DWF retains 25 of 39 trainee solicitors

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Six on fixed-term deals

DWF’s London office

DWF has confirmed its autumn 2020 trainee retention score.

The listed law firm said 25 of its 39 newly-qualified (NQ) solicitors will be staying on. Six newbies are on fixed-term contracts, handing the firm a score of 64%, or 49%, depending on how you interpret the numbers.

The firm — which recruits around 30 trainees each year — chooses not to disclose its NQ or year two salaries, however Legal Cheek‘s Firms Most List shows year one rookies in London receive £38,000.

The disappointing retention score follows the news that the firm is to scrap its traditional training contact in favour of a new super-exam friendly graduate apprenticeship.

The 2021 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

Elsewhere, Reed Smith has retained 13 of its 15 trainees — or 87%. Ten will be based in London, two in Singapore and one in Paris.

Four join the firm’s financial industries group, global corporate takes three, as does energy & natural resources. A further two NQs join the transport industries team, while labour & employment receives one. It’s London lot will start on a salary of £90,000.

In August, Reed Smith confirmed it had cut 19 roles, thirteen lawyers and six support staff, in its London office following a redundancy consultation.

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More like DW ooooof.

I know a few DWF juniors. Hunger Games have nothing on their career progression ladder.

They should have stayed a northern corporate firm rather than becoming a national glorified claims handler for slip n trip/clipped wing mirror claims.



DWF going public hasn’t gone well when you look at their share price and rising debt. Add in the awful retention figures and it looks like they’re going to have to restructure quite significantly sooner rather than later.



Going public and taking on debt is mortgaging the future of the firm and it often ends badly. Law firms are much more sensitive to economic downturns than most trading companies. Gearing makes the acceleration of such problems all the faster.


comrade gagarin

Major ooof.

May those poor souls find NQ jobs asap.



Who were the lucky 14?


Dr Fauci

DWF is the pits, avoid like the ‘rona


Shetland & Wellies LLP

Agreed, it’s a whole lot worse than the ‘rona actually



Listed law Firms..what next ? We seem to have more and more Law Firms trying as hard as possible not be called one whilst still doing legal work



Pity they laid off my daughter after first year of paralegal apprenticeship in motor, then couple of months later advertised for 2-4 paralegal posts in same dept ???



Cool story bro


The Maverick

I know of a trainee on LinkedIn graduated 5 years ago and is doing the TC hallway to completion. That London NQ salary is poor, and with the SQE they’ll take advantage as there’s no obligation to pay during those 2 years according to the SRA.


Yeet Magnet

I’m guessing Klingon is your first language?


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