‘I’ve made my year’s earnings in a month’, says Love Island solicitor Rosie Williams

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She’s understood to have deals with a betting company and a number of top beauty brands

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Love Island solicitor Rosie Williams claims to have earned her year’s salary in a single month since exiting the villa.

Speaking to BBC Radio’s 5 Live show, Williams said: “I’ve made my year earnings in a month, let’s just say that, doing this.” So what exactly is this? The 26-year-old solicitor is understood to have cashed in through a combination of event appearances and sponsored Instagram posts with businesses including betting giant William Hill and beauty brand Iconic London.

…thank you for having me @williamhill ⚽️

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When the shows host suggested that being a solicitor would have earned Williams a good salary, she replied: “I feel like the legal profession is struggling at the moment”.

Williams trained with Manchester law firm Just Costs Solicitors and was only three months qualified when she entered the Spanish villa last month. Despite appearing on our screens for just 16 days, Williams — who has over 700,000 Instagram followers — has shaped herself into a valuable marketing tool for businesses looking to promote their products and services.

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News of William’s improved earning power comes just days after we spoke to her exclusively about law, love and her plans for the future. When quizzed on why she decided to put her fledgling legal career on hold, the Welsh-born lawyer explained:

“I was putting everything into my job to the point where my salary was not worth the hours I was working. My focus on cases meant that my social life dwindled and I was just not reaping the rewards. It’s a bit of a shame that what I worked towards my entire life and dreamt about didn’t match up with the reality.”

During the same interview, Williams revealed she hadn’t ruled out a return to law and is currently in talks to appear on a new legal TV show later this year. The final of the popular reality series aired last night and viewers saw Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer take home this year’s Love Island crowns.

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It’s easy to make your annual salary in a month when your annual salary is two packets of malt loaf and a Bourbon biscuit.



This comment has made my afternoon.



“I feel like the legal profession is struggling at the moment.”

The legal prodigy has spoken.


Judge hobosexual

The legal profession IS suffering.
I am a crown court judge and also a hobo. Most lawyers appearing before me are in the mags most days of the week.
What do they make? £50 – transport (£10+) – chambers rent (£10+) = £30 or less per working day
What does a malingerer on the max benefits make? £22k / year – £0 expenses – £0 travel = almost £2k / month = almost £100 / weekday



Why would you go back to law if you could live off being a z-list celebrity? Maybe she wants to work on something, I get that, but if you have that freedom, don’t pick trawling contracts at a third-rate law firm over doing something more interesting, or even something philanthropic or charitable.



Also on legal cheek today regarding Love Islanders:

“Perhaps the worst of these is the intense media scrutiny each contestant is subjected to, as the press pours over every morsel of their private life to fill the daily click-bait quota.”

How many articles have we had about this woman now?



Call me naïve, or what have you, but I really can’t imagine that, as a costs solicitor, she was “putting [her] everything into [her] job” and the result of which was a dwindling social life.

The “dream” she was hoping for was very much Rachel Zane.



Oy, naïve!


Probably a bit snooty

Without being particularly snooty, I doubt she has the experience to present/host/take part in any kind of “legal TV show”.

It appears that the only experience she does have relates to costs law. Even ITV would struggle to create a show relating to costs budgets and bills (I am assuming there is limited nudity involved).

At least Rinder practiced for more than 10 minutes (and as far as I am aware kept his kit on)



Celebrity Detailed Assessment will light up ITV2’s autumn schedule, mark my words.



Can’t wait to see H from steps disputing that the work was undertaken by a Grade A fee earner when a Grade C would’ve sufficed.



In fairness to Rinder, when you take all the dramatics away he is quite an accomplished barrister.



You are the real Robert Rinder and I claim my five pounds.


LJ Macabre

She is clearly bringing the profession into disrepute.

She should be flogged and then hauled before the SDT Beak for a good dose of punishment.



Jones Day Partner – punishment?


6PQE Kirkland

‘Struggling at the minute’ LOL! My bonus last year could have bought her a much needed face lift seven times over.



How small is your penis?


6PQE Kirkland

Big enough for your mum.



But seriously, precisely how big is it?

Need to know so I can decide whether or not I try to sleep with you.


6PQE Kirkland

Ask your mum. You’ll find her in the gynaecology wing of your local hospital getting herself reconstructed. There was damage done.


Only another 6 hours before you can go home for the night 😂



Love Island? Solicitor?

“Solicitation” is generally considered a crime in the U.S.

By definition, a “solicitor” is someone, usually a “gentleman,” who asks for or offers money for sexual intercourse with another person, typically a young “lady” who offers it professionally on the street.

A “barrister” who offers or serves inappropriate or false legal process would be guilty of “barratry,” another crime.



Thanks for the pro-tips Yankee Doodle Dandy………NATTTTTTTTTTT!!!



She’ll lapse Just Costs annual turnover in the fortnight.



Suck a few more dicks and you’ll ‘earn’ even more.


JD Partner

It is important to have transparency in our promotions policy and I am glad to see it published here.



Pretty good advice actually. I like to get mine sucked. I wonder if she is get at it. I bet she is.



You’re such a creep but I totally agree with you. I’d give it a go and then some.



She is certainly a cute one. She should do some topless photos to bolster her innings. Just that, I’m not saying she should get her flange out or start doing hardcore pornography. Although, if she wanted to then that is ultimately her choice.



She is visually very appealing, which would help her in her legal career but even more so in her new life.

I think she should try and get with Ant McPartlin following his breakup with his wife. I think the two would be well suited together. It would bring her up a couple of notches in the celebrity stakes.



10 out of 10. I would love to instruct her.


Not. Guiltay.

In 2 years time, she will be forgotten; her legal career in the poop.

So actually, i’d say she’s making a loss.



The legal profession is doing just fine. It’s a slog at times and one often has to play the long game, but the rewards are clear, achievable and often substantial.

The “w@nking off the resident knuckle head on national television and selling detox tea on Instagram” profession however, really is struggling. Average career lasts until the next series of whatever show they were on.

Then what?


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