirleader (Keir fan girl no.2)

And Steel & Morris v UK

Keir ❤️


RLB, the enemy of biological women who refuse to submit to the ridiculous and oppressive notion of gender.

Legal Cheek’s First CyberNat #SNP #IndyRef2020 #ImWithNicola #VoteYes #VoteRejoinEU #TWAW #TMAM #TransAlly #CND #ScotlandDecides

He is way better than that evil Lisa Nandy. She says she is goanne bash peoples faces in for wanting to vote for independence, she said she wants to model Spain’s approach in Catalonia she is evil.

Dont vote for democracy deniers, she wants to shut down Scottish Parliament and lock up Nicola Sturgeon and Ian Blackford/throw away the key. Rebecca should be the winner. Lisa is no popular in Scotland, and she needs to wheesht about blocking IndyReg

RLB fan

Rebecca was a brilliant lawyer. Corporate, big £££. Keir wasn’t in the same league.

Kirkland NQ

Was she in Kirkland? Maybe I should consider joining the Labour party as well. Red stickers would look well on my red lambo.


Tragically, compared to the average Labour voter she is brilliant.


Yeah, better than the QC of the year.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha sorry can’t breathe


RLB, in between all her lies, indicated she saw a place for Corbyn in her cabinet. Says it all.


I think people should aspire to be more like Maggie T than Kier Starmer.


You mean nasty and selfish instead of caring about other people?


Keir Starmer is an anagram of Mr Streakier

go on then


You thought this was newsworthy?


McDonald’s Corporation v Steel & Morris [1997] EWHC QB 366

Keir starmer will be the next PM of the UK.

RLB isn’t fit to shine his vegetarian leather boots.


Except that he didn’t sign the pledge and has no charisma or leadership qualities. RLB is the only candidate with the progressive values to unite the country and bring real change.


Yes that worked well for Corbyn. RLB is Corbyn-continuity.


Unite the country… in revulsion against her maybe?


You keep thinking this website can’t get any more desperate and pathetic, and yet


Wannabe lawyers should have nothing to do with the Labour Party


Rumoured to be the role model for Mark D’Arcy in Bridget Jones……

Is this purloined from a Grauniad article?


Did Fielding and Starmer ever actually meet?

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