Linklaters’ lawyer scoops £32,000 on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

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Peter Hudson foiled in bid for more dosh by question about charities

Linklaters’ lawyer Peter Hudson

A Linklaters lawyer popped up on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire last night, walking away with a cool £32,000.

Peter Hudson, 31, a managing associate in structured finance at the magic circle giant, dropped back from £64,000 after taking a guess with no lifelines left.

The Durham Uni classics graduate raced through the early rounds and put his knowledge of Latin to good use in matching the phrase “carpe diem” to its English translation “seize the day”.

But Hudson, from Richmond, had to ask the audience on a question about booze brands and used two more lifelines to work out the winner of the 2019 Grand National (telling host Jeremy Clarkson that “lawyers are risk-averse as a breed”).

That gave him a guaranteed £32,000, and a combination of logic and guesswork saw Hudson correctly identify the name of the spacecraft that carried the first man into space (“Vostok”).

The next question proved even trickier:

“Counting the philanthropist William Wilberforce among its founding members, which of these UK charities was established first?

1. Women’s Institute
2. Barnardo’s
4. Salvation Army”

Not a question that would play to the strengths of many commercial lawyers, it must be said, and a stumped Hudson could have cashed in his £64,000 there and then.

But risk-averse be damned: despite knowing that a wrong answer would send him home with half that amount, Hudson declared “you’re only here once” and plumped for “Salvation Army”.

RSPCA was the correct answer. Bonus trivia: the RSPCA, aka the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, was founded in 1824 — 60 years before the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, kids obviously being a lower priority for Victoria philanthropists.

Hudson still took home 32 grand. Decent wedge, but not necessarily life-changing: newly qualified solicitors at Linklaters start on roughly £93,000.

The full episode is available on the ITV website.

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Modern Philanthropist

I personally think kids are a lower priority than animals and only fund the RSPCA, so it’s not just Victorians!



Heartless prick.



Why? Kittens and Puppies are so much cuter… and a considerably lower percentage grow up to be utter cretins.



He looks like he works at Links lmao


The Missing Links

We should all be applying to Millionaire with our salaries frozen and bonuses deferred.



You poor, poor City Lawyers. How will you manage?



He looks so much older than 31.


Reality check

That’s what a career in corporate law does to you folks



Mate consider the perks. Perky perks.



£93k for NQs at Links according to LC. Makes you wonder how much does this pinhead take home as a “managing associate”. £120k+?


The Missing Links

About 140-150 I would guess





Kirkland NQ

Probably a lot for sad MC losers, but if I’d won that little I doubt I’d bother waiting to collect the cheque.



They literally hand it over to you there and then.


Kirkland NQ

Exactly bro. What a waste of my valuable time that could be used for Lambo driving, chucking back some vintage Krug with a couple of models, or smashing a PE deal or two.


Akin Pump NQ



Kirkland Trainee

I don’t even bend down to pick up £50s



I hear you bend over to earn them


Who let the gimp out of its cage again?



Only £32k? Hudson, you are a disgrace to the profession!



any1 kno how can i get a tc at links ? rly wna wrk ther !!!!!!!!!!


Lashurst NQ

The fact he had to ask the audience about jägermeister is embarrassing.


Kirkland NQ

The fact that’re OK with working at Assbursts is embarrassing. How’s your pay cut been?



Assbursts lmaoooooo



Good on him. He had a go and why not. I wonder if he will donate any to a charity or to do something for a good cause -that would be so nice during this pandemic.



Question- how would one go about trying to get a TC if you completed the LPC over 8 yrs ago? Is it possible?



Not sure Chris. Can I ask the audience?



You genuinely made me smile.


Be Positive

As long as you can explain the 8+ year gap and what you have done in between and why, there’s no reason why you can’t get a TC



Thank you. Would you still try for Vac Scheme or just apply straight for the TC.



Stop being so rude and disrespectful. If you don’t have anything helpful to say then don’t say anything.



You might have to apply to both considering that firms are increasingly only recruiting from their vac schemes



Thank you

Not in this market…



Fair point, now is probably not the best time.


Just saying

Managing Associate by the age of 31 is impressive


Heter Pudson Jr.

He’s clearly a genius!!!


Not that impressive

You are eligible for MA at Links from 4 years PQE so can make it at 28.


Ex-Links Trainee

I’ve worked with Peter a few years back as a trainee. Really nice guy! Congrats.


Macfarlanes Associate

Seems like a decent enough bloke.



Just like your mum



Why does LC publish this trivia and consistently fail to report the most biggest issue facing the legal profession by far – the complete lack of BAME representation at the Supreme Court?

This failure of reporting is tantamount to complicity.



Err I think we all know LC’s reporting is more trivia articles than award-winning journalism.

“Tantamount to complicity”, really? These kind of impassioned statements take away from the point you’re trying to make. A lack of representation on the UKSC is problematic, but identifying the LC’s lack of coverage as a contributing factor might be somewhat misguided…



I assume you’re a troll but in case you’re not: why on earth are you looking for hard-hitting journalism on Legal Cheek? That’s like asking Craig from down the street for an in depth analysis of Russian interference in 21st Century Western elections.



Genuine question – what is a Managing Associate? Is it the most senior level of associate? If so, what’s a Principal Associate then?

The firm I’m at only has Associate, then Senior Associate, and then it jumps to types of Partner.


Night Vision

Firms have been clever; if you only have to go from trainee to associate to partner, that implies a much quicker progression than they actually want. By inserting various meaningless titles in the interim, they can extend the sweaty stick at the end of which dangles the carotene-rich equity partnership.

Trainee > Lawyer > Associate > Senior Associate > Managing Associate > Of Counsel > Salaried Partner > Sweet Sweet Equity


Night Vision

Firms have been clever; only having to go from trainee to associate to partner implies a much quicker progression than they are comfortable with. They insert meaningless titles in the interim to extend the sweaty stick at the end of which dangles the carotene-rich equity partnership.

Trainee > Lawyer > Associate > Senior Associate > Managing Associate > Of Counsel > Salaried Partner > Sweet Sweet Equity


Equity Partner

“Sweet Sweet Equity”

Shut the f*ck up wagegimp


Young, Supple Wagegimp

Calm down, Equity Partner, at your age high blood pressure is a serious risk.


Heavy paper round

I think LC have made a typo. They surely meant 41?


Evie C

Literally can’t believe I wasn’t even mentioned in this article. What’s Pete done anyway? Doesn’t even have an Instagram account.


Missing Link

It’s just what Links calls Senior Associates, but they slightly cheapen it with a much shitter title and apparently (according to the above) 4 PQE lawyers are eligible. Ridiculous.



It’s surely a flawed question? When William Wilberforce founded the charity, it was known as the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Queen Victoria gave royal status to it some 7 years after his death.


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