BPP gives students option to sit LPC exam or delay

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Law school’s approach follows advice from Public Health England

BPP University Law School has given students enrolled on its Legal Practice Course (LPC) the option to go ahead and sit an assessment scheduled for tomorrow if they wish to do so.

A spokesperson for the law school told Legal Cheek that any student who feels unwell, anxious or concerned about sitting the exam at London’s ExCeL centre amid the coronavirus pandemic, may “choose not to sit the examination at this time but at a time to be fixed in the future”.

They continued:

“Any student who chooses not to sit will automatically be enrolled on to the next available sit. The welfare of our students is our priority and we continue to review and implement advice from Public Health England on a daily basis.”

Mindful of individual concerns, the ExCeL centre has put in place additional sanitisers throughout the venue and has focused its cleaning on high touch areas such as door handles, handrails and vending machines. The law school itself will also be providing additional hand sanitisers and ensuring desks are placed further apart.

The 2019 Legal Cheek LPC Most List

Teaching and examinations will continue to be delivered as planned, BPP says, however a number of special measures may be implemented over the next couple of weeks in response to fresh government guidance.

These changes could include: where appropriate, a move to more delivery live online; amendments to university processes (e.g. deferrals and mitigating circumstances) to make them simpler when a student has to miss an assessment; scheduling additional opportunities to sit examinations; and work with regulators to explore opportunities to relax some of their rules around examinations.

Legal Cheek reported earlier today that The University of Law had temporarily suspended face-to-face lectures and postponed some exams from 23 March, in the interests of the health, wellbeing and safety of its staff and students.

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Shame on BPP

BPP is making us decide what we value more: our TCs or our granny’s life. Imagine being that awful.



No they’re not. Grow up.



No they’re not as there are no consequences by not turning up. Just make a decision like an adult.


disillusioned BPPer

There clearly are consequences when students have TC start dates in September and BPP have yet to confirm when the resits will take place. I know many who are being coerced into taking the exams!



No certainty at all has been given about TC start dates. All we have been told is that re-sits will be in August which is not good enough. Some people have plans or start in August. 0 communication at all.



Did your granny vote Leave?


Dr Evil

I think that the idea to hold EU law exam during pandemic and in the year Britain leaves the EU is just genius. Go ahead BPP.


Angry anon

BPP is only following the government’s advice because it financially benefits them. They don’t care about their students. Still no update on electives with timetables changing every 5 minutes. Great service!



Completely irresponsible of bpp anyone with a TC with corona symptoms is sitting that exam tomorrow because no one is going to run the risk of not starting their training contract in September on a ‘maybe’ you’ve got corona. But of course BPP only think of their pockets and the money they’ve spent already. Just another item to add to the long list of things BPP do wrong.



This is shocking and irresponsible. Forcing student’s to make an impossible choice


Angry BPP student

BPP have still failed to confirm resit dates won’t affect TC start dates. We all have friends who have lost TCs on the basis that a resit would affect start date. This is serious and irresponsible by BPP.

And so – what do BPP do? Brief Legal Cheek at 1PM on Monday when their last communication with students was 3PM Friday. This is despite hundreds of emails and phone calls from students, including petitions with 500+ signatures, going unanswered.

BPP is a joke of a university. This is just the icing on the cake.


Angry BPP Student

Also just to add – BPP not answering *ANY* emails, and WE HAVE TO PAY TO CALL THEM (084 number). Situation at this travesty of a university is beyond a joke.


Complicity is negligence

BPPs complicity in the government’s negligence is deafening. BPP will live to regret this.


“Unequal bargaining powers”

“I rather get corona that lose my tc” – overheard at BPP



Top bantz bruh, luv it


The situation is made worse by the utter lack of communication; not a single email has been sent out regarding the virus or the exams. They are simply posting irregular and incomplete updates on the online interface.

BPP are also placing the blame for their lack of measures taken in relation to the assessments on the SRA; they have stated that it’s the SRA who are refusing any alternative assessment methods. Utter nonsense. Why would the SRA permit unis to run take-home exams for the LLB (e.g. LSE, KCL and UCL) but not for the LPC? BPP’s motivation here is purely monetary; they don’t want to lose the exam hall booking fee or pay lecturers to record extra online sessions.

For an “institution” that charges just under £17K for the LPC, you would expect better service. Fingers crossed firms will drop them as their designated provider next year.



“They are simply posting irregular and incomplete updates on the online interface.”

Furthermore, information given individually via email is not being repeated on the official VLE. This is increasing the very serious confusion students feel — both because they are getting different, “unofficial” information and because we cannot even trust the veracity of BPP’s email communication.


absolute joke

If you think I won’t be having a serious conversation with my firm about how they dealt with this and when l disclosed mental health issues once l start, you are wrong. Absolute joke of an “institution“ because the term “university” doesn’t fit


Last I heard, universities owe a duty of care to their students. This includes protecting student mental health.

BPP’s incompetent communication is raising our stress levels in a time of global crisis; some of us have family members in the areas on lockdown.

Even if we attend the assessments tomorrow, BPP is negatively impacting our ability to revise calmly.


Ken Reed

Do you understand that the LLB isn’t regulated by the SRA, but by the awarding university itself? That’s why universities can offer alternative assessments for the LLB.

The LPC, however, is regulated by the SRA, and they make it a requirement that exams are all supervised. No provider can offer take home assessments for the LPC whatsoever.

There’s a lot to criticise BPP for based on their way of dealing with this, but this isn’t it. The SRA make the rules.

For someone who wants to become a solicitor, you aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.



Wasn’t the Wills & Administration exam take-home?


“Do you understand that the LLB isn’t regulated by the SRA, but by the awarding university itself?”

Nonsense. The SRA sets the requirements for qualifying law degrees. They are set out here.

“The LPC, however, is regulated by the SRA, and they make it a requirement that exams are all supervised. No provider can offer take home assessments for the LPC whatsoever“

Wills & administration of estates, legal writing and legal research are all unsupervised take-home assessments.

“For someone who wants to become a solicitor, you aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.“



Ken Reed

Again, the SRA the determines which modules are assessed in which ways. Certain modules, such as the CPAs have to be assessed as supervised (i.e. invigilated assessments). Not all modules are assessed in the same way – so while some may have take home assessments, some have to use invigilated asssessments.

In terms of the LLB, while the SRA sets out some basic, broad guidelines, they don’t regulate the minute details of the LLB, as they do the LPC. The academic handbook (which you provided a handy link to) even says “There is no prescribed assessment method for assessing QLDs”. In simple terms, this means that providers can basically decide the assess the LLB in which ever way they deem fit, as long as students come out with a suitable degree.


Ken is BPP

Contradicting yourself here Ken.

“No provider can offer take home assessments for the LPC whatsoever.”


SRA Guidance…

A core practice assessment must take the form of an examination or some other form of supervised assessment. Assessments that cover skills outcomes alone need not be supervised. However, assessments that combine skills and either a core practice area or Professional Conduct and Regulation must be supervised.

So.. yea…


Ken Reed

And note the use of the word “exams” in my original comment – meaning unseen papers which are sat in exam conditions and are invigilated. The SRA say that these exams can not be assessed in an alternative format – they have to be supervised.


Nurse Schwartz

The patient is to apply ointment to the burn.


Correction re: SRA

Uni of Law (another LPC provider) has postponed all assessments for a month and cancelled all face-to-face teaching, so clearly the SRA has not tied BPP’s hands on this point.



Currently doing the accelerated LPC at BPP – they have been utterly useless!!! No info, just telling us to ‘keep looking at the VLE for updates’ -utterly useless.



Comments such as ‘id rather get Coronavirus than defer my tc start date’ just shows the mindset that BPP are responsible for breeding. Yet BPP are so sure that an examination with 1000 students ( including those who are willing to risk a virus) is safe?

I recognise that the government have not placed a ban on mass events – but other universities such as UoL have cared enough about their students to ignore such advice. Clearly BPP do not care enough about its students health.

We haven’t heard from BPP since Friday afternoon. Other Universities have been in contact with their students throughout the weekend but BPP clearly can’t be bothered. Even the day before an exam – you’d think students would get an email? Reassurance? An update ?
Nope. Nothing.

We haven’t even received an email about wether our classes are to be online. BPP are one step behind ( in fact , that’s an over statement) of every other University so I truly do not recommend it.



“A spokesperson for the law school told Legal Cheek that any student who feels unwell, anxious or concerned about sitting the exam at London’s ExCeL centre amid the coronavirus pandemic, can “choose not to sit the examination at this time but at a time to be fixed in the future””

No where – and I mean no where – have BPP said in official communications to students that feeling anxious or concerned was a legitimate reason not to attend the exams.


Holborn LPC Part Time

The guidance from BPP has been, quite frankly, abysmal. The fact that competing universities and the University of Law have moved quickly to ensure that social distancing measures are implemented to keep their students safe, and BPP have done nothing, speaks volumes.

The first guidance that they will ‘place desks as far apart as possible’ is ridiculous. We will be travelling there via public transport and will also be on the venue from 10am-5pm. We will be in close quarters and there is only so far you can place the desks in a 400 capacity venue.

The second guidance that you should only attend if you feel comfortable is a joke. If BPP wanted to make sure that students felt secure enough to make the choice not to come in, they should have announced that they will ensure people due to finish their LPC by September this year will not be affected by this. Their failure to act on this risks people that are asymptomatic but very infectious coming in to the exam area and infecting hundreds of people.


Bewildered bpper

They didn’t even say in the update that if you have returned from a high risk country self isolate. Just if you feel symptoms self isolate. And those with tcs are basically forced to go. Unbelievable.


Disappointed but not surprised

No response to multiple emails sent on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to several BPP email addresses. Number given to speak to someone about this situation is a 0845 number which CHARGES STUDENTS to call, and even then the same thing is said: ‘Check the VLE for updates’.

Last update was on Friday at 3pm. Phone lines shut, and emails absent ALL WEEKEND despite being told they wouldn’t be shut by someone on the phone. Lack of communication is distracting for students trying to revise, worrying for people with early TC start dates, and frustrating for everyone else.

No response to a petition signed by 245 LPC students and another signed by ~300 students. Seems to be a lack of communication even within BPP itself. Disjointed and piecemeal info given to individual students who email in.

Seems that more communication has occurred between BPP and Legal Cheek than BPP and BPP students.



It is not even in the public domain that there was a COVID-19 infected student a week ago in class at BPP Waterloo. It was dragged out of BPP to release it to non-faculty staff and students – days later. No closure, no prompt information of what occurred. No clear email to ever release it. Who is running this place?


BPP = bullshit, pathetic and poor service

This whole situation has made me realise the BIG mistake I made by choosing BPP over other universities!!!

There has been a constant lack of communication with the students, not only with the corona virus situation but throughout the academic year. This is shocking, how BPP has the time to communicate with legal cheek, but not with its OWN STUDENTS!!!

There is no initiative taken by the university to provide alternative methods to do the exams, apart from risk your life and take the exam or not take the exam and risk future job opportunities. BPP IS A JOKE!!


LC please correct your article

Students are not given any option because we have no information as to what would happen if we do decide not to sit the exam.
The only option therefore is for everyone to sit the exam, whether ill or not.
It’s 3pm the day before the exam, BPP has not released any official information since Friday and is not responding to students.


Kirkland NQ (recently uptraded to a new Lambo)

Just you wait until you try and bag a TC kids, there’s a global recession of apocalyptic proportions just around the corner..

sux 2 b u loooooooooooool


Waterloo Student

I was horrified to find out that classes will go on as scheduled the day right after we were informed that there was a case on campus! International students have to choose between risking the virus or meeting their attendance requirements!

And honestly, I don’t know about everyone else but we only managed to know about the case because a fellow classmate shared it with us. I feel like there wasn’t any proper formal communication done except for “updates on the VLE”.


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