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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Why is Kasabian singer Tom Meighan not in prison? [Legal Feminist]

We must defend trial by jury [Spiked]

Joshua Rozenberg: Even without the Human Rights Act, our judges would have developed a new law on privacy by now [The Critic]

Death at Justice: the story of Emanuel Gome [Tortoise Media]

Uberrima Fides – Full Disclosure [Counsel of Perfection]

The CJEU Brompton Bicycle case: a UK view [The IPKat]

Secure your place: The Scottish Virtual Law Fair 2020

Meet Macron’s politically incorrect justice minister [The Spectator] (registration required)

Reimagining the law: Transcribing injustice [The Justice Gap]

Turkey: Plan to Divide, Undermine Legal Profession [Human Rights Watch]

Flying a kite in a storm [Law Society Gazette]

“I genuinely think lawyers across the city are not paid enough for what they do. Even people at mid tier shops like CMS NRF DLA etc should start on like 120k and then the SC, MC and US firms should be higher as corresponds.” [Legal Cheek comments]

EVENT: How to become a City lawyer in a post-Covid world [Legal Cheek Events]

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