Law student who gave birth during bar exam reveals she passed

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‘I did all of this because I did not see any other option to accomplish both my goals — become a lawyer and a mom,’ says Brianna Hill

Brianna Hill with baby Cassius (credit: Brianna Hill)

A law student who made headlines after she gave birth during her bar exam has now revealed she passed.

Brianna Hill, a recent graduate from Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois, went into labour just minutes after the online exam began. She was taken to hospital and after giving birth to son, Cassius, she completed the exam, which spanned two days, from a hospital ward.

The exam was meant to take place over the summer period but owing to the pandemic, was pushed back until October, and close to Hill’s due date.

Hill has now revealed this week that she managed to successfully pass the exam which was the final step for her to qualify in the US as an attorney.

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In a post on her personal Facebook page, Hill announced: “I passed. Females are as strong as hell.” She explained:

“I took part of the exam sitting on towels because my water had broken and the other part sitting on an ice pack because I had given birth the night before. I was told to medically withdraw after the first day because there would not be a way for me to finish in the hospital. I hemorrhaged after birth and took the second day of the test while anaemic. I only slept for 1.5 hours before the second day of the test because my sweet baby was SO grunty. I breastfed my baby in between sessions. I did all of this because I did not see any other option to accomplish both my goals — become a lawyer and a mom.”

Hill added that she is “so happy … to be a lawyer officially”, and thanked “the best freaking support system ever”. For now, though, she said she’s “going to go celebrate with my cute little family”.

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