Law students are ‘arrogant, narcissistic and power-hungry’, claims youth news website

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The Tab takes pop at legally-minded undergrads — and not for the first time

A popular student news site has slammed our country’s beloved law students, describing them as “arrogant, narcissistic and power-hungry” in a listicle-style piece examining the “lamest” undergraduate degrees.

The Tab‘s tongue-in-cheek article (we hope) claims aspiring lawyers give off “major ‘you can’t sit with us’ vibes” — even though in reality no one wants to sit with them anyway.

It goes on to suggest you can’t have a normal conversation with a law student without them “mansplaining” or “for forcing each and every opinion of theirs down your throat”, and that their lives are dictated by “statuTORY” restrictions that prevent them from ever having fun.

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LLB-ers are also easy to spot, according to the piece, thanks in part to their “long wannabe-young professional coats” and “constant scowl[s]” across their faces as they “aggressively pace” to their next lecture. “It’s best to keep well out their way”, it adds.

But budding lawyers aren’t the only ones in the article’s firing line. Modern language undergrads become fluent in “bullshit”, classics students really are a “wholly different breed of lame”, while medics are the “smuggest” lot on campus.

Elsewhere, dentist undergrads are medicine students with “less integrity”, those studying economics are “no fun at parties” and business is the degree you choose when you want to move away from home but “have zero interest in anything slightly cultural or academic”.

This isn’t the first time the website has taken law students to task. In an opinion piece in 2014, it described your typical law student as a “nitpicking, jargon-spouting robot” and urged them to “please shut the fuck up”.

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