Irwin Mitchell delays trainee start dates by six months in response to pandemic

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Exclusive: New starters will now join in February 2021

Irwin Mitchell has become the first UK law firm to delay the start dates of its future trainee solicitors in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Legal Cheek can reveal all trainees due to commence their training contracts with the firm in August 2020 will now join in February 2021 — six months later than originally planned.

A spokesperson for Irwin Mitchell, which takes on around 50 trainees each year, said the decision to delay TC start dates had been taken “in order to protect our colleagues, the business and allow us to invest in the right level of talent at the right time”.

Future trainee recruitment will “not currently be affected” and current second year rookies can apply for newly qualified roles “in due course”, the spokesperson added.

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News of the delay comes just 24 hours after it emerged that listed law firm Gateley had furloughed a number of its trainees and put plans in place to push back the qualification dates of its current second year cohort.

Firms across the UK have been tightening their belts in recent weeks as they look to mitigate the financial impact of COVID-19, with many having already deferred partner profits, introduced pay freezes and placed staff into the government’s furlough scheme.

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Jeff Bezos

How much were they offered for the deferral? If it’s nothing that’s a scandal



Here’s a tip to the LLB class of 2020: you have roughly nine months from the end of your exams this summer and lifting of the lockdown to fill. The future questions of HR departments will be: “How did you fill that time?” Don’t reply that you spent it chilling in your parents’ gites.

Go straight to McDonald’s, and spend that time working hard on your customer service and management skills. Whack the money straight off the student loan.

You will learn more from that short period in a real working class job about client service, hard work and the value of money than three years in a crowded LLB lecture theatre, or a year on the LPC, or two years as an overworked depressed trainee.

Check out some internet forums about how to be a good McD employee. Be careful to open the little paper pocket with the fry scoop without a tear – you have to start again if you do that. Also make sure that the wraps are thinly spread with sauce, not in globs which will not roll up neatly. The filet o’fish is pronounced “feel-ay”, just like a steak in a real restaurant.

You’ll have your four stars in no time.



They aren’t paying anything for the deferral.



Why has legal cheek deleted the comment that said the trainees won’t get their second year pay and will be forced to take their lower first year salary?



Because that comment is not true. Trainees will get second year pay.



That comment is entirely true. They aren’t getting their second year salary.


The comment is true and all trainees at the firm have been furloughed today 🙁


How much did firms tend to offer when deferring TCs in 2008?


Tommy Tank

Top firm, top work, top colleagues, tippity top top top!



Anyone know the latest NQ rates at Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz?

I dream of the day I join such a top titan of a firm.


Chad Chadington

Any word on CMS’ salary increase?



Yeah, it’s an increase to about tree fiddy (to match the Dorsey scale once announced.



Never heard of them. But remember that retention rates are 1,000% at Greenberg Glusker (we are hiring all the trainees from other firms), the world’s toppest and most titanic firm of top titans.



Has the ‘berg’s office even shut for the pandemic?



No. The office is currently used to store barrels of Texas oil as a part of the firm’s titanic world domination strategy.


Holliday Banta, Ice Miller LLP

This is excellent, 10/01


it has BEGUN.



Anyone know if it is still worth applying to IM?



Christ, was it ever worth applying to? Ye Gads, Mother Mary and Joseph!



How the feck did Ibz Mo get into cambridge with those awful GCSEs?


Seems to be a nice guy. Very naive though, if he is honest in the video. Corporate law firms will eat him alive (if he gets that MC TC). Could be much better fit in more media / intellectual property oriented firms like Bird & Bird.



Yeah it’s kinda hard for ethnic minorities to get into into top positions if you hadn’t noticed..something called institutionalised racism.



Kind sir, some humble advice if I may be so bold. Do be careful making comments of this nature, related to discrimination and off topic. You are liable to cause distress and anxiety amongst our fellow commentators here. Please do desist lest one of them suffers ill effects from your faux pas.



Why are you deleting comments Legal Cheek? Sponsored by IM now?






Lmao forget about it.



Is that how much they’re paying?



Per 1,000 years of service no doubt


Marcus Tullius

I found a chart in a 2009 article by The Lawyer. This is not the complete list, but it gives you an idea of the range:

CC £8k for 12 months (with discretionary up to £3k)
Links £10k for 12 months
A&O £9k for 12 months
Baker McKenzie £5k for 12
CMS £7.5k for 12
DLA Piper £5k for 12
Eversheds £5k for 12
Herbert Smith £7k with discretionary £1k
Lovells 5k for 12
Mayer Brown 5k for 12
Norton Rose up to £10k
Reed Smith £2.5k for 12
Shearman & Sterling £5k for 6 months
Simmons & Simmons £15k (if you sign up to do an MBA)
Taylor Wessing £7.5k for 12
Travers Smith £10k
Trowers & Hamlins £10k


US 1st year

What a result £10k for a year would have been – save a bit extra for a few months then have a hefty budget for a 7/8 month trip somewhere



Lol that’s assuming you could travel. Not anymore in today’s neo-fascist UK



Big off for Reed Smith…



2.5k for 12 months LOL is there a typo or is that a joke



It’s a difficult one. With the current pandemic depending on what your firm does you could be working flat out. If you have new trainees you probably end up not being able to give them much attention. Then you would feel bad for neglecting them. So probably better to defer. Think about it training contracts are like gold dust, so if you really want it you will wait 6 months.



No it isn’t 10k. They are paying nothing for the delay.


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