Law firm embraces ‘legal glamping’ in response to pandemic

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April King opts for eye-catching tent solution as lawyers prepare to return to office

April King Legal’s office in Nottingham

As lockdown restrictions across the country slowly ease, law firms face a difficult decision: let lawyers continue to work from home, or put measures in place to ensure their safety within the workplace.

Nottingham outfit April King Legal appears to have opted for the latter, creating a series of tent-based isolation booths for its lawyers and staff.

The firm’s founder and CEO, Paul King, posted a series of images of what, at first glance, looks like the gazebo section of your local garden centre.

But what the snaps actually show is the firm’s post-lockdown set-up, featuring a dozen or so two metre by two metre, Amazon-sourced, green tents complete with arch-shaped window panels.

“Our open plan office at April King Legal required a creative solution to the issue of a potential airborne virus,” King told Legal Cheek. “Simple perspex screens do not offer maximum protection so the idea of ‘legal glamping’ was born.”

He continued:

“Our staff are starting to return from next week but feedback so far has been really positive. So much so that I’m thinking of making it a permanent fixture. Deck chairs are on order and an Xmas theme may include artificial snow for our ‘ski lodges’. A workplace can be both productive and fun! Something we all need especially at the moment.”

News of the eye-catching measures comes just 24-hours after a London law firm told staff they can work from home until at least the end of the year.

Disputes specialist Hausfeld confirmed it will reopen its City office as soon as it is safe to do so, but that staff can continue to work remotely or pick and choose when they come into the office.

The move came in response to a firm survey which found that roughly 30% of staff wanted to return to the office five days a week, 30% would prefer to come in part-time, and a further 30% would like to continue remote working, amid concerns about childcare or using pubic transport.

Anthony Maton, London managing partner and vice-chair, said: “As the last ten weeks confirm, we have continued to work efficiently at pre-COVID-19 levels. We didn’t have to furlough staff, and have continued to welcome new joiners to the team during that time and in the next few weeks.”

He added: “It was clear there was a worry, so it was important to remove that cause for anxiety and show our trust in the Hausfeld staff to continue to deliver as brilliantly as they have during the last 2.5 months.”

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God give me strength…






Amen to that, A&A!



Utterly ridiculous. How are you going to be able to scout out the trainee talent with those things up? I suppose it could create some privacy for those that wish for it, but I don’t mind if other people watch.



Pick any place with lots of people who do free legal work.

Remember that statute that holds employers accountable if you ask a volunteer how their sex life is?

Yeah, I don’t either.


Behind The Pants Behind The Gown

I’d better go ask the Assistant Legal Officer



What’s this all about?


Stay protected

…pubic transport.

A little dangerous in these socially distanced times.



Ridiculous, this must be a joke. If everyone is sitting in an enclosed tent that what is the point in even going into the office? How is this any different to working from home? This things must be very hot. Studies have shown that indoor environments such as offices need to be very well ventilated to disperse any virus particles inside and this does not look it will work at all, in fact the very opposite. Buying deck chairs and having a Christmas theme what a load of rubbish. Why don’t they use the money instead to support their employees home working tech and environment rather than making everyone do a dangerous commute to sit in an indoor tent.


legal hopeful llb llm mba

April King Legal sounds pretty top. Anybody know their NQ rate? Do they pay the full Cravath whack??



They train their legal staff via CILEX and don’t offer TCs.



These guys need to unionise – LSWU



A lawyers’ trade union? Marx would be crying…


All aboard the gimpmobile

Any self-respecting lawyer who agrees to work under such demeaning conditions ought to surrender their practicing certificate immediately.



Why hello there. Please come into my office and we can discuss your concerns.


Michael Scott

This looks like an episode of The Office


Boy Scout

APRIL FOOL guys!!! These tents were only set up as a joke. Look closer at the date on which the Instagram posts were posted and you’ll see it was on April 1st.



I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Years later we will either laugh or be ashamed that we let groupthink/ group panic allow us to make silly decisions like setting up tents in an office to avoid a virus that is less deadly than the flu, and for the overwhelming majority is not deadly or even serious.



Will they walk in their respective tents to the toilets….


Shetty Creap LLP

They will be staying in those tents no matter what! Shitting all over the place, like cows or something


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