Hogan Lovells announces new partner diversity targets

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Global partnerships to be 15% ethnic minority and 4% LGBTQ+ by 2025

Hogan Lovells has set two new targets to increase diversity and inclusion (D&I) among its global partnership.

The international law firm’s targets, announced yesterday, are for its partnerships in the UK and US, and include 15% ethnic minority partners and 4% LGBTQ+ partners by 2025.

At present, Hogan Lovells has 11% ethnic minority partners and 2.5% LGBTQ+ partners across the transatlantic regions.

The firm’s existing gender target of 30% female partners globally by 2022 remains unchanged. The ten-year target was set in 2012, and is currently 26%.

Susan Bright, global managing partner for D&I and responsible business, said: “Hogan Lovells is committed to increasing diversity throughout our firm and at the highest ranks. Being transparent about our goals plays a key part in demonstrating this commitment and in holding ourselves to account. This is a core part of our strategy to create and maintain a diverse and inclusive working environment where all of our people can be themselves and feel empowered to succeed.”

Bright, who assumed her newly created position in July, continued:

“We recognise that diversity of thought creates better teams, and better teams mean better results for each other and for our clients. We plan to achieve these goals through an intense focus on recruiting, recognising, retaining and advancing our diverse talent.”

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A number of law firms have set D&I goals in the wake of widespread social movements. Herbert Smith Freehills last month announced a new ethnicity goal for newly-qualified (NQ) lawyers in its London office, as part of a new ten-point anti-racism action plan.

Meanwhile, magic circle duo Allen & Overy and Clifford Chance have similarly set diversity targets, with A&O aiming to have 35% ethnic minority trainees, including 10% black trainees, each year, and Clifford Chance introducing its first-ever 15% ethnic minority and 3% LGBTQ+ partner targets.

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The Maverick

Absolute bare minimum.



Oddly quiet for one of these articles. Either the censors are hard at work or the fascist brigades of the left and right are on holiday.



The censors are hard at work. Legal Cheek refuses to allow you to question these measures at all.



We must never question that quotas mean more than treating people equally. If you are white male straight and working class you are to be sacrificed at the altar of virtue signalling.



What a sadly predictable fail. Nothing on disability discrimination yet again. They might as well just put up a sign on entry to the City saying “No disabled people” and have done it!


City Lawyer

Are you a member of the Law Society’s “Lawyers With Disabilities” Division? Not sure if membership is open to students but I think you can join other divisions before you qualify – could always email them to ask:

More info:



Lip service. And why do you assume I’m a student?



Could you please use a different phrase? Your language offends those without lips.



We do, they are called stairs.



I used to think the stairs were there for when the Daleks invaded London during Christmas special peak Dalek season, but the buggers can fly now.



At least this is proportionate, unlike Allen & Overy’s target of 35% in a country which is 86% White



They recruit internationally



This is a step in the right direction.



Mandated over-representation of minorities is just “a step in the right direction” to Jarrod. Shows the mindset.


Kirkland NQ

Not my cup of tea


Kirkland 1pqe

Not my Swarovski crystal gold leaf embossed flute of vintage Krug you mean, newbie.



Accent is a better determinant of TC application success than all of these characteristics combined.



But class based discrimination is fine. There is no virtue signalling value to it and it gets in the way of the gender and race quota PR releases.



There is an article this week which from the headline indicates will explain why diversity is a “critical business priority”. Apparently the “explanation” is just saying lots of times diversity is important. And that’s it.



Does anyone know how much money would a Hog Love newly promoted partner (about 10 years after training contract) make?


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