Chambers invites pupillage applicants to interview by mistake

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Exclusive: Changes to Gateway system ‘contributed to errors’, says Temple Garden

A London chambers has been forced to rescind a number of interview offers after some pupillage applicants received invites in error.

Civil and public law set Temple Garden Chambers informed a number of would-be barristers by email this week that they’d been successfully selected for a first-round interview, only to retract them a short while later citing an “unforeseen error”.

One unlucky candidate told Legal Cheek that “current crisis aside, this is not a great example to set for potential pupils”, while another explained how they received the follow-up email after they had informed family and friends of the good news.

In a statement, Temple Garden Chambers said: “We are aware that an administrative failure in the processing of Pupillage Gateway applications led to a small number of candidates being sent invitations for pupillage interview in error. The error was identified and dealt with promptly. Candidates who received invitations in error were notified with an apology within a very short period of time.”

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It continued:

“Unfortunately, the operation of the Gateway system has changed this year, and from an administrative point of view the process of selecting and deselecting candidates for interview is unnecessarily complicated, which contributed to the errors in this case.”

The set added that it intends to feed this information back to the Bar Council in its annual review of the system, in the hope that such errors can be avoided in the future.

This isn’t the first time a chambers has invited — then promptly disinvited — candidates to interview.

Last year 2 Bedford Row revoked a number of interview offers after some wannabe barristers received the good news by mistake. This followed 5 Essex Court who, in 2016, informed a group of applicants they’d successfully secured interview spots, only to cancel them hours later citing a technical “glitch”.

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It seems unnecessarily common that those at the Bar are unjustifiably bad at recruitment tech. Time to get with the times, chaps, it’s really not that hard



Unacceptable from people that pride themselves on being more ‘intelligent’ and having ‘better judgement’ than the vast majority of the population.

God knows you’d never hear the end of it if Oxbridge or a public school rescinded on their child’s offer owing to an ‘error’.



How is that chip on your shoulder, darling?



Covered nicely by your mother’s dressing gown after our sexy time in quarantine, thanks.



She is back out getting funds for crack, I hear.


Nifty bugger

It’s pretty unlikely that the barristers themselves send the emails or operate the ‘gateway’. That is what the clerking team normally help with.



I was one of the unlucky applicants. I’ve reported their incompetence to the BSB, having received one invitation to interview and then TWO rescinded invitation emails within 24 hours. Also, the apology lacked substance.



I wish you well on going to the BSB, but don’t think heads are going to roll for this.

God I wish they would.



“Also the apology lacked substance” – What an arse.



What was the complaint “They made a mistake, it triggered me and they did not grovel enough to me afterwards.”? Get a grip.



I had a similar thing happen with a large London firm recently. I was offered to come in for a vacation scheme interview, only to receive another email five minutes later telling me the last email was sent in error and they actually wanted to reject me. Of course, hugely ironic for a firm which emphasied so much during the application and on their site that they wanted people who were vigilant, professional etc


Aspiring solicitor

Which firm??



I’ll go as far as to give an anagram of the firm:

Ann poster whooshed



Anagram Solver got it in one!



So people got an email sent in error. It was corrected. Big deal. Get over. If this upsets someone more than 10 minutes after they were told it was an error they lack the character one needs to make it at the Bar.



I wish the QCs who post hundreds of tweets a day lacked the ‘character’ to get paid enough to sit around all day on Twitter.



Here’s the thing. I can sit on the loo and take a dump, have a good idea and charge a grand for it – the idea not the dump. Then I have lots of twitter play time.



There is at least one chambers that does this every single year.

This is a symptom of most barristers on recruitment committees being balding autists with zero skills other than getting over excited over law texts.


Доброе утро

If you refuse to sleep with them because you prefer a sporty man who can actually hold a conversation, they think there is something wrong with you.

Why do you think so much sexual harassment comes from commercial barristers?


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