Paul Weiss lawyer dies at 107

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Mordecai ‘Mordie’ Rochlin joined the firm in 1937 and worked from his 32nd floor office well into his 100s

Paul, Weiss lawyer Mordecai ‘Mordie’ Rochlin

Paul, Weiss lawyer Mordecai ‘Mordie’ Rochlin has died at 107 years old, just six weeks before turning 108.

According to (£), Paul, Weiss’ chairman Brad Karp revealed that Rochlin died of respiratory failure, with a secondary cause of viral pneumonia caused by COVID-19.

Rochlin, who was born in 1912 and believed to be the 20th oldest man in the United States, spent over 83 years with the US firm. A trusts and estates lawyer, Rochlin joined the firm as an associate in 1937 and became partner in 1951.

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Despite retiring in 1983, Rochlin continued to work at the firm as of counsel. Well into his 100s, Rochlin would spend a few days a week working from his office on the 32nd floor at Paul, Weiss’ New York HQ. When at the firm, he would spend no more than an hour and a half signing cheques, reading memos, making phone calls and attending partner lunches before going home to rest.

Described by Karp as a “real treasure” and an “embodiment of the history of Paul, Weiss” that “will be sorely missed”, Rochlin had the unique experience of working with the founding five name partners of the firm: Randolph Paul, Louis Weiss, Simon Rifkind, John Wharton and Lloyd Garrison.

In an interview with The New York Law Journal, Rochlin said:

“Paul, Weiss was my life. The way I looked on the firm, it was not only a community of scholars but a community of friends.”

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