COVID-19: Financial uncertainty and tech woes force chambers to delay pupillage interviews

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But majority to go ahead as planned, says Bar Council

A number of chambers have been forced to delay their pupillage recruitment rounds this year due to “financial uncertainty” brought about by the coronavirus crisis.

A spokesperson for the Bar Council told Legal Cheek that while the majority of chambers still intend on recruiting this spring, “a few” have already confirmed they will be delaying interviews and offers until later this year.

The outbreak has hit barristers hard, particularly those at the criminal bar, with the Lord Chief Justice announcing this week that no new jury trials will start and that ongoing trials will be suspended while arrangements are put in place to ensure they proceed safely.

With the vast majority of barristers and chambers staff now working from home, some sets have also pointed to “insurmountable technological difficulties” with conducting pupillage interviews online as the reason for the delay.

“Unless it is unavoidable due to these reasons”, the spokesperson said, “we are encouraging AETOs [Authorised Education and Training Organisations] to refrain from delaying their recruitment process and to complete it within the advertised timeframe, which we believe will offer applicants some stability as to their future careers during this time of uncertainty.”

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In response to the pandemic, the vast majority of chambers intend to conduct interviews remotely via applications including Skype and Zoom. “[W]hilst we accept that it may not be ideal”, the spokesperson continued, “we are certain it is feasible and is a better option than postponing the process.”

“We’ve emailed all applicants to let them know the latest position and information is also available on our website,” they added.

Last week Henderson Chambers confirmed it will push ahead with its pupillage recruitment programme for this year, having previously announced it had been cancelled amid concerns that video interviews would not be a fair reflection of candidates’ abilities.

The Pupillage Gateway, operated by the Bar Council, runs from November through to May and prescribes the set timetable for each stage of pupil recruitment, including the publication of adverts, submission dates for applications, shortlisting, interviews and making offers.



Which law firms will break first and announce layoffs?



stealth layoffs have happened at US firms



Which firms?


Fieldfisher and Knights are not the US firms



What about 2KBW – they pulled out of recruitment this year after the first round interviews. The situation is out of our hands. However, many applicants are feeling let down and disadvantaged this year after putting in so much hard work, getting to the first interview and then having the process completely suspended.

2BR have also indefinitely postponed first round interviews but it is suspected that these too will be suspended.

Many feel that the Bar Council should be more understanding and adjust the deadlines this year.



Aw diddums, did this global crisis leave you “feeling let down and disadvantaged”? Trigger on this, snowflake, and grow a pair.



“Me, me, me, what about me, me, me”



You’re just bitter because you have a job to lose. Don’t take it out on people who haven’t been given a fair shot because of events outside of their control.



Seriously, shit happens. If people can’t deal with that they should look for another profession.



Fieldfisher has cancelled new joiners



The issue isn’t just the process of converting to video link for interviews. Most chambers advertising will have 1-4 pupils coming on board in September/October and will be concerned about work/income streams in the short to medium term so they can afford and keep those pupils. Remote working at the bar will hit junior junior work as a fair bit of instruction of babies is because the cases aren’t worth the travel time for a even a junior solicitor. Convert those to video link and solicitors will keep a portion in-house.



And cutting a couple of pupils is an easy way of reducing everyone’s contributions by a grand or two.


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