Liverpool John Moores law grad goes mega-viral with McDonald’s job application tweet

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Knock-back leads to legal role lead

A Liverpool John Moores University law graduate has gone super-viral after tweeting their McDonald’s job rejection email.

In a tweet (screenshot below), which has received nearly 20,000 retweets and over 270,000 likes since it was posted earlier this week, the law grad, who Legal Cheek has chosen not to name, adopts the popular ‘how it started vs. how it’s going’ meme format to share their relatable graduate gripes.

The Liverpool John Moores law grad’s viral tweet

Under ‘how it started’ is a snap of the grad’s law and criminal justice degree certificate, which shows that they graduated with a 2:1 back in August. Under ‘how it’s going’, their achievement is then contrasted with a screenshot of what appears to be an email from the McDonald’s recruitment team, rejecting them for a part-time position at a Liverpool branch.

While at first glance this tweet presents a rather gloomy report of the current graduate job market, the latest reports suggest that the impact of COVID-chaos on the legal industry is not as bad as first feared.

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The financial uncertainty brought about by the pandemic initially saw law firms respond with a range of cost-cutting measures. These included pay cuts or freezes, partner payout deferrals, delays to bonus decisions, and the furloughing of lawyers, trainees, paralegals and support staff.

But City players have since found their performances to exceed expectations, and as a result, have recently wound back these emergency measures. Many have since upped pay, restarted salary reviews and resumed partner distributions.

Meanwhile, having restored hours, ended flexible working schemes and brought staff back from furlough, several firms have also repaid the cash received as part of the government furlough scheme. It’s also worth noting that the law grad’s McDonald’s job application arrived as the hospitality industry faces major challenges as result of the global pandemic.

However, the graduate’s job search could soon be over. Replying to the viral tweet, one rookie lawyer revealed there are vacancies at her Liverpool-based law firm and urged the grad to ‘DM’ her.


lolbraham lincoln

Seriously LC, wtf is dis tosh crap??



Shows that those outside the legal world are unaware that a grad from Liverpool John Moores not getting a job in McD’s is the news equivalent of a full page spread in the Times about the propensity of bears to empty their bowls in wooded areas.


Scouser of Counsel

I didn’t know bears ate from bowls!

Perhaps they are trained circus bears that escaped to live wild?

In any case, why would they need to empty them? It would be a waste of food!

A note from the wise. If you’re going to belittle the academic achievements of others, learn how to spell first.



Dave N

Do you mean bowels mate, or is your crass indifference just limited to not checking your own copy?



The tragedy here is that the OP thought a meh degree from the nation’s 72nd ranked law school was the high point of his year.


Dave N

Anonymous. You should call yourself ‘keyboard warrior’ or ‘arrogant bully’, or maybe ‘up your own a*se’



Thanks for the suggestion. I am sorry you did not do well in your A levels and you turned into a hypocritical internet moaner.


Second Six pupil

At least he or she got a response – I once applied to McDonalds in Bracknell and didn’t even get a rejection. Worse than pupillage applications!


The Long Con

There are 4000 training contracts/pupillages for 20,000 UK domiciled law graduates each year, and every year the pool of competing graduates increases by four times the number of available jobs.

Assuming it takes them a couple of years to come to their senses before they beetle off to do something realistic, there are forty thousand law graduates in line in front of this one. In a good year. Liverpool John Moores University’s view of the situation:

‘You’ll be well-placed in the jobs market when you graduate’.


Archibald Pomp O'City

Your stats don’t make any sense whatsoever.


The Long Con

They don’t make any sense to you, that’s different and the reason is pretty obvious.

If you can pull together enough neurons to be more specific perhaps I can help.


BPTC student

If they are unrealistic about the job prospects that the qualification leads to, are universities simply training their law graduates on how to make a PPI type mis-selling claim for their degrees and post-graduate law qualifications?


Tough cookies

Law schools will presumably continue to educate those who wish to read law. They are under no fiduciary duty to ensure they find gainful employment upon graduation. I have yet to hear of a business school operating in similar parameters.

If students chose to study law utterly blind to the job market, that’s on them.


BPTC Student

For the bachelor’s degree, yes, but the BPTC is a one way route to the bar. The student is not an experienced practitioner and is reliant and induced to contract (and for considerable consideration at a five figure sum) for education that leads to the bar. If those statements over estimate the chances of success, then the student is misled. The remedy is not for future damages or job prospects, but simply for the refund of a mis-sold product. The analogy is much closer to PPI than one would like to admit.


Henderson's Relish

LJM Grad should not be too disappointed. Whilst it is acknowledged that getting a TC with a degree from a meh Uni is increasingly more difficult, those who are prepared for some hard graft (to gain additional work experience, paralegalling, LPC etc) will eventually land one.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Don’t let people on the internet tell you you’re not good enough.



Except it is generally a bad idea to self-fund the LPC. Do a masters instead.

LPC is basically a box ticking exercise so law firms can show to insurers/the regulator you’ve done the bare minimum to be trusted with clients’ work.

City firms expect their trainees to get a distinction on the LPC so they won’t be impressed by an applicant with a decent LPC score. They’ll just see a mug who actually paid for it.


Henderson's Relish

Who said anything about City firms?

Also, City firms do not expect applicants to get a distinction on the LPC. Quite a few require you to get a commendation. Nothing more than that.


Pea Brain probably went to John Moores

I know it’s the internet, but I wish some commenters on Legal Cheek would show a modicum of courtesy to those of us who attended ‘lesser’ unis. I know I am but a humble child in the eyes of you big brains (gosh, your brains are so big), but you are not the gatekeepers of legal study.


The Long Con

The gatekeepers are law firms and chambers, and there is a baying mob trying to get in. If entrants were selected randomly, the chance of a graduate from a ‘lesser uni’ making it might be about 10% in any year. Eventually, if he or she were very persistent this would be met with success.

Fortunately entrance is not random, it is selective, and no matter the metric or metrics employed — A-level grades, university quality, degree quality, verbal and nonverbal reasoning tests, trial by sherry, you name it — a typical graduate from a low ranking university is so disadvantaged that the reality for him or her will be McDonald’s and not the legal profession.

That is not always going to be the case because statistics don’t translate well to individual cases. Some people at terrible universities will have mitigating reasons which they overcome and have stellar careers; but they are, by definition, not representative.


Archibald Pomp O'City

“That is not always going to be the case because statistics don’t translate well to individual cases.”

Especially when people like you pull them out of their arse.


Scouser of Counsel

Quite a few JMU grads at the Bar in Liverpool, I think you’ll find.

I went to the Redbrick myself (and yes there was a degree of snobbery about JMU there), but a JMU law degree is far
from being as worthless as this article and some commentators seem to suggest.


Colonel Saunders

Times are hard, try Wimpy instead.



So you think this is the tragedy? Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise?



Quite disappointing to see the snobby attitude from commenters on Legal Cheek. Shame.



Well, of course, most LC readers and commentators went to Public School and Oxbridge and have stunning academic credentials, so surely they have every right to be?

Do you know who their fathers are?



Not so surprised.. I am also a law graduate. Done my LLB and LLM from Hertfordshire. Got rejected from 8 stores of Tesco, 2 store of Mcdounals,1 store for of kfc, Still studying LPC (Legal practice course)


Ronald McDonaldo QC

Chin up, Jishan!


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