Simmons & Simmons sets 30% ethnic minority target for trainees

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Aims to achieve greater racial diversity by 2025

Simmons & Simmons has today announced a series of targets to achieve greater ethnic and racial diversity across the firm within the next five years.

The international law firm aims to have 30% ethnic minority trainees by 2025. The current trainee ethnic make-up is 25%.

Simmons is also targeting a 15% ethnic minority partnership. As of the firm’s 2020 diversity report, 14% of partners are from black, asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

The targets form part of the firm’s diversity action plan, which places emphasis on monitoring progress, reviewing recruitment and promotion processes, as well as extending its mentoring programme which aims to share and educate on the experiences of ethnic minority colleagues.

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Colin Passmore, senior partner at Simmons & Simmons, said: “It is only right that as a firm we continue to challenge ourselves to create a truly diverse and inclusive environment for our people. Our firm’s ambition is to deliver greater inclusion and to ensure that our people can deliver their best in a workplace that supports everyone.”

Today’s announcement follows Simmons’ ranking in this year’s social mobility employer list.

Other major law firms to set ethnic minority targets for trainees in recent months include Norton Rose Fulbright (25%), Linklaters (35%) and Allen & Overy (35%). All three firms have also set a target of 10% black trainees each year.

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2d worth

I agree with the sentiment, however one questions whether over-representation is the answer?

Maybe I’m unconsciously racist for even questioning it. Why should it matter if it is?


Just Anonymous

I have said this before, but I’ll say it again because I think it needs to be said.

Natural diversity which arises from Equality of Opportunity is great.

Enforced diversity which arises from quotas is worthless.



Hexplain yuself wha’ yu mean?



Worse than worthless, it prejudices the good enough by on boarding the not good enough.



natural diversity won’t arise in a system of prejudice and systemic racism. setting a quota does not mean that the participants who fulfil the quota will be any less talented than anyone else as they did not say they were lowering standards, this is very ignorant.



Deranged. And this doesn’t help anyone – every ethnic minority person in that firm will have an invisible [DIVERSITY HIRE] sign next to their name.


Get Woke, Go Broke

It’s funny all of these affirmative action policies claim to be for equality but, as seen in many instances such as in the US, seem to largely favour black applicants above Asian applicants even if the latter is more qualified for the job.


Honest Abe

Interesting you say this in reference to the US, when the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action over there have been white women over the decades (since the 60s). However people tend to see what they want to see, and when accused of being prejudiced they protest and accuse others of being too woke. You obviously have an agenda.


Go Lions

Sadly, explaining what most people think about events since 25 May 2020 (utter madness) is impossible because it is censored.


Mr W Smith


Only mildly dissenting responses will get through.

Anything scathing or strongly reasoned will fail.

Welcome to 1984


Australian barrister

I was wondering how you work out someone is “10% black” to hire them…



What is the intended level of discrimination for the UK where the population is 87% white?



Rich white kids will be fine. The ones with the wrong accent will be the ones being hammered by these regimes.



Firms should employ more people called Ryan and Hannah.


Old Guy

Firms will do what they have been doing for the last 15 years, take on posh ethnic minority kids with a smattering of ethnic minority kids from poor universities to boost their diversity stats. Once in they will not progress and even if kept on, by 2 years pqe they will be out of the door.



“Dear [White Working Class Kid],

Thank you for your application, I am sorry to say we decided to throw your career hopes under the bus when we pushed for a virtue signalling employment policy that is itself racist against you. Still, does it help to know you are part of the solution isn’t it?




Dear HR,

I’m grateful that you even wrote to me with a response.

I know my place in the world and accept that it is for the greater good that a well connected and privately educated BAME candidate should have the opportunity instead of me.

Yours grovellingly,

White Working Class Candidate (c/o McDonald’s)


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