New Instagram account allows City lawyers to anonymously submit their ‘juicy secrets’

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‘Magic Circle Confessions’ launched earlier this month

A new Instagram account is publishing what it claims are the “confessions” and “juicy secrets” of City lawyers.

Launched last week, ‘Magic Circle Confessions’ encourages members of the profession to submit their career confessions (anonymously, of course) via the social media site’s DM (direct message) feature or by completing a form.

The page, which has so far attracted just over 100 followers, has gone public with a handful of lawyerly confessions since its arrival on the Insta scene, including one from a lawyer who recalls the time the son of a wealthy client came into the office to discuss his will. “He put a request to be buried in blue jeans, a Chris Jericho T-shirt and his replica WWE championship belt”, they recall.

In another post, one lawyer reveals how they quit their high-paying job at a US law firm to become a civil rights lawyer. “I have never been happier,” they confess.

Some of the posts relate to more serious issues plighting the profession, although it’s not clear if they are all genuine.

One lawyer, for example, claims to have missed an important court date after they assumed it was cancelled due to the pandemic (and is still to inform their client of the bad news), while another harbours concerns that the coronavirus could cost them their job.

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Meanwhile, in another submission, an anonymous associate recalls how their first supervisor was on their fourth personal assistant because “he wasn’t pleasant to work with…”

But some posts are light-hearted, as per the below.

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Chad Chadington

I appreciate this is Legal Cheek, the fetid drainage ditch of legal journalism, but please can we get an investigation into whether HSF 4th seaters are actually going to be forced to stay on their 50k second year trainee salary rather than going up to the 95k NQ salary? Despite my plea, presumably we’ll be getting another article about Eve instead…



I assume if you’re that interested you must work for the firm – and therefore already know the answer. Hope this helps.


Tuco Salamanca

If HSF take that approach then other firms are more likely to act similarly… thereby making it interesting and relevant for those at other firms across the City.

The above is in addition to the dubious morality of increasing a firm’s demands on an employee but not increasing their compensation accordingly and the sad fact that it is going to be an especially challenging NQ market.

Perhaps it isn’t so interesting for regional or high street trainees?



“not increasing their compensation accordingly”

Beta wagecucks get what they deserve. We all knew this when we signed up for this sh*tsack profession, now it’s time to bend over and brace for penetration.



If they don’t want to earn the new market rate, many other jobs are not available. Happy to leverage up their NQ wages on the upside of the economy, not so keen on the downside…

Brad Bradley

I confirm this is 100% not the case. HSF trainees will take up NQ positions on the listed NQ salary.


Chad Chadington

Thank you brother


HSF sweaty toiler

Y lie tho?


Kirkland NQ

Due to Covid-19 the prospects of buying that third lambo is pretty low.



Not really very juicy.

I had a dream last night that I had been selected to become an astronaut and that I was due to launch to space imminently. It was a one man capsule that I would live in for a year. There was a big food store with a big 20 litre ice cream compartment. I was disgusted to find out that it was full of 20 litres of mango sorbet. I immediately called my secretary to ask them to give me ice cream and a good flavour too. She shouted at me, pointing out that I had quit the firm to take up my new profession. I felt so foolish. I woke up and had half a tub of Häagen-Dazs to cheer myself up.


Al's mate

Stay off the shrooms buddy



No, do more! This quality content in the comments section is the only thing that makes the burden of scrolling through the usual LC mediocrity worth it.



Literally not remotely juicy.






Dull and derivative.



And likely fake. These two-bit IG accounts are now dime a dozen.



Why would a solicitor need to imagine that they’re Xena the Warrior Princess in a courtroom?


Diane Abbott

The warrior princess who counts hours and sits behind counsel who does all the real work.



I’m more a Wonder Woman kind of guy. But Wagner not Gadot.


Should have gone in-house

Great, just what we need leading up to an economic depression – idiot juniors moaning about easily distinguishable events under a false veil of anonymity giving personality-deficient boomer partners yet another excuse to make sweeping redundancies. See you all in the bread lines.


Kim Wexler

This is nothing. Just shows how pathetic some of these magic circle people are if this is the best they can come up with! Not to mention now much Legal Cheek is scraping the barrel. Get a life y’all.


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