Manchester University confirms all law lectures from next term will be delivered online

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Social distancing measures may remain in place for some time meaning traditional fresher experience could look very different

The University of Manchester has revealed all of its lectures for the start of the coming academic year will be delivered online, including those run by its law department.

The Russell Group institution is the first to confirm that from next term all of its lectures will continue ahead, virtually, amid continued coronavirus disruption.

“As we anticipate social distancing measures will be in place for some time, we have taken the decision to conduct all lectures for semester one online, as a lecture theatre environment does not easily support spatial separation,” a Manchester University spokesperson told The Telegraph.

However, the university said, subject to government advice, it hopes to continue with some face-to-face teaching through small groups and tutorials.

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With social distancing measures likely to stay in place for the foreseeable future, it seems a number of other universities will follow suit.

Moreover, Legal Cheek understands some institutions are rethinking their plans for new joiners from September. Manchester University, for example, is staggering its first semester start dates and said that freshers’ week will consist of a series of online and on-campus events.

Current students have already filed petitions calling for cuts to tuition fees as lectures move online, while we anticipate offer holders to await universities’ COVID-19 response before they potentially defer their course start date over concerns that their first-year uni experience won’t be the same.

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