Travers Smith restarts lawyer salary reviews and increases pay

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Business services and support staff salaries remain frozen

The London office of Travers Smith

Travers Smith has restarted lawyer salary reviews and increased levels of pay.

The firm had put all salary reviews on hold over the summer when coronavirus hit. It has now handed out pay rises to fee-earners, a spokesperson from the firm said, but the salaries of business services staff and PAs remain frozen. The lawyer pay increases have been backdated to be effective 1 July 2020.

The firm has now also paid out bonuses due this financial year.

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Travers Smith is the latest law firm to roll back some of its coronavirus-related measures.

Last month Allen & Overy restarted salary reviews and increased remuneration for its lawyer ranks following a firm-wide pay freeze. Newly qualified (NQ) solicitors, who saw their pay packets decrease by 10%, were awarded a pay rise, albeit one that fell a few grand short of the pre-COVID £100k high. A&O is also keeping the salaries of its business services and support staff frozen.

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P.ed off student

They should actual fix their applications for their training contract and vacation scheme first. They have not been able to access all applications for the direct TC in 2020 and for the vacation schemes for this year winter.

Instead they keep saying: they are not able to review it. sorry apply to our scheme.



The problem with mid sized firms is that their graduate recruitment teams are tiny and made up of only 2 or so individuals who hand pick and go through every single application one by one. They claim it’s better than a computerised system where the application input data filters out a lot of students and then the grad rec teams personally review the remaining students left over.

However, I question the quality and validity of grad rec teams like Travers Smith who clearly rely on getting through a bulk of apps with a grad rec team of 2 or 3 people. It also leaves the candidates to be chosen based on personal choice more than anything else.

I applied for the winter vacation scheme this year and I received a rejection email followed by another email inviting me to the next stage interview. Obviously I didn’t question them over this and went along with the interview (I’m not an idiot and tbh I’ll take what I can get lol).

I also had some fellow uni coursemates who applied to Travers Smith vac schemes and did not receive any response whatsoever – for a silver circle standard firm you should at least be giving a response to these apps to tell students the outcome. Even in the last application cycle I know a few people who said they never received a response at all to say whether they were rejected or accepted for an interview… this clearly begs the question as to how exactly they are picking these candidates??? By the looks of it the application selection process seems a bit randomised.

Also, the Travers Smith assessment centre stage (The interview) is very lazy and there is no effort or thought behind it. If you ask anyone who has interviewed at Travers Smith, they will tell you that the interview was very random with no structure to questioning and it’s sort of expected that they ask you bizarre out of the blue questions to see~how~you~think but tbh it’s just a very wishy washy way of saying they conduct interviews on a random basis and the partner just asks whatever they like on that particular day. This means that some come out with a very easy interview and others can be thrown a difficult question – if you read the glass door reviews you will see how random and odd the questions have been for some people.

It’s one of those firms where people only really apply for the money because tbh why else would you really want to stay at a firm like that.

Having been to and applied to other silver circle firms, I would have to say they are better than Travers Smith. Macfarlanes is particularly a lot better imo and they don’t seem to have these mid size firm issues.

If you have money – invest in a good grad rec team and in the application process system. Firms like TS have a lot of money to offer because they are very stingy on spending the money where it is really needed.



Thanks for everything this year business services


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